Our Very Best E-Juices of 2015 By Lisa Marie Farver When you have more than 300 e juice flavors in seven nicotine levels, it’s kind of hard to pick a favorite, so we let you decide. You enjoyed the e juice flavors; we crunched the numbers. Here’s a list of the e liquids our vapers liked best in 2015. Maybe you’ll find some surprises! e-juice_vip (drumroll please...)
  1. Rainbow Candy
It’s no surprise that our rainbow candy e juice was 2015’s top seller. As soon as it hit the market, bottles started flying off the shelves. It’s a yummy blend of strawberry, lemon, grape and other fruit flavors that tastes like a mouthful of candy (and doesn't hurt your teeth!).  
  1. Berry Splash
This mix of strawberry, raspberry and blueberry tantalized tastebuds so much in 2015 that it was our second best seller. It didn’t take long for this newer flavor to rise to the top of the list.  
  1. Cinnablaze
People love Cinnablaze for its sweet hot taste. This e juice has a powerful draw that tingles your lips with an unmistakable bite of cinnamon flavor. Lick your lips to enjoy the sweet cinnamon candy aftertaste.  A great e liquid for a staying in on a chilly winter night.   
  1. Coffee
  If you used to start the day with a cigarette and coffee, you get it. Our coffee e juice fills your mouth with the essence of freshly ground coffee beans in a piping hot cup of espresso.  
  1. Grape
  I’m vaping the grape e liquid as I type this, and it’s one of my favorites so far. As I keep puffing on it, I really dig that the grape flavor lingers, but isn’t too overpowering. The perfect accompaniment for your apres-work glass of wine.  
  1. Kiwi Apple Strawberry
  Kiwi Apple Strawberry e juice has been kind of under the radar, but it’s one of our most complex e liquids. It balances exotic kiwi and tart apple with a hint of sweet strawberry that tastes like a freshly picked fruit.  
  1. Oasis
  Turkish tobacco smokers gravitate to the oasis e juice because of its strong Turkish tobacco flavor, and a powerful throat hit that imitates the feel--and flavor-- of popular cigarette brands. It’s been a top seller month after month.  8. Peppermint   Our founder, Steve Milin always has a vape fully loaded with peppermint e juice. It was one of the top e liquid flavors in 2015 because it appeals to menthol smokers, but gives a burst of minty flavor and leaves a pleasant minty scent. Try some with our chocolate e juice to feel like you're nibbling on a mint chocolate cookie  
  1. Waffle
  Brian, the Vapor4Life product manager swears by the waffle flavor, and apparently many of our customers do too, since it made this list. Add a few drops of blueberry or chocolate e liquid to vape a syrupy stack of waffles without any of the calories! 10. Wowboy Tobacco This top-seller appeals to smokers who want the strong throat hit and rich tobacco taste of a full flavored cigarette. It's as close as you can get to smoking big-name cigarettes---and it's infinitely cheaper.  What'd you think of our list? Got any suggestions of your own? Let us know in the comments, or share the post on Facebook to educate your friends about vaping. Be sure to like our Facebook page too. It makes us feel all special. If you just made the switch to vaping,or want to help a friend keep their 2016 resolution to quit smoking, use promo code 299VAPE and get a disposable e-cig shipped to your door for less than three bucks!