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Michael Sena

  1. Why the Vapor Zeus is the Greek God of Vapor Cigarettes

    By Steve Smilin Milin   Vapor-Zeus-cartoon Zeus was the king of the ancient Greek gods, and The Vapor Zeus is the King of vapor cigarettes. I brought the Vapor Zeus to life after taking the time, energy, money, patience, love and guts to fly overseas to inspect the factories making my products. I was so upset by what I saw that I fired 7 of the 9 factories I was buying product from.
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  2. What You Need to Know About the Omnibus Budget Bill and Vaping

    Vape Regulations The more than 9 million vapers who have quit smoking with the help of e cigarettes were holding their breath on December 17, as the House of Representatives released their omnibus budget bill. The hope was that the bill would include a provision that would protect the vaping industry from being subject to the high cost of a Pre-Market Tobacco Applications Process. First of all, e juices are tobacco free, so this PMTA process seems superfluous at best, and it seems intentionally prohibitive. It doesn’t make sense to classify e juice as a tobacco product, but it does make sense that the provision was excluded, considering the influence tobacco lobbyists have to try to drive this effective s
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  3. Why a Vaping Prohibition Won’t Work

      prohibition Prohibition was repealed on December 5th more than 80 years ago. It seems crazy now to think of a nationwide ban on alcohol, but it really did happen, and it lasted for 13 years! Now, adults can buy and consume alcohol in every state, so it seems America has really come a long way. But has it? It’s hard to think so, when the vaping industry faces threats of prohibition with the coming new year. Big tobacco and big pharma have started to throw their weight --and money-- around to manipulate the media and politicians into perpetuating

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  4. Celebrating Life and Remembering Those We've Lost to Smoking

    Lost to Smoking As I sat enjoying Thanksgiving dinner with my family, I took a look around the table and thought of those loved ones we had lost too early because of illnesses caused by cigarette smoking. Uncle George used to sit over there and talk about the Green Bay Packers, his trusty dog, Duke, sitting right at his feet and stealing scraps of turkey. Grandma Norma and I would talk about old movies and classical music, and laugh about the time she used frozen hashbrowns to make potato casserole. I remember one time when I was a little girl and I accidentally blew the ashes out of Grandpa’s ashtray. He quit a few months later. He died about a
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  5. New Bubblegum e Juice Flavor Now Available!

    New Bubblegum e Juice Flavor Now Available!
    Bubblegum-e-Juice-Flavor_11-25 Vapor4Life, your favorite e-cigarette company, just launched a batch of candy-flavored e liquids that will take you back in time. You know that feeling when you first bite into a gumball and the flavor is just perfect? Then, after you’ve chewed it for about 10 seconds, the taste disappears completely. It’s the worst. Our team of magicians (ok, they’re scientists) carefully crafted this
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