Best E-Juice Flavors of 2016

  The best e juice flavors of 2016 span such a wide range of flavor profiles that there’s something for everyone. Some of the best e-juice flavors from 2016 are made by your very own Vapor4Life. Others come from some more of the biggest names out there: Beard Vape Co., Cuttwood and Cosmic Fog. These flavors are so popular with customers that we’ve added them to our own inventory to compliment V4L’s own top e juices. Picking the best e-juices of 2016 is kind of like picking your favorite child, which is why I don't have any children, but I hfave a LOT of e-juice.  #1. Ultimo Vapor E-Juice Peanut Butter Jelly Time best-ejuice-2016-peanut-butter-jelly-time Peanut Butter Jelly Time was the first e-juice I picked up from our newest Ultimo Vapor E-Juice blends and I basically haven’t put it down since. It’s not that I’m crazy about peanut butter and jelly flavors. There are a ton of them out there, but none really executes the start-to-finish flavor of a bite of PBJ like this one. #2 Meteor Milk by Space Jam E-Juice best-ejuice-2016-meteor-milk Perhaps the most talked about flavor in recent e-juice history, Meteor Milk from Space Jam E-Juice is just as magical as the name suggests. With a full inhale of rich cream and a fruity aftertaste of juicy strawberries, Meteor Milk is easily one of the best e-juice flavors of 2016. You just have to vape it once to believe that there's life out there.  #3. Beard Vape Co. No. 24 best-ejuice-2016-beard-vape-no-24 No. 24 makes it pretty obvious why Beard Vape Co. has such a massive following. It may come in an understated bottle that’s designated by just a number, but this e-liquid flavor is far from subtle. Each vape tastes —no joke— exactly like sipping on a thick vanilla malt mixed with gooey caramel and sea salt. It would be a crime if we didn’t pick it as one of the best e-juice flavors of 2016. #4. Ruthless E-Juice Grape Drank best-ejuice-2016-grape-drank Ruthless E-Juice has made a name for itself with out-of-the-box e-liquid flavors that have even quirkier names. Grape Drank is a good example of this, and that’s one reason it made our selection of the best e-juice flavors of 2016. The amount of grape flavor in this is intense, but it isn’t too much. You get the sticky sweetness of your favorite grape soda with none of the actual sugar!   #5. I Heart Cookies best-ejuice-2016-i-love-cookies Oh, man. If you heart cookies as much as any normal person does, you’ll be pretty thrilled to know that they come in a bottle now thanks to Mad Hatter Juice. Their e-juice geniuses figured out how to recreate the taste of a chocolate chip cookie fresh out of the oven. Then, they added the subtlest pinch of strawberry to make I Heart Cookies a top e-juice for 2016. #6. Lost Fog Baie Creme best-ejuice-2016-baie-creme This is one of the more complex flavor profiles we’ve encountered in 2016. There’s a lot going on in Lost Fog’s new Baie Creme, but the e-liquid is so well-balanced that the flavors serve to enhance each other instead of being overwhelming. Baie Creme has just the right amount of honey, just the right amount of berries, and the perfect pick of passionfruit to keep you vaping it day and night. #7. Ultimo Vapor Creamy Dreamy best-ejuice2016-creamy-dreamy I didn’t want to make this post all about our Ultimo Vapor E-Juice line, but there are some e-liquids that you just can’t put down, and Creamy Dreamy is one of them. Since I started at Vapor4Life, I’ve been longing for a vape juice that tastes as tempting as an iced orange cream pop on a hot summer day. Creamy Dreamy was one of our best e-juice flavors of 2016. So good, in fact, that we couldn’t stock our shelves fast enough to keep up with the orders. Try it for yourself to see what I mean! #8. Cosmic Fog Chewberry best-ejuice-2016-chewberry This is one of the more complex flavor profiles we’ve encountered in 2016. There’s a lot going on in Cosmic Fog's new Chewberry, but the e-liquid is so well-balanced that the flavors serve to enhance each other instead of being overwhelming. Chewberry has just the right amount of passionfruit, just the right amount of strawberries, and the perfect dash of a mysterious mix of tropical fruit so delicious that Cosmic Fog will not reveal them. #9. Bird Brains by Cuttwood best-ejuice-2016-bird-brains Maybe I’m a little bit partial, but I love cereal e-liquids. Bird Brains from Cuttwood is by far my favorite because it captures that fruit-tinged flavor you get when you sip the last bit of milk and colorful fruit flakes from your cereal bowl. It’s just the right amount of sweet and creamy to land on our list of the best e-juice flavors of 2016. I kinda think Bird Brains needs to be in everyone’s vape rotation. #10. Beard Vape Co. No. 71 best-ejuice-2016-beard-no-71 When I started making this list of the best e-liquids I’ve tried in 2016, I didn’t think I’d include a peach flavor. If you’ve read any of my posts, you know that I hate peach flavors. It’s nothing against peaches; they just aren’t my thing. Beard Vape Co. has made a liar out of me with their peachily perfect No. 71. This high-VG juice tastes more like a sour gummy peach candy that you could just eat by the handful. I’m definitely a convert. Did we miss any? Leave your favorites in the comments!