Update 10/25/2019: Juul compatible pods and Juul Mango, Fruit Medley, Cucumber or Crème are no longer available on the US market. If you are looking a for a nic salt alternative to your favorite discontinued Juul flavors, check out these resource pages 2/8/2020 Update: The federal government has banned all prefilled pod flavors except tobacco and menthol. Disposable vapes and refillable vape pod kits are the best bet for adults looking to vape the flavors they prefer.   The Best Disposable Vapes The Best Juul Mango Alternatives The Best Juul Crème Alternatives The Best Juul Fruit Medley Alternatives The Best Juul Cucumber Alternatives The Top Ten Juul Alternatives Juul versus Vuse Alto Juul versus MyBlu

Juul Alternatives

If you are looking for more flavor options, the Vuse Alto, MyBlu and a wide-range of Nic Salt disposables still have the sweet flavors that adults prefer. One option is the Zaero line of disposables. They have four nicotine levels which range from nic free to five percent. They also have the smooth nic salt hit that Juul vapers love. Juul is known for bringing high levels of nicotine to customers. By utilizing nic salts instead of traditional e-juice, Juul pods offer nicotine concentrations as high as 50mg/ml. They are preferred by vapers who want a vaping experience similar to that of a cigarette, as well as a very high amount of nicotine. But this key feature of Juul products has the brand in hot water in Israel. Citing warnings from the Health Ministry, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is also the health minister, signed an order on Monday banning the sale of high nicotine Juul products (those with levels above 20mg). The order has not clarified whether the ban applies to all vaping products with nicotine contents above 20mg or just Juul specifically. The legislation seems to be a response to the Health Ministry’s earlier statement that labelled Juul products’ nicotine content of 50mg as a “grave risk” to public health. Juul has been expanding its international sales over the last year, introducing its products into Israel only a few months ago. Juul Labs has threatened legal action against the Israeli government for the ban of its products. An attorney for the company called the ban “illegal,” which suggests a lawsuit could be soon to follow. Israel currently has no other regulations or laws pertaining to vaping products. In fact, there isn’t even an age limit in the country, although many individual companies like Juul restrict the sale to those 18 years and older. The European Union imposed similar regulations on vaping products through the Tobacco Products Directive, which limits the level of nicotine permitted. Because of the TPD, Juul Labs sells 1.7% mg/ml nicotine pods in the U.K. These pods may be a viable option for Juul to introduce to Israel if the country’s ban is upheld. However, it is possible that this path may negatively affect Juul’s sales, as their high concentrations of nicotine are regarded as a major selling point for the brand. Meanwhile in the United States, the 50mg Juul pods remain available, as North America has far fewer restrictions on vaping products than other areas of the world. But other third party brands are offering lower nicotine levels for those who prefer them. Ziip pods are compatible with Juul devices and do offer lower nicotine strengths. So while Juul will likely contend the verdict in Israel, lower lever nicotine pods could help the company secure their foothold in Europe and Asia in the meantime.