Best Eon Stik Flavor Alternatives

Disposable Vapes


One of the reasons that Vapor4Life carries so many disposable vape brands is the overlap between their respective flavor lineups. This is useful because if your favorite disposable is out of stock, chances are you can find a very comparable product from a rival manufacturer.


Whether you are looking at the affordable Blazer Bar or the massive Sea Air, there are plenty of disposables on the market that deliver the vaping experience that adult vapers and former smokers are looking for: easy to use, flavor and satisfying. Disposable vapes require no filling, charging or pod swapping. Just open the package, remove the stoppers and inhale.



Eon Smoke Out of Business


Due to outside pressures, the Eon Smoke has shuttered their doors and the popular Eon Stick Disposables are no longer being manufactured. A few of their flavors remain available but they will gradually disappear from the market entirely.


While no other disposable maker is willing to match the Eon Stik’s 6.8 percent nic strength, the vast range of delicious flavors they offered can be found in other disposable devices. Nic salts ejuice, discussed here in our Intro to Nic Salts, are what made the otherwise underpowered disposable ecig a viable and satisfying option for adult vapers but lower nicotine disposables are also available.


Now for a run-down of the best Eon Smoke flavor alternatives. Keep in mind that some of the Eon flavors, such as Lush Ice and Blue Razz, have a dozen or more alternatives. We simply listed two of the best options. Browse our disposable vapes page for a complete rundown of the flavors and brands we have available.


One of Eon Stik’s defining traits was its high nicotine content. At Vapor4Life, our goal has always been to help smokers switch to vaping and for vapers to reduce their nicotine intake with the goal of a vape free lifestyle. Where the Eon Stik’s strength may have been useful for the heaviest smoker, we offer a number of lower nicotine disposable vapes. The Zaero Disposable Vape actually comes in four nic strengths including nic free, 1.8, 3.0 and 5.0 percent.



Green Apple



With Eon Stik closed, you won’t be finding the Green Apple Eon Stik. But there are two very comparable alternatives available on the market. These are the Green Apple Sea Air and the Green Apple Blow Stix. If you want a bit of menthol ice in the mix, and most adult disposable vape users do, check out the Iced Green Apple Blazer Bar.


Blue Raspberry/Blu Razz



Eon Stik has closed but there are a ton of blue raspberry disposables on the market. Two of the best are the Blu Razz Zaero and the Blue Razz Cali Bar. If you want a complete run down of this expansive field, check out our feature on the Best Blu Razz Disposable Vapes.





If you are looking for a strawberry flavored disposable that doesn’t include menthol consider trying the Strawberry Cali Bar or the Strawberry Puff Bar. Both are stick style disposables and nearly identical to the Eon Stick. Cali Bars are offered in 2 percent strength, which is a huge advantage if the Eon Stick’s 6.8 percent nic strength was a bit too stiff.


Lush Ice



Eon Stik Lush Ice is gone but just about every disposable maker has some form of lush ice flavor. Two of the best are the Minty Melon Posh Plus and the Lush Ice Sea Air. Both of these have a distinct advantage over the Eon Stik: ejuice capacity. The Posh Plus holds 2.0ml of nic salt and the Sea Air an astounding 2.6ml. There is value in volume, as was noted in the Sea Air’s inclusion in our comparison on the best low priced disposable vapes. For a complete run down of this revolutionary watermelon and menthol flavor blend, check out our feature: the Best Lush Ice Disposable Vapes.


Berry Gelato



With Eon Stik leaving the market, there is no longer a berry gelato disposable available. But two great dessert vape alternatives with plenty of creamy smoothness and complexity are the Unicorn Milk Ice Cali Bar by Cuttwood and Cream Brulee Posh Plus. There is no shortage of mixed berry disposables to choose from as well. Cuttwood was long famous for their high-VG ejuices and their appearance in the nic salt and disposable vape arena is a welcome addition to the complexity and deliciousness of their dessert flavors. Currently, most disposables are fruit or fruit menthol blends.





The big 2.6ml capacity of the Pineapple Sea Air and the great flavor of the Pineapple Ice Blow Stix make these tremendous Pineapple Eon Stik alternatives. The Pineapple Sea Air is one of the author’s favorite disposables ever, and he has tried countless varieties.


Strawberry Banana



Eon Stik may be out of the vape business but several disposable vape makers offer strawberry banana flavored vapes: Strawberry Banana Hyppe Bar, Strawberry Banana Puff Bar and the Strawberry Banana Shade. Puff Bar also offers lower nicotine options but not in this flavor.





Eon Stik has stopped making ecigs but you can still enjoy pomegranate flavor in a disposable vape. Try the Pomegranate Puff Bar or the Kick Start Bidi Stick. Pomegranate is a great vaping flavor and more selections may begin to hit the market soon.


Kiwi Strawberry



Strawberry Kiwi Mr Vapor is a great option for fans of Eon Stik who no longer have access to their favorite kiwi strawberry inspired flavor. If you want a complex fruit blend that is free of icy mint, Kiwi Strawberry Mr Vapor is a great option.





Peach makes for a great vape flavor and fans of the Peach Eon Stik will love the Peach Z-Pod Disposable, Cali Peach Posh Plus and Peach Mango Zaero. Die hard Eon Stik fans will especially enjoy the Ziip ZPod Peach disposable and Posh Plus as they are 6 percent nic strength.





There are many blue raspberry disposables but blueberry minus the menthol is less common. Fans of the Blueberry Eon Stik can turn to the Blueberry Lemonade Zaero or the Blueberry Raspberry Blow Stix.


Pink Lemonade



There are several options for fans of the recently closed Eon Smoke and their Pink Lemonade Eon Stik disposable. Try the Pink Lemonade Puff Bar or the Pink Punch Lemonade Shade. Twst also has a contender in their disposable mini vape. A delicious and well-executed beverage vape, lemonade makes a great nic salt.





Eon Stik may be closed but fans of the popular Citrus Eon Stik are sure to enjoy the Sweet Orange Zaero and Orange Soda Sea Air. Another great option is the Orange Soda Oro Bar. A nearly perfect citrus nic salt flavor, it will fill in admirably for the Citrus




When Eon Stik closed, there was only one cucumber disposable left on the market: Cucumber Puff Bar. This makes it the best Cucumber Eon Smok alternative. If you are looking for a wider range of flavors and performance than is offered by disposables, consider switching to a refillable device and bottled nic salt ejuices.