Baton V2 and Baton Nic Salts Review

Baton V2 Review

The Baton V2 is a compact and refillable vape pod kit that is perfect for fans of disposable ecigs and as well as the Juul vape pod kit. It is an efficient and flavorful device for vaping nic salts. The Baton V2 is extremely compact and easy to use. This is a well-made device for vapers looking for a cost effective alternative to disposables and prefilled vape pods.

The Baton V2 is an autodraw vape pod kit. It has no buttons to push or wattages to adjust. Apart from a lack of pass-through vaping, it is a solid unit with almost no drawbacks.

Best Juul Alternative?

The Baton V2 is the best Juul alternative for someone who is looking to precisely duplicate the Juul experience in a refillable device.

When the Baton V2 was launched, it clearly had the popular Juul vape pod kit in its cross hairs. The devices are of similar size and appearance. While the Baton V2 has a tighter draw, vapor production is similar and they both are essentially nic salt ecigs. The Baton V2 has almost twice the battery capacity but a Juul would be easier to use as it requires no filling and more widely available. At the time of launch, the Baton's biggest advantage was savings. It is much cheaper to fill your own vape pod with bottled nic salts than to purchase prefilled pods. Performance wise, the Baton V2 had an edge but its performance would be very familiar to a Juul user in terms of nic strength and discrete cloud production. It is essentially a refillable and upgraded Juul. 

The Baton V2's advantages have grown tremendously since it hit the market. The federal ban on flavors in prefilled vape pods and carts has stripped Juul of its greatest hits. Juul Mint is gone. Juul Mango has long since been cancelled. Juul Creme Brulee first underwent a name change, to Juul Cream, and then was then cancelled due to an inexplicable belief that teens are obsessed in a french custard dessert that peaked in popularity two decades ago. Even the universally reviled Juul Fruit Medley is no longer available in the US. Meanwhile, Baton Nic Salts have an equivalent to all of these flavors (more on the Baton Salts below). If you are an adult vaper who wants to enjoy the Juul experience of yesteryear, the Baton V2 and Baton Salts are a great starting point. As Juul was the dominant force in vaping before the flavor ban and most adult vapers prefer sweeter fruit flavors, this is a pretty big chunk of the total vaping market. 

Baton V2 Vape Pod Kit


The Baton V2 is powered by a 350mAh battery and uses 0.9ml refillable pods. The pods use a top fill design. Despite its small size, the Baton V2 is mercifully free from spit back. It is a very pared down device but you can track the remaining charge via an LED light that changes colors as the battery is drained. The heart shaped light is blue when fully charged, yellow when at medium charge and red when it is about to give up the ghost.

Despite its small size and minimalist approach, the Baton V2 has excellent flavor and vapor production. The vapor is not particularly warm, as it uses higher resistance coils inside of the refillable pods. The tight draw is probably the most compelling attribute of the Baton V2, with its extremely slender form factor also a huge selling point. The quality of the device is evident as the pods snap into place with authority.

It is a perfect device for smokers looking to make the switch to vaping and anyone looking to transition from prefilled vapes to the more cost effective method of filling your own device with bottled nic salts.


Baton V2 Pods

Baton V2 pods hold 0.9ml of eliquid and were designed with nic salt vaping in mind. They look a bit like a smaller version of the original Smok Novo pod with exposed wicking and the top-fill design is similar to a UWell Caliburn. In terms of size, the Baton pods hold more eliquid than the 0.7ml Juul pods. If you live in a state without a flavor ban, you can enjoy nic salts other than tobacco as well. Unlike Juul, which has a very limited flavor selection at this point. Baton V2 replacement pods are sold in packs of two. The design is fairly long lasting, you should be able to get through half of nic salt bottle at least before the flavor starts to fade. Issues with air bubbles plague many vape pod designs but the Baton V2 pods do not fare any worse than rivals like the cutting-edge Smok Novo 3


Baton Nic Salts

The Baton is more than just a device. It also comes with a convenient line of nic salt eliquids. Sold in 10ml bottles, they are optimized for use in the V2 but work with any refillable vape pod kit that can handle salt nic ejuice. Baton Nic Salts come in 25mg/ml and 50mg/ml nic strength. Baton Salts use a 50/50 VG/PG blend.


Glacier Mint Baton Nic Salt

A peppermint infused menthol nic salt, Glacier Mint Baton is a perfect Juul Mint alternative and is designed for use in a device that is very comparable in size to a Juul vape pod kit. With a nice cool throat hit and plenty of flavor, this is exactly the style of flavor that most adult vapers prefer. There isn’t much more that can be said. A good clean mint that is not overly candied. If you are still looking for the best Juul Mint alternative, Glacier Mint Baton Nic Salt is an excellent option. 


Iced Watermelon Limeade Baton Nic Salt

Fans of iced fruit nic salts in general and Lush Ice flavors in particular will love Iced Watermelon Limeade Baton Nic Salt. The lime adds a bit of tart citrus and lime sweetness to a perfect mix of watermelon and menthol. A great flavor for adult nic salt vapers.


Wild Melon Baton Nic Salt

Baton Nic Salts play all the greatest hits. They have a clean mint flavor, a Lush Ice competitor, a nice mango, a fruit medley and of course the obligatory melon infused nic salt. Wild melon relies on the dankness of ripe honey dew, refreshing cantaloupe and dash of sweet watermelon to create a perfectly balanced fruit salt nic.


Vanilla Wafer Baton Nic Salt

A sweet dessert vape in a sea of fruit and menthol nic salts, Vanilla Wafer Baton nic salt is a nice change of pace. With a solid throat hit and vanilla smoothness, it makes for an impressive all day vape. If you want the Best Juul Cream alternative, there are not many options. Vanilla Wafer Baton nic salt should be high on your list. 


Island Mango Baton Nic Salt

No line of nic salts is complete without a strong tropical mango flavor. Island Mango Baton delivers. All of the flavors you expect to be there are there. And it never strays too far into the candy aisle, holding true to the natural fruits that formulators worked hard to emulate. This is a classic mango eliquid that most adult vapers will enjoy. Is it the best Juul Mango alternative? Such proclamations are always subjective. But it belongs in the discussion if you enjoyed the long since cancelled Juul Mango. 


Fruit Confit Baton Nic Salt

Fruit Confit Baton Nic Salt is great Vuse Alto Mixed Berry alternative. It has a punchy fruit flavor with notes of strawberry, pineapple, apple, lemon, banana and a host of other fruit flavors. It manages not to be too cloying, despite the plethora of bold flavors. Instead, the tartness and complexity of the fruit flavors makes for a great all-day vape. The excellence of this flavor makes it perhaps the Best Juul Fruit Medley alternative, as it is superior to that wretched fruit nic salt. 


Crisp Apple Baton Nic Salt

Crisp Apple Baton Salt manages to pack plenty of realistic apple flavor, hard confectionary notes and cooling throat hit into each puff. A superb fruit vape, it is easy to see why apple is one of the hottest flavors in vaping today.


Southern Leaf Baton Salt

If you live in a state with a flavor ban, you can still enjoy a great Baton Nic Salt. Southern Leaf is a rich and bold flavor that works wonderfully with the Baton V2 vape pod kit. Recent smokers will especially appreciate the realism and smooth throaty hit. A perfect entry point into vaping, recent smokers will find the Baton V2 easy to use and Southern Leaf Baton Salt an easy flavor to enjoy.