Best Eon Smoke Alternatives

Eon Smoke is best known for their Juul compatible pods and disposable vapes, but their initial foray into the world of e-cigarettes were traditional mouth to lung e-cigs. These designs predated the potent nic salt ejuices that Eon Smoke used so effectively in their later designs.

While many vapers will only be familiar with their later efforts, those customers who enjoyed devices like the Eon Smoke Millennium, Eon Smoke Eternity and their basic starter kit now need to find a viable replacement.

Eon Stik Disposable Alternatives

In a previous feature, we provided a definitive list of alternatives to the Eon Stik disposable vape. Although fans of the Eon Stik will miss the flavor and the 6.8 percent nic strength, there are dozens of great disposable alternatives.

Eon Smoke E-Cigs

The Eon Smoke electric cigarette looks, feels, and tastes like a classic cigarette. A refillable design, the Eon Smoke e-cigarette family was designed for high PG ejuices like Wow and Premium, and mouth to long vaping. A two part design, the Vapor Zeus makes a larger and more powerful alternative with far better performance. Now let us take a closer look at your Eon Smoke Alternatives

Vapor Titan Clearomizer

The Vapor Titan Clearomizer is an ideal alternative to the Eon Smoke Millennium and Eon Smoke Eternity, but it could just as easily be listed as an alternative to the actual Eon Stik Disposable. The Clearomizer design delivers the clearest flavor. It is easy to fill and works just as well with high PG ejuices and nic salts. A timeless design, the Vapor Titan has the form factor of a classic cigarette but delivers worlds more versatility without the stench or the ash.

Vapor Zeus

The Vapor Titan Clearomizer delivers the flavor of a disposable but is a much better price performer. The Vapor Zeus takes this flexibility a step further. The long lasting Smileomizer cartomizer has even more flavor and vapor production. Another device that works as well with nic salts as high PG ejuices, the Vapor Zeus delivers the most authentic vaping experience you will find.

Refillable Vape Pod Kits

The Vapor Titan and Vapor Zeus are the most logical choice for fans of Eon Smoke’s classic ecigs. But there are other options if you want to examine the world of refillable vape pods. Generally powered by mini-USB, if you are vaping nic salts from your Eon Smoke e-cig, they are very compact and convenient. Devices like the Smok Nord 2, Suorin Shine, and more powerful devices like the Smok RPM40 are all great options.

Eon Smoke EJuice

For Eon Smoke ecig users, the Wow and Premium ejuices are a perfect option. These are high PG juices, ideal for Eon Smoke Ecigs. Crystal clear flavor with a sturdy but not harsh throat kick, Wow and Premium ejuices were designed from smokers making the switch to vaping.

Not surprisingly, a company that specialized in Juul compatible pods and disposable vapes also had a wide range of bottled nic salts and traditional ejuices. Vapor4Life has an extensive selection of the best nic salts in the world. Smooth but potent, these work great in refillable vape pods but there is no better way to vape nic salts than a Vapor Titan.

Wow and Premium Ejuices

Wow and Premium Ejuices are a perfect Eon Smoke ejuice alternative. The high 75/25 PG/VG ratio puts an emphasis on flavor. There is a nice throat hit and over 100 flavors to choose from. Ideal for the Vapor Titan and Vapor Zeus, fans of Eon Smoke Ejuice will find a flavor they love in stacked Wow and Premium ejuices.

Nic Salt EJuice

Just as easily classified as an alternative to the Eon Stik Disposable, Vapor4Life has a tremendous selection of nic salts that fans of Eon Smok Salts will enjoy. These are the biggest names out there and the flavors are spot-on. Whether love I Love Salts, Mr Salt-E, or another brand, we have you covered.