Best Blow Vape Stix Alternatives

Best Blow Stix Alternatives

The Blow Vape Stix was a typical stick style disposable vape with some wonderful and unique flavors. But it is no longer being produced. Luckily, there are still some great disposable ecig flavors on the market that are sure to be popular with fans of Blow Stix.


Blow Vape Stix Disposables

The Blow Stix holds 1.2ml of eliquid and has a nic strength of 5 percent. As a disposable ecig, it requires no filling or charging. Simply open the packaging, remove the stoppers and vape. It could not be easier to use. And best of all, the flavors were perfect and precise. Here are the best Blow Stix alternative flavors. While there isn’t always an exact match, these flavors are similar enough to appeal to sophisticated adult vapers.


Bursted Cherry Blow Stix

Bursted Cherry was one of the most popular Blow Stix flavors. Industry wide, cherry in general has emerged as a popular choice and there are several great cherry disposable vapes to choose from.

Cherry Frost Posh Plus XL

As far as the device itself, the Posh Plus XL is a big upgrade over the Blow Stix Disposable. It has more eliquid, reliably delivers more vapor and has a longer lasting battery. While it is bigger, it is not so much larger to make a difference to the user. And the flavors are great too. Cherry Frost has a light hint of ice and plenty of sweet cherry flavor. The cool menthol balances the flavor and a hint of cherry tartness helps make this a great all-day vape. The Posh Plus XL holds 5ml of eliquid and has a nic strength of 4.5 percent.

Watermelon Cherry Puff XXL

 The Puff XXL is a juggernaut in terms of puff count, flavor and general satisfaction. Watermelon Cherry is an ideal replacement for Blow Stix Cherry Burst. The 6.5ml of Puff XXL has a nic strength 5 percent. The addition of watermelon cuts through some of the syrupy sweetness of a cherry nic salt. One of the best cherry disposable vapes on the market today.


Deeewy Blow Stix

The Deeewy Blow Stix flavor tastes amazingly similar to a famous caffeinated green soda pop. You shouldn’t require too many additional clues to figure out what it tastes like. While there aren’t any precise matches, there are a number of great pop inspired disposable ecigs.

Lemon Soda Hyppe Ultra

While not quite a perfect match for Deeewy, you do get the same soda pop-esque flavor and tart citrus notes. The Hyppe Ultra is small and high quality disposable that has twice the capacity of a Blow Stix.

Pineapple Soda Hyppe Bar

If you are looking for a sweeter soda vape, Pineapple Soda Hyppe Bar is a great option. The Hyppe Bar is a stick style disposable and quite similar to the Blow Stix in terms of technology. It holds a similar amount of eliquid and has a form factor that will be familiar to Blow Stix fans.


Firebull Blow Stix

Firebull Blow Stix has been formulated to taste like a very popular energy drink that is sold in a blue and silver can. It makes for a great flavor. If you think there are not many viable alternatives to this unique flavor out there but you would be wrong.

Raging Bull Level Vape

To an unpracticed eye, the Level Vape may appear to be a Posh Plus. But there are different eliquid flavors available in the Level Disposable Ecig. One of the most notable is Raging Bull. Formulated to mimic the flavor of a popular energy drink, the same drink that inspired the Firebull Blow Stix, it is a perfect alternative. Holding 2ml of eliquid, the cylindrical Level Vape is a great Blow Stix alternative.



Green Apple Blow Stix

Sour green apple is a very specific and popular eliquid flavor. A combination of hard confectionary and fruit, it is a balanced and delightful blast of complimentary notes. It is also an extremely popular flavor. This means you have a lot more options when looking for the best Green Apple Blow Stix alternative.

Apple Ice Beard Vape by Ryse

There are several green apple disposable ecigs but the Apple Ice Beard by Ryse is one of the best. The master formulators at beard turned out a great menthol ice flavor that in the opinion of the author is superior to Blow Stix. But tastes are subjective. There is no arguing that the actual Beard Disposable is longer lasting and has better vapor production. It holds 3ml of eliquid and has a nic strength of 60mg/ml.

Frozen Apple Posh Plus XL

The 4.5ml Posh Plus XL is a big upgrade in size over a Blow Stix disposable and the flavor is certainly a match as well. Tart and sweet, with a hint of icy menthol, there are many great apple disposables on the market but this is one of the best Green Apple Blow Stix alternatives.


Snow Blow Vape Stix

The Snow Blow Vape Stix has an unusual name but is a fairly popular flavor profile. If you like sweet and spearminty nic salts, this Blow Vape Stix flavor was a perfect choice. It may be going away but sweet mint remains one of the most popular nic salt flavors of all time. Maybe the most popular. Most manufacturers have a some itineration of crisp and cool menthol mint.

Sweet Mint Sea XXL

Why not switch from the 1.2ml Blow Vape Stix to the disposable ecig with the highest eliquid capacity. The Sea XXL has a nic strength of 5 percent and holds 8ml of eliquid. This is equivalent to almost seven Blow Vape Stix. The Sweet Mint Sea XXL has the cooling and refreshing flavors that discerning adult vapers demand.


Cool Mint Hyppe Max Flow

Disposable vapes not only have bigger batteries and more eliquid. Some models are available with adjustable airflow. The Hyppe Max Flow holds an impressive 6ml of eliquid. The adjustable airflow ring allows you to get exactly the type of puff you are looking for. The flavors are spot-on as well. The Cool Mint Hyppe Max Flow provides great taste, longevity and a customizable experience the Snow Blow Vape Stix simply cannot match.