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  1. 5 e Liquids To Defeat Blue Monday

    blue monday TOP FIVE E LIQUIDS TO DEFEAT “BLUE MONDAY” What is Blue Monday? In 2005, Sky Travel with the help of Cliff Arnall, a lecturer at Cardiff University, developed what they called a mathematical formula to discover the most depressing day of the year. The equation looks at six factors including how you feel about the weather, how much debt you have, time since Christmas, time since failing your New Year’s resolutions and your current levels of motivation. The formula allegedly states that based on that formula today is the most depressing day of the year and has earned the nickname “Blue Monday.” Scientists and other have called it a marketing ploy, but the question is how do
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  2. Switch to Vaping: Living Tobacco Free Part 3

    switch to vaping LIVING TOBACCO FREE WITH VAPOR4LIFE PART THREE – How Vapor4Life Can Help You Make The Transition       In our previous articles, we looked at why it is important to live tobacco free. However quitting is easier said than done, because it is the very design of traditional cigarettes that make quitting a near impossible task. So let’s look at 5 Ways Vapor4Life Makes It Easier to Switch to Vaping –
    • We Make Disposables – While many of the current disposables on the market disappoint in flavor or vapor power, V4L’s disposable has been called the best disposable on the market by SpinFuel This is a great transitional product availabl
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  3. How Tobacco Companies Keep You Hooked, Living Tobacco Free Part 2

    tobacco companies keep you hooked How Tobacco Companies Keep You Hooked. V4L and Living Tobacco Free, Part Two When I started to research this article, I assumed that I already knew the answers. But the answers were far more stunning than I had imagined. Here are a few of the more sneaky things that we learned of how cigarette companies make cigarettes more harmful and addictive:  Opening Up Your Lungs – Tobacco companies add chemicals designed to open your airways so that the effects of the cigarettes are faster and more powerful. They also use “ventilated filters” so that smoker
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  4. V4L and Living A Tobacco Free Lifestyle, Part 1

    tobacco-free-lifestyle What Does Vapor4Life Mean By Living A Tobacco Free Lifestyle? Part One: The Benefits At Vapor4Life, we like to refer to our vaping products as tools to help our community of customers lead a tobacco free lifestyle. Why do we want our customers to go tobacco free? Because when match hits a combustible cigarette, that process unleashes 7000 chemicals into your body. According to the CDC, smoking deaths led to 480,000 deaths in the United States in 2013. The CDC calls tobacco use “the single most important preventable risk to human health.” The benefits of going tobacco free per the CDC are immediate:
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  5. 5 Simple Ways To Feel Better Now — Going Tobacco Free

    Is it even possible to feel better even as we get older? Going tobacco free can literally help you feel better instantly. Here are 5 ways your life improves literally seconds after you quit tobacco.  

    1. Quit Tobacco- When you burn a tobacco cigarette, the combustion of match to cigarette triggers a chain reaction that unleashes thousands of chemicals into your body.  Disposable e-cigs do not use combustion and the only ingredients you are inhaling are propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavoring and potentially nicotine.
    2. Exercise - Smokers who take up a regular exercise program have a much higher quit-smoking success rate.  The higher the level of activity, the higher the success rate. Smoking and exercise simply aren’t compatible.  When smokers start vaping, energy and stamina come back - exercise is a great way to help completely move away from a tobacco free lifestyle.
    3. Put Some Money In Your Pock
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  6. V4L's 5 Big Vaping Events Of 2014

    V4L's 5 BIGGEST VAPING EVENTS OF 2014 As 2014 winds down, Vapor4Life wanted to relive five of the biggest moments in Vaping from the past year.  Leave your picks in the comments below.
    • Vaping Celebrities – From Leonardo DiCaprio and Julia Louis Dreyfuss at the Golden Globes, to Susan Sarandon vaping on Mike & Molly celebrities took to the airwaves in 2014 showing off their e Cigs.
    • The FDA Weighs In – Even nine months later, opinions on the initial FDA statements are still all over the place. While the real impact of the FDA might not be felt for years to come, their looming presence certainly dominated the vaping mood for most of the year.
    • Vape is “Word Of The Year” –The Oxford Dictionary’s pick of our favorite word as the word of the year hopefully signals good things for vaping for years to come.
    • Conventions – 2014 was the year that
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  7. E Cigs, FDA, Politicians and the Grandfather Date

    Hello All – Vapor4Life wanted to draw everyone’s attention to some recent developments in regards to the FDA and the deeming regulations regarding e cigarettes. As CASAA points out on their site – “Just before the Thanksgiving holiday, Rep. John Boehner (House Speaker), Rep. Kevin McCarthy (House Majority Leader), and Rep. Fred Upton (Chairman of the House Energy & Commerce Committee) cosigned a letter to the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, Sylvia Burwell. In this letter they asked the FDA to consider changing the February 15, 2007 grandfather date for newly deemed tobacco products. They go on to suggest that the grandfather date be moved -- perhaps to April 25, 2014, the day that FDA’s proposed regulations were submitted, or to the future date when the regulations are finalized. Please take action now by telling your representative and senator that you support changing the grandfather date and, in fact, that the

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  8. E-Cigar King

    The  E-Cigar King By Gabriel Unlike many (most?) of you I was not a cigarette smoker who made the fortunate decision to try vaping. I was an occasional cigar smoker, who didn’t indulge their habit as often as they would have liked because of the difficulty in finding a place or time to light up in a house with two young kids. I had probably not had a cigar in almost a year when I discovered the e Cigar King. This product was exactly what I needed as a consumer. It delivered on the flavor and vapor production (thanks to the modified Zeus battery) that I needed, and quite simply I could take one (or ten) puffs and then just put it in my pocket. No need to worry about it drying out. Not need to deal with re-lighting it when outside. The E Cigar King would be there when I needed it. I know that Vapor4Life’s mission is to get people to quit smoking. And I am 100% behind that mission. But one thing that I think gets forgotten occasionally is that to some degree we all smoked because we e

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  9. The Great Smoker Migration

    The Great Smoker Migration By Steve “Smilin” Milin I have been vaping almost as long as I was a non-smoker. Smoking has dominated my life. Fed my addictive nature. And ruined my health.  I couldn't quit.  But I did find a smarter way to smoke. All smokers have a love/hate relationship with smoking. It fed our needs, and even offered comfort when we needed it. But smoking also ostracized us from society, made us sick, and even led to fatal diseases that infected our family and friends. At times we felt trapped by smoking. With no way out. We wanted a smarter way to smoke. And then we found that smarter way to smoke when we saw e-cigs. And when you first saw vapor coming out of what was a clunky device, you felt that little spark of hope that maybe this was finally your way out of your never-ending addictive relationship with cigarettes. When you took your first digital puff, you were probably as disappointed as I was. It was smarter. Just
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