Banned Vaping Products

The United States Food and Drug Administration’s ban on vaping flavors was announced on January 2nd, 2020. All prefilled vape pods and e-cig cartridges other than tobacco and menthol have been banned.

The last day you will be able to purchase flavored prefilled cartridges and vape pods is Friday January 31st, 2020. Tobacco and menthol pods and cartridges are not impacted.

The new federal laws do not negate existing state and municipal vape bans. For up to date information on local vaping restrictions, check out our State Vape Ban Laws resource page.

Banned Vaping Products

The following cartridge and pod flavors will no longer be available for sale at Vapor4Life after February 6th, 2020. We recommend not waiting until the last minute and placing your order before 3pm CST.

  • • All Vapor4Life prefilled cartridges that are not tobacco or menthol flavored. The ban includes Wow, Wow VG and Premium Cool cartridges.
  • • All Vuse Vibe tanks and Vuse Alto pods that are not tobacco or menthol flavored.
  • • All MyBlu pods that are not tobacco or menthol flavored.

All other products will remain available. This includes ejuices, refillable vape pods, open tank systems and disposable vapes. Additional restrictions are in place in several states and municipalities.

For information on state and local restrictions click here