Best Broke Dick Vape Juice Alternatives

Broke Dick Vape Juice

Due to increasingly hostile federal regulations, Broke Dick Eliquids was forced to close their doors at the end of March, 2021. While they are continuing with a CBD and coffee venture, their adult eliquid customers are no longer able to enjoy their ejuices of choice.

This is a shame because they had a number of excellent high-VG eliquids, ironically a style of vape juice not associated with the teen vaping epidemic because it is generally consumed in noisy, thirsty, cloud chucking and difficult to conceal vape mods. 

And while Broke Dick had a huge number of dessert flavors that may not have a direct replacement, there are still great high-Vg eliquids on the market. Hopefully, you have stocked up as the shipping disruption from the PACT ACT will certainly spill into April before vape ships can begin shipping to the customers through local carriers.

Best Broke Dick Vape Juice Alternatives

The Best Broke Dick Vape Juice alternatives combine authentic fruit and dessert notes into balanced blends that can be vaped all day. They are available with standard nicotine and are ideal for both cloud chucking box mods and lower resistance refillable vape pod kits like the Smok Nord 2. 


Dinner Lady ELiquids

Perhaps the most storied of the Broke Dick Vape Juice alternatives, Dinner Lady has a collection of legendary dessert vapes. Lemon Tart Dinner Lady is the most famous but Strawberry Macaron Dinner Lady is also critically acclaimed. Based in Lancashire England, Dinner Lady has won a shelf-full of awards in the US and UK. Their flavors are also available in the Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max Disposable ECig and in the form of potent Dinner Lady Salts. There are even Dinner Lady CBD sticks. But the direct equivalent to Broke Dick Vape Juice are the 70 percent VG Dinner Eliquids, which are available 0, 3 and 6mg/ml nic strength. 


Transistor Eliquids

Much like Broke Dick Vape Juice, Transistor Eliquids has a well-rounded lineup of the unique and sweet ejuice flavor profiles that adult vapers prefer. With classics like Baby Clouds, Bluetiful Disaster,  Tangomelon and Basic B, Transistor has moved far beyond the basic fruit and menthol blends that dominate vaping in 2021. With an alien-themed line of juices that run the gamut from caramelized peanut butter butter and pistachio to honeyed menthol tobacco with strawberry, we expect Transistor E-Juice to continue its massive liftoff in the vape world. Transistor Eliquids are sold in 60ml bottles, rather than the rather leak prone 120ml design but many of their most popular flavors are sold in double packs of 60ml to equal out to the standard 120ml bottle used by Broke Dick Vape Juice. Using standard nicotine, Transistor Eliquids come in 0, 3 and 6mg/ml nic strength. Transistor eliquids are 70 percent VG, making them a great Broke Dick Vape Juice alternative.


Naked 100 Ejuice

One of the most storied eliquid companies, it is hard to go wrong by turning to Naked 100 Ejuice. Their selection of rock-solid flavors is well-rounded and flavorful. Optimized for box-mods, their standard lineup of ejuice has multiple fruit inspired vape juices that optimize cloud production and flavor. With the available nic strengths of 0, 3, 6 and 12mg/ml, their lineup has undergone some name changes but the great flavors remain. Check out our Naked 100 flavor guide for more information. Naked 100 Ejuices have a 70/30 VG/PG ratio.


Twist Eliquid

Unapologetically bright and buoyant flavors dominate the Twist Eliquid lineup. While their collection of nic salt eliquids has taken center stage as of late, they still have an undeniably strong collection of standard, high-VG eliquids. Twist Eliquids are sold in 60ml bottles. They are 70 percent VG, ideal for a lower resistance vape pod but originally formulated for high-wattage vape mods. Like Naked 100, many of their popular flavors have new names. We have outlined these in our Twist Eliquid flavor guide.


Beard Vape Company

If you miss the unique dessert formulations of Broke Dick Vape Juice, Beard Vape Co Ejuice is a logical choice. Their rather inscrutable naming conventions do not hide the wealth of creamy and sweet flavors that have been perfectly balanced by their master formulators. With a 60 percent VG formula, the emphasis is on pure flavor and Beard Vape Company delivers.


Cuttwood E-Juice

Perfect for cloud chasers and focusing on the exact style of complex dessert inspired eliquids that Broke Dick was famous for, Cuttwood Ejuice has a strong lineup of excellent high-VG eliquids. The most famous is Unicorn Milk, an ejuice formulated for use in loud, thirst, bulky, hard to conceal and cloud generating box mods, it is a million miles removed the wispy, nearly flavorless but highly potent puffs of Juul Mint but because of its name it became the target of anti-vaping extremists. The flavor stands out as excellent and the cloud production of this 70 percent VG ejuice is superb. Cuttwood Ejuice is a perfect place to start your search for Broke Dick Vape Juice alternatives.


One Hit Wonder

 One Hit Wonder E-Juice is based in Los Angeles, California and has a selection of eliquids that are sure to please fans of Broke Dick Vape Juice. One Hit Wonder uses US manufactured ingredients, including the TruNic nicotine. They debuted on the market with the uplifting Muffin Man E-Liquid. The name One Hit Wonder is a bit of an anarchronism as they actually have a huge selection of outstanding high-VG eliquids. With a formula that is a full 80 percent VG, they vape juices are great fuel for box mods and sold in 100ml bottles.  The ice cream-inspired The Man and Island Man with its tropical flavors are just a couple of their more popular standard bearers.