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  1. Get a Variable Voltage e Cig Battery for Ultimate Control

    variable-voltage_blog When faced with dozens of choices for a Vaping device, it’s easy to get confused.  This will help you understand why a Variable Voltage e Cig battery may be best for you. Simply put, a Zeus Variable Voltage e cig battery allows the user to vary the voltage coming from the battery from 3.2 volts to 4.8 volts. Why should you care?  Four reasons:
    1. Different power levels produce different taste in each e Juice.
    2. Different power levels create a different throat hit
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  2. Should I Lower the Nicotine Level in my Vape Flavor?

    Should I Lower the Nicotine Level in my Vape Flavor?
    Mels Blog By Melanie S  Milin One of the many questions we get from former smokers-turned-vapers in our vape shops and in our call centers is “Should I lower my nicotine level?” We have always believed in providing options for our customers, because everyone is different.  We find that we can help our customers best if they answer a few questions.
    1. Do you intend to stop vaping eventually?
    Then our answer would be a qualified yes.  We recommend reducing one e Juice strength at a time, and stay there for about two weeks before taking the next step.  As you lower the strength, you will find your body adjusting          to the lower level and your satisfaction will continue. If your body s
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  3. Help Protect the Vaping Industry

    Protect the Vaping Industry The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids Organization, which has been a constant opponent of vaping, recently urged the White House to place pressure on the FDA to finalize their Tobacco Deeming Regulations. These deeming regulations are expected to have a disastrous effect on the vaping industry and have the potential of banning over 99% of the vapor products that are currently being sold. The FDA Deeming Regulations, as written now, will make it very costly for vape companies to continue doing business, and innovating their product lines. If this act gets passed it will undoubtedly lead to higher e Cig and e Juice prices while also limiting the selection of e Juice flavors
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  4. Can Vaping Replace Smoking

    Vaping to Replace Smoking Our customers tell us over and over that they use Vapor 4 Life products to replace cigarettes and there is a common method used by those who have been successful.  Here is what they do:
    1. Replace the Hit
    Smokers crave the  “throat hit” and“chest hit” they receive in their lungs from the inhalation of combustible tobacco.  Replacing that feeling, which is locked into their brain, is the first step in their vaping journey .   The smoking alternative needs to be simple, accessible, and effective in its delivery of nicotine to replace the hit.  Our customers start this process with our Disposable Vape, which was spec
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  5. Recent CDC Data Shows Decrease in U.S. Smoking Rates

    Survey Shows Decrease in Smoking Rates New survey data released this month by the US Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) called attention to a National Health Interview Survey on adult smoking rates. According to the survey, smoking by adults has declined to an all-time low of 15.2% nationwide for the first quarter of 2015. The national adult smoking rate was 16.8% last year according to similar survey results. The NHIS survey which can be found here also shows that since vaping products have become available to the US in 2008,
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  6. Here's a Breakdown of the Most Popular E-Liquid Flavors (#1 May Surprise You)

    Here's a Breakdown of the Most Popular E-Liquid Flavors (#1 May Surprise You)

      e Juice Flavors If you've already switched to e-cigs, then congratulations are in order. Vaping is the best way to a cleaner lifestyle and enjoy yourself while you do it. Now it's time to delve deep into the world of vaping flavors, finding the perfect one (or more) that best fits your personality. A recent study of e-cig users found the three most popular flavors to be fruit (31%), tobacco (22%), and bakery/dessert (19%), with savory/spice flavors (5%) rounding out the top four. Here's a breakdown of the top three, with a bonus category sprinkled in: #1. Fruit Flavors: The most popular version of flavored e-liquid, fruit flavors are infinitely versatile and p

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  7. Do You Believe Any Of These Common Lies About E Cigs?

    Ecig Lies Like any new product, electronic cigarettes have been the focus of curiosity, controversy, and even outright smear campaigns. Despite some consumers' fear of the unknown, these revolutionary new devices have changed smokers' experiences all over the world. In the United States alone, industry group the Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association reports that about 4 million Americans and counting use E cigs. Unfortunately, it can be hard for some smokers or vape-curious Americans to know what's true and false about electronic cigarettes. So to clear the smoke, let's separate some of the most common myths from the truth. When people talk about E cigs or vaping, they're usually referring to rechargeable electronic
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  8. British Study: E-Cigs 95% Less Harmful than Cigarettes

    British Study: E-Cigs 95% Less Harmful than Cigarettes

      British Vaping Study Public Health England (PHE) recently has published a study about eCigarette usage and its smoking cessation effectiveness.  This study has sweeping implications for policy makers in the UK and reverses the views that many in the US may have about vaping.  PHE is an official government agency in the United Kingdom and part of the Department of Health. The study found that eCigarettes are 95% less harmful than traditional cigarettes and that 99% of eCigarette users, or vapers, were former smokers. The extremely high rate of former smokers is one of the main reasons why the Public Health of England believes that there is currently no evidence that e-Cigarettes are acting as a gateway into s

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  9. Nobody Quits Smoking Like Chicago

    Nobody Quits Smoking Like Chicago The city of Chicago is holding a week-long anti-smoking campaign named, “Nobody Quits Like Chicago”. The campaign that is encouraging Chicagoans to quit smoking is running from August 17th through August 21st. Events throughout the week are sponsored by the American Lung Association, and the Respiratory Health Association with the help of the City of Chicago. Chicago city officials have reported that Chicago leads the nation in declining youth and adult smoking rates with a 13.6% decrease in overall smoking rates since 2011. Since Vapor4Life has its headquarters in the northern suburbs of Chicago, as well as a Chicago vape shop, it is great to
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  10. The Brave, the Bold, and the Strange: 3 Weird E Cig Flavors You Won't Believe Are Real

    The Brave, the Bold, and the Strange: 3 Weird E Cig Flavors You Won't Believe Are Real
    Weird e Liquid FlavorsFauxritos.Chances are if a product is a fake version of a food that's already highly processed, it might be a little bit questionable, which brings us to the Fauxrito flavor of e juice. Then again, if you're looking to vape something that's both salty and cheesy -- just like your favorite bar's nachos -- then why not try the Fauxrito flavor of e liquid.Ketchup. Yep. There's a ketchup flavor out there. Although you'd probably be hard pressed to find someone who doesn't like to have ketchup on their french fries or on their meatloaf, you'd also probably be harder pressed to find someone who loves the stuff so much
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