Best Disposable ECig Sampler Packs

Best Disposable Vape Sampler Packs

If you are a fan of disposable vapes, the first thing you will notice is there are a lot of flavors. There is a lot of overlap between the flavors offered by rival manufacturers but there are enough differences so that most adult vapers have a preference. There are also unique flavors that are well worth trying.

One of the advantages of the disposable ecig is that you can sample multiple flavors and if there is one that you don’t like, well you aren’t stuck with a whole bottles worth and a coil or tank that now tastes forever like that flavor.

The good news is that you can both save money and enjoy new eliquid flavors by purchasing disposable vape sampler packs. Some of the top names in disposable ecigs offer sample packs and they are a great way to enjoy some of the best nic salt flavors on the market today.

Disposable Vapes

Disposable vapes are popular because they offer a no-hassle vaping experience that requires no charging or filling. All you need to do is open the package and vape. Autodraw devices, there is not even a button to press.


Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max Sampler Pack

The Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max has a well-rounded lineup of flavors and is available in two nic strengths. Most disposable vapes only come in a single nic strength, usually 50mg/ml, and are heavy on fruit-menthol blends. Dinner Lady naturally has this popular flavor profile but also has award winning dessert flavored nic salts. There is no better way to sample the magnificent Dinner Lady Salts flavors than through a sampler pack. Enjoy Citrus Ice, Bubblegum Ice, Strawberry Mac, Lemon Tart and Banana Ice. The Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max is also one of the longest lasting disposable vapes, holding 6.5ml of eliquid.


Posh Vapes Sampler Pack

Posh Vapes is one of the most reliable and popular of the classic stick style disposable ecigs. It also has a respectable 1.8ml eliquid capacity. The flavors are all great, if you like iced fruit blends. The sampler pack comes with Blueberry Ice, Mango Frost, Pink Lemonade, Cool Melon, Banana Smoothie, and Lush Ice Slush.


Hyppe Bar Sampler Pack

Try out the top selling Hyppe Bar flavors in the amazing Hyppe Bar Sampler Pack. This 1.3ml disposable vape has a form factor identical to Puff Bar and amazing flavor. With a nic strength of 50mg/ml, it delivers satisfying performance from a tiny disposable. The flavors included in the sampler pack are Strawberry Banana, Guava Ice, Lemon Soda, Blueberry Ice and Orange Soda.


Oro Vape Bar Sampler Pack

The Oro Vape Bar is a solid stick style disposable that closely resembles a Puff Bar or a Hyppe Bar. Compact yet satisfying, it holds 1.3ml of eliquid and has nic strength of 50mg/ml. The Oro Vape Bar Sampler Pack comes in Apple Ice, Blue Razz, Mango Lychee, Lychee Ice and Strawberry Ice flavors.


Sea Air Sampler Pack

The 2.6ml Sea Air disposable vape has twice the capacity of a stick style disposable and great flavor. It is also a convenient card shaped device, making it easy to use and carry. The Sea Air Sampler Pack with Red Apple, Mango, Orange Soda, Banana ice and Lush Ice flavors. This is a great mid-sized disposable that contains outstanding nic salts. Nic strength is 50mg/ml.


Zaero Vape Sampler Pack

The Zaero Disposable Vape comes in nine flavors and four nic strengths. The nic strength options are nicotine free, 18, 30 and 50mg/ml. The Zaero holds 1.8ml of eliquid and closely resembles a classic Posh Vape disposable. The Zaero Sampler Pack is a great value as it comes in the seven most popular flavors: Blueberry Lemonade, Peach Mango, Blue Razz, Sweet Orange, Banana, Grape and Menthol.


Blazer Bars Sampler Pack

The compact Blazer Bar is already one of the least expensive disposables on the market and has several unique flavors and stalwart classics. This 50mg/ml strength disposable ecig also has a great draw. The Blazer Bar Sampler Pack includes Mixed Berry, Iced Apple, Cinnablaze, Rainbow, Menthol and Mango.  


Blow Vape Stix Sampler Pack

The 1.2ml Blow Vape Stix has some of the best beverage nic salts available on the market. And you can sample these in the Blow Vape Stix Sampler Pack. With a nic strength of 50mg/ml, adult vapers are sure to enjoy this compact disposable and find the tight draw quite satisfying. The flavors included in the Blow Stix Sampler Pack are Monsta Fuel, Strawberry Mango, Tangerine Ice, Pineapple Ice and Green Apple.