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Morandir 835

  1. Holiday Gift Ideas for Vapers

    Santa Vaping Have you done all your Christmas shopping? If you’re still scrambling to find stocking stuffers and keep track of gift receipts, Amazon orders, and sweater sizes, we want to make life easier for you. Here’s a quick guide to gift ides for vapers in your life, whether they’re on your nice list or your naughty list.

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  2. WOW Vapor King Disposable technical info and review

    This is a guest blog post by Morandir. I've always been a bit torn on disposables. The reason behind that is, of course, the waste factor. I know too many people who buy them and throw them away like they're regular trash afterward. Disposable electronic cigarettes have a place though. If you haven't vaped before and are looking to switch it's a far cheaper alternative to getting a full starter kit, and with established vapers, they make a great emergency back up (keep one in my car at all times for that very reason).
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  3. WOW Vapor Smilin Tobacco and Menthol e-liquid review

    This is a guest blog post by Morandir. Vapor4Life recently released two new flavors - WOW Vapor Smilin Tobacco and Smilin Tobacco Menthol. The flavor is available in both 30ml bottles and cartomizers.  I've been testing both new juices pretty heavily the past few weeks on a number of different setups. I wanted to be as thorough as possible (no surprise for those who are used to my reviews).
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  4. Getting to know the 510 ecig connection

    Left: Smileomizer with 510 threading
    Right: Smileomizer with 808 threading"
    This is a guest blog post by Morandir. For the longest time now  V4L has exclusively used the 808 connection with all their branded products, the only exceptions being the OEM kits from a few years ago and a few mods they no longer carry. That era has reached its end though. Around June of 2013 Smilin sir announced on ECF he was working on a line of 510 personal vaporizers for V4L. While they haven't been officially released yet, I figured it was a good time to delve into the differences between the two connections.
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  5. V4L forum gets a new look

    This is a guest blog post by Morandir. About November of last year the V4L forum started having a lot of loading issues (not to mention other problems). By December it  became almost impossible to post from a computer due to all the lag, and it only got worse from there. On the 19th of that month  though everything changed. The new head of the IT department at V4L upgraded the forum software and now it's useable once again.
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  6. Vaper Morandir reflects on his third vaperversary and the holidays

    This is a guest blog post by Morandir. It's very rare for me to get personal in a blog, but I've been in a very reflective mood the past few days. The holiday season combined with my approaching three-year vaperversary brings it out of me. This has been  one of the most trying  years of my life.

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  7. My experience at VaperCon 2013

    This is a guest post by Morandir835. This has been one of the hardest blogs to write. Even now almost two weeks later it's  still hard to put into words how great of an experience VaperCon was. It had almost nothing to do with the items being sold (I only bought one item while I was there - a very limited run mod), but with the people themselves. I have been to all three VaperCons that have taken place thus far.
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  8. How Chinese New Year affects the ecig industry

    Written by guest blogger Morandir835. Every year at the end of January or early February is Chinese New Year. Not only is it the longest festival in China lasting for 15 days, there is what has been called the Chinese New Year hangover that follows. The entire country shuts down for CNY, and afterwards a very large percentage of their population changes jobs. This high turnover of employees translates to delays due to training, which in turn means more delays when getting product from China.
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  9. Upcoming Vapercon 2013

    This was written by guest blogger, Morandir. One of the best ways to meet fellow vapers in person are conventions. There's quite a few of them around the country held throughout the year. There's far more to them than just  the buying and selling of multiple PVs (personal vaporizers) from vendors around the country, it's where vapers get to interact  with each other,  explore new items  first hand, and pick up a lot of tricks and tips from avid vapers.
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  10. New Smilin Special cigar e-liquid flavors

    what-is-a-smileomizer This is a guest post by Morandir. Recently, V4L  announced the release of two new flavors-  Smilin Special Cigar in medium and full flavor. Smilin sir has been working on these for a bit now (first samples appeared back in February of this year). They're available in both 30ml bottles and pre-filled cartomizers. My final versions arrived recently, and all week I've been testing and using both flavors.  Let's take a closer look at the two new offerings.
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