Best Disposable Vape Alternatives

History of Disposable Vapes


Disposable vapes had their first moment in the sun during the early days of e-cigarettes. Many adult vapers first initiation into smoke and ash free cigarette alternatives was in the form of the classic cig-a-like.


Disposable vapes, with exceptions such as the NJoy Daily, Jak, V4L Disposable E-Cig and the Blu Disposable e-cig, maintained a small loyal following but generally this type of device fell off the radar. Vapers gravitated towards increasing popular and larger devices, first eGo Cartomizers and eventually box mods.


Then nic salt ejuice and Juul happened. Prefilled vape pods, a style not far removed from the original disposable, were able to provide a flavor, convenience and satisfaction. Nic salts made it possible to ramp up the nicotine content but still provide a smoother throat hit, due to the lower pH level of nic salts. For a complete explanation about the science of nic salts, check out our feature: What is Salt Nic?



Disposable Vapes


It turns out that most adult vapers are just looking for a satisfaction and flavor from an easy to use device. Unfortunately, several states have banned the flavors that adults prefer altogether and the federal government has banned prefilled vape pods in every flavor except tobacco and menthol.


Adult vapers overwhelming preference for sweeter and more sophisticated flavor profiles, has led to a mass migration to disposable vapes. The same potency that made prefilled vape pods a viable device has also allowed disposables to shine.


This popularity has also brought increased scrutiny on disposables, even though the technology is far from novel. Most use a cotton polyfill set-up that is nearly identical to the classic disposable e-cig. The only difference is the sleeker packaging and addition of potent nic salts. There are exceptions, the Posh Plus is closer to a classic cartomizer in design.


A look inside the Posh Plus


Disposable mini vapes store their ejuice in a pod, click here to view our review of the best disposable mini vapes, allowing for a length of under 3 inches. The Myle Slim uses an actual transparent pod that just happens to be permanently attached. For a comparison these two styles of vapes, check out our deep-dive Myle Slim versus Myle Mini.


Two disposable mini vapes and two stick style disposables


But the general technology found in a stick style disposable has not advanced much beyond the state of the art ten years ago, with the obvious exception of the nic salts stored within the more modern looking chassis. For a run down of what is on the market, here is a feature on the Best Disposable Vapes.


Disposable Vape Alternatives



The popularity of disposables, coupled with factors beyond the vaping industry’s control like flavor bans, has made access to disposables increasingly tenuous. Moreover, refillable vape pod kits are a most cost-effective method of vaping. A 30ml bottle, which represents at least a dozen disposables, retails between 10 and 20 dollars.


It seems inevitable that adults who use disposables will eventually switch over to a permanent device that can be charged and filled. And they will be happy to discover that modern vaping devices are incredibly easy to use. If you do not have access to your favorite disposable vape, here are some great options.


Auto Vapor Zeus



If you are a fan of the cylindrical Posh Plus, the Vapor Zeus is an obvious choice. It is a much heavier duty device, as it is built to last but the general form factor is similar. If you have every open up your Posh Plus (not recommend), you would discover that it has a pared down cartomizer setup that is comparable to a cartomizer or Smileomizer.


The Vapor Zeus works incredibly well with nic salts. It delivers big blast of flavor, has a nice tight draw and is very efficient. Each fill of the 3.5 or 6ml Smileomizer will give you a ton of puffs. Check out our video on the easiest way to fill a Vapor Zeus.


There are a ton of great eliquids on the market. Whether it is nic salts, higher VG formulas or low-PG and flavor heavy ejuices like Wow and Premium, the Vapor Zeus is up for any challenge. It is an authentic and portable vaping device that is easy to use and delivers tremendous performance.


There are several models of Vapor Zeus available but the Autodraw Vapor Zeus is probably the best option for former disposables users. Efficient, easy to use performance combined with authentic vapor, the Vapor Zeus is perfectly designed for the modern vaper who enjoys the discrete performance of a disposable.


Smok Novo 2



If you vape disposables, chances are you want no hassles and great flavor. The Smok Novo 2 delivers on both counts. A tiny autodraw device, the Novo 2 is less than 3.5 inches in length and weighs only 40 grams. Yet it still manages to pack in an 800mAh battery.


For a more detailed review, check out the comparison with its predecessor: Smok Novo 2 versus Smok Novo. The Smok Novo does not have swappable coils. Pods are sold in three packs and quite long lasting. They deliver amazing flavor and have a very authentic draw. This is refillable vape pod kit that was designed from the ground up as a nic salt machine and a Juul alternative. There are 1.0 ohm Smok Novo 2 coils which provide amazing flavor and  1.4 ohm Smok Novo Quartz Pods. These generate a warm hit and have a tight draw.


Vapor Titan Clearomizer



If narrow form factor, economical nic salt consumption and flavor are what matter to you, the Vapor Titan Clearomizer should be at the top of your list. With a classic e-cig form factor, it is easy to fill and easier to enjoy. We found that it is one of the best ways to vape nic salts. It is also one of the easiest ways to switch to a disposable device. This is an all-in-one kit that you just fill up with nic salts and vape.


The Clearomizer’s compact wicking delivers incredibly intense and accurate flavor. The pull will be familiar to a disposable user. Here is a quick tutorial on filling a Vapor Titan Clearomizer.



Baton V2 Vape Pod Kit



Designed to bring the look and feel of Juul to the refillable vape pod kit arena, the Baton V2 Starter Kit also mimics the draw and form factor of a stick style disposable vape. Sleek and small, it is the closest thing to a disposable that can still be refilled.


With two 1ml pods that can be refilled and 350mAh, it has everything you need to start vaping bottled nic salts right out of the box. And to make matters even easier, Baton has formulated their own lineup of ejuices. These nic salts are sold in convenient 10ml bottles, making it easy to switch from disposables to a permanent refillable vape pod kit.


Smok RPM40



Not all vape pods are autodraw devices with limited power. The Smok RPM40 works just as well with high VG, low nicotine ejuices as it does with potent nicotine salts. This allows it to throw down with the best vape pods on the market and also gives the user the flexibility to enjoy massive flavors and clouds. Check out our review of the RPM40 here.



The secret is that it comes with two distinct pods and these pods have swappable coils. One pods works with Smok Nord Coils, an extensive family in its own right. Then there is an RPM pod, which works with the new family of larger and more powerful RPM Coils. Standing for “Real Pod Mod”, are RPM pods are quite substantial for a portable vaping device. They also have subohm performance that takes full advantage of the RPM40s output. The best cloud-chucking vape pod coil on the market is the RPM40 0.4ohm coil. There is also a 1.0ohm RPM SC coil as well.


The compatible Nord pod works with the entire family of Smok Nord coils. The difference is that the Smok RPM40 has adjustable wattage and a much larger battery than Smok Nord, 1500mAh. If you are wed to the vape pod design and want the flexibility to swap coils, the RPM40 is a tremendous disposable vape alternative. It can handle any ejuice you throw at it and is compact enough to taken anywhere.


Best Disposable Vape Alternative?


If you are looking for an authentic and satisfying experience that fills the void left by smoking, the Vapor Zeus is the hands down winner. For pure flavor and slim form, the Vapor Titan takes the crown. If you are in the market for a flexible device which can handle any style of vaping, the Smok RPM40 is a great option. For sheer simplicity and nic salt consumption, it is hard to beat the Smok Novo. And if you love the form factor and precise performance generated by a disposable, the Baton V2 fits the bill.


To conclude, there are a ton of great disposable vape options out there. And there is no better time than now to switch a refillable device.  


Lower Nicotine Alternatives


One of the biggest advantages of a refillable vape kit is that you can choose literally any ejuice. Most nic salts are only available in two nic strengths but Wow and Premium ejuices are available in seven. This includes a 3.6 percent strength and lower nicotine options as well.