begin-using-an-electronic-cigaretteHave you recently made the switch from smoking to vaping? If so, you may be excited to try using an electronic cigarette or a more advanced vapor pen for the first time, but you likely have no idea where to start. By using this simple guide, you should have some idea of what to expect as you begin vaping. How to Use an eCig or Vapor Pen for the First Time The first time you use a rechargeable electronic cigarette or rechargeable vapor pen (which is a larger version of an eCig), you will need to charge the device for at least a couple of hours. This ensures that the battery is full before you start using it. The next step is to fill the device with e liquid if it doesn't already have it in the cartridge or cartomizer. Some devices can use pre-filled cartridges, and these can be easily swapped out. Others, however, will require filling according to the manufacturer's instructions. The nice thing about using a rechargeable device is that you can generally choose whichever type of e liquid you want. Finally, you are ready to use your vapor cigarette. You may have to hold down a button in order to inhale the vapor on some devices, but others are made to allow you to inhale automatically. What About Disposable Electronic Cigarettes? Those who have recently switched from smoking to vaping may prefer something a bit more straight forward for their first vaping experience. if you are wondering how to use an eCig that is "disposable," or made for one-time use only, you will be happy to know that these devices can be more user friendly for ex-smokers. These "cigalikes" also taste the most like tobacco cigarettes, which can provide a good stepping stone for smokers on their way to using vapor pens and similar electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS). What Else Do Vapor Cigarettes Need? Every now and then, you will need to refill the e liquid or replace the cartridge in your rechargeable eCig. Eventually, parts of the vapor cigarette, like the mouthpiece, tank, or battery, may also require replacement. A vaping supplier will have all of these parts available, and they have just about all vaping flavors for sale, as well. Have more questions about how to use an eCig? Leave a comment below.