Beard Vape Ryse Max vs Cuttwood Cali Bars vs VGod Stig

The surge in disposable ecig popularity has turned previously unknown companies into household names, at least among vapers. The Puff Bars, Cali Bars, Zaeros and Poshs of the world were unknown, or in some cases did not even exist, even a few years.


While disposable vape makers have done a great job formulating the nic salt flavors that adult vapers prefer, specifically fruit and menthol blends, long-time vapers have longed for familiar flavors crafted by the master formulators who once dominated the vaping world. If you want to take advantage of massive savings by filling your own device, but love nic salts, check out out huge selection of bottled nic salt ejuices.



The good news is that more and more legacy ejuice companies are beginning to throw their hat in the disposable ecig ring. VGod Ejuice was an early entrant when they put their nic salts in a Stig Disposable and created the Lush Ice category. It turned out that watermelon and menthol was exactly the flavor combination adult vapers were looking for. Vapor4Life carries a huge selection of disposable vapes so that you can always find the flavor you are looking for, even if your preferred brand is sold out.

The tiny Stig turned out to be a perfect conduit for VGod nic saltsas well. Requiring no charging or filling, it measures less than 3 inches and is an incredibly convenient and easy to use device. It may be more cost effective to vape bottled nic salt ejuice out of a refillable vape pod kit but nothing beats a disposable in the ease of use category. The timing was perfect too. Juul Mango was chased off the market amidst the teen vaping epidemic and VGod had multiple mango flavors on tap and at the ready. There is a lot more competition now but these remain some of the best Juul Mango alternatives.



Today, other big names in bottled ejuices like Cuttwood and Beard Vape Co are joining forces with disposable makers. It is time to check out the reinvigorated disposable ecig landscape. The products listed below may have familiar bottled ejuices but they are all disposable vapes. They are prefilled ecigs that require no charging or filling. There are no pods to swap. Just open the packaging and enjoy some of the most legendary flavors in nic salt vaping.


Cuttwood Salt Cali Bars



A recent entrant is Cuttwood Ejuice, a company that made their name making lower nicotine, high VG ejuices for box mods.


Only a recent entrant into the world of nic salts (check out our Intro to Nic Salts if you have any questions about the differences between regular nicotine and nic salts) Cuttwood brings serious dessert vape chops to the table.


Cali Bar’s flavor lineup was nothing to sneeze at before the addition of select Cuttwood flavors. They offer strong takes on all of disposable vaping’s greatest hits, whether it is Blue Razz, Mint, Lush Ice or Mango. The Cali Bar Disposable holds 1.3ml of ejuice and is visually almost identical to any number of its stick style rivals, be it Puff Bar, Oro Bars, Pop Vape etc. But Cali Bars have a feature that sets them apart and this is that they come in two nic strengths: 2 and 5 percent. That and of course they now have


Cuttwood Ejuice Cali Bars unfortunately only come in 5 percent strength at this time. Cali Bars fared quite well in our comparison of Lower Nicotine Disposable Vapes and only the Zaero Disposable and few select Ziip ZPods offer more flavor options. The Cali Bar relies on a soaked cotton polyfill and is powered by a 280mAh battery.


Unicorn Milk Ice Cali Bar by Cuttwood


The quality of disposable vape flavors cannot be denied, they pretty much hit the bullseye when it comes to the flavors that adults prefer. But disposable ecigs generally do not offer complex dessert and cereal nic salts. All of this was changed when the legendary Unicorn Milk Ice was added to the Cali Bar disposable. If you are new to disposables and looking for a familiar face or just crave creamier fare than is found in most disposables, this is the flavor for you. An intricate blend of strawberry and cream, the icy finish makes this a perfect all day vape. If you want a pure Unicorn Milk Cuttwood Nic Salt without ice, the bottled version is your only option


Mega Melons Ice Cali Bar by Cuttwood


Cuttwood may be late to the disposable eicg party but they are leaning in with heavy hitters like Mega Melons and Unicorn Milk. Melon nic salts were an instant smash hit with adult vaoers and Cuttwood Mega Melon is one of the best. Classic watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew flavors are spliced with an icy mint kick.


Sugar Drizzle Ice Cali Bar by Cuttwood


A welcome addition to a market saturated with fruit and ice concoctions, the Sugar Drizzle Ice Cali Bar by Cuttwood is a perfect blend of cream, sugar, icing and cinnamon. Topped off with a blast of ice, this is one of the most sophisticated and delicious disposable vape flavors on the market.


Bird Brains Ice Cali Bar by Cuttwood


A bold combination of sweet milk and fruit cereal, Bird Brains is a classic Cuttwood flavor that has been brilliantly adapted for the Cali Bar Disposable Ecig. The addition of ice is crucial, as a cold menthol finish is a favorite of adult disposable vape users. But the menthol chill does not detract from the sophistication and creaminess. Big thumbs up. Disposable vapes really benefit from complex flavors like Bird Brains Ice Cali Bar by Cuttwood.


Beard Disposable Vapes Ryse Max



The Stig and the Cali Bar are time-tested disposable vape designs. The Cali Bar is a classic stick style disposable with a polyfill and the Stig utilizes a pod filled with nic salts that is parallel to the battery and allows an even smaller design. On the flip side of the coin, the Ryse Max is a larger and more robust disposable vape. It holds more ejuice, generates more vapor and has a cleaner flavor and draw.


The use of the cutting Ryse Max is a huge npmus As more and more adult vapers adopt disposables for their every day device, the demand for longer lasting ecigs has increased. We reviewed the biggest and best in our feature: the Best Longer Lasting Disposable vapes. Holding 3ml of ejuice, with a nic strength of 5 percent, the Ryse Max has over twice the capacity of a Cali Bar and nearly three times the capacity of a Stig. The fact it serves as the exclusive disposable vape platform for Beard Vape Co Salts is an even bigger feature.



Beard Vape Co Blueberry Cake Ryse Max Disposable


The Beard Vape Company Blueberry Cake nic salt is a complex and tantalizing dessert eliquid with the tart and sweet elements that make for a great all day vape.


Beard Vape Co Blueberry Lemonade Ryse Max Disposable


Beard Vape Co’s Blueberry Lemonade nic salt has the appropriate sweetness that you expect in a lemonade. This isn’t just a citrus and ice vape. Adding to the complexity, the blueberry flavor is distinct and delightful. It is impossible to argue with the flavor but the disposable ecig itself is also top notch. A longer lasting device over twice the size of a regular Puff Bar, if you are looking for a lower nicotine option check out the Blueberry Lemonade Zaero Disposable Vape.



Beard Vape Co Strawberry Kiwi Ice Ryse Max Disposable


Kiwi and strawberry are complementary flavors that have been paired in many sweet beverage. They make a great tandem and the fusion with cold menthol ice really makes this combination shine. As always, the master formulators at Beard Vape Co did a tremendous job.


Beard Vape Co Apple Ice Ryse Max Disposable


Beard Vape Co has a delicious apple inspired nic salt that works even better because of the addition of menthol. This is sort of elevated iced vape that adult vapers have been looking for. The interplay of ripe apple and menthol ice elements is perfect. With a fruity inhale and cold exhale, the adults who choose disposable vapes will also flock to this flavor. but distinct and fruity.


Beard Vape Co Pineapple Orange Tangerine Ice Ryse Max Disposable


The bright flavors of pineapple, orange and tangerine are just about perfect in this tropical inspired nic salt. Beard Vape Co has been making monster eliquids for years and the pure quality of this flavor is not surprising. The robust Ryse Max Disposable Ecig is up to the challenge.


Stig Disposables



An ejuice capacity of 1.2ml and a size of less than three inches are nothing to sneeze at but the Stig Disposable is clearly outclassed on the technical end by the larger Ryse Max. But as an early arrival on the vaping scene, and the fact some adults will prefer a smaller and less expensive disposable, the Stig and their VGod Ejuices still play a huge role in the disposable vape market.



The Stig is available in a solid lineup of flavors, including the original Lush Ice disposable. Still one of the best Lush Ice disposable vapes, the flavor of the Stig is as impressive as ever and the fact it is sold in 3 packs, for a total of 3.6ml of 6 percent nic salt, largely offsets the larger size of the newest generation of disposable ecigs.


If you are looking to enjoy the flavors of the Stig in a bit more sophisticated device, VGod Nic Salts are available in 30ml bottles in 2.5 and 5 percent nic strength. We have already reviewed the Stig flavors on a number of occasions. Check out our feature on the Best Stig Alternatives for more information on the VGod flavor lineup. We revisited VGod ejuices again in our deep-dive: Salt Naked 100 versus VGod.



Lush Ice Stig Disposable


The original Lush Ice. A combination of watermelon and icy menthol with a hint of raspberry. An instant classic that redefined nic salt vaping and the use of menthol. There are dozens of competitors, bottled ejuices and disposables, but it will always be the front-runner.


Mighty Mint Stig Disposable


One of the best mint disposable vapes, there will always be a place for a cold and precise mint vape. This one delivers. It is mighty indeed and not overly sweet.


Iced Mango Bomb Stig Disposable


Adding mint/menthol to the rich flavor that is mango was a real game changer. This is a great flavor for fans of icy fruit vapes but will also appeal to fans of straight mango, as the cold exhale is not overwhelming.


Tropical Mango Stig Disposable


One of the best mango disposable vapes, a rich and dank flavor, this is closer to fresh mango than a hard sweetie from the corner store. Outstanding, if a bit dryer of a fruit flavor than I prefer. s


Iced Purple Bomb Stig Disposable


A great grape, the powerful sweetness is cut with a heavy dose of ice. Grape disposable vapes are catching on in popularity because the distinct Concord Grape Flavor just works, even when it is artificial and not plucked straight from a bunch or dangled into your mouth at a toga party.


Crisp Apple Stig Disposable


Apple disposables are also catching fire and VGod Crisp Apple pairs up well with the Stig.


Dry Tobacco Stig Disposable


Maybe the most poorly named disposable vape yet, this is a very authentic tobacco nic salt from VGod. In many states, it will be the only option for adult vapers. Luckily, it is a good one.