Yesterday we wrapped up our contest to win an auto V4L Dial-A-Volt battery - the world's first automatic variable voltage device. All you had to do was comment on the blog post with the reasons for making the switch from analogs to ecigs. We had a total of 141 entries, and randomly chose three winners. Congratulations to the winners:  Audrey Brannon-Torres,  Chelsea t, and  WizsWorld! They each won a brand new auto Dial-A-Volt, Slim Charger, and 3.5ml tank. WizsWorld wrote about how he knew he needed to make the switch because he had complications with a life-long medical condition. Chelsea t decided to use ecigs because she wanted to feel better and be able to play with her daughter without losing her breath too fast. Audrey Brannon-Torres began vaping for her children, her health, her husband, and herself. Thanks to everyone who entered our contest and told us why you began using ecigs! Have you experienced vaping with the automatic Dial-A-Volt yet? If you have, what do you think?