Best Halo G6 Alternatives

Halo G6 Compatible Cartomizers

The Halo G6 is a traditional ecig. With 808 threading, it is compatible with both the Vapor Titan Clearomizer and Cartomizers. Much like the Vapor Titan, the Halo G6 places a premium on ease of use and authentic performance.

The Halo G6 is advertised as being good for 200 puffs and has a wide range of flavors customized for the design. The focus of the Halo G6 is on throat hit and a cigarette style draw.

Smokers looking to make the switch from smoking to vaping are likely to enjoy the easy-use ecig design and existing Halo G6 fans should give serious consideration to the Vapor Titan. The 4.2v Vapor Titan is a hard hitting cigalike that combines an authentic draw with great flavor production.

Best Halo G6 Alternative

Vapor Titan

The Vapor Titan is the best Halo G6 alternative. The shape and style are very familiar. With 808 threading, the Vapor Titan and Halo G6 share a fair amount of DNA.

But the Vapor Titan is available both as an autodraw and with button fire option. Although the federal flavor ban removed many prefilled cartridge options, the Vapor Titan has a huge selection of authentic tobacco ejuices.

The Wow and Premium ejuices that fuel the prefilled Vapor Titan cartridges are high-PG ejuices. This means crystal clear flavor and an authentic throat hit.

But if you would like to enjoy flavors other than tobacco, the Vapor Titan gives you options as well. There are blank cartomizers, which can be filled with the eliquid of your choice. Using this option, you can use the same flavored Wow and Premium eliquids that were once available in prefilled carts.

But the Vapor Titan is more than just a Cig-a-Like. It also is compatible with an excellent Clearomizer. Easy to fill, this is a perfect way to vape nic salts or higher-PG ejuices. With perfect flavor, this is a cost effective and easy way to vape.

Vapor Zeus

If you are looking for an upgrade from the Halo G6, we recommend the Vapor Zeus. It has the same cigalike form factor but is a much more robust design. With better vapor production, greater juice capacity and larger battery, the Vapor Zeus can do everything the Halo G6 can do and more.

Like the Vapor Titan, the Vapor Zeus can vape nic salt eliquids just as effectively as the higher-PG juices it was initially designed to handle.

Wow and Premium Ejuices

Wow and Premium Ejuices are a 25/75 PG/VG blend. While these eliquids aren’t designed for subohm vaping, they are perfect for the Vapor Zeus, Vapor Titan and refillable vape pod kits with smaller ports and wicking.

While the Wow and Premium lines have a huge selection of flavors, they have a particular deep roster of tobacco flavors. This is great news if you live in a state with a flavor ban such as New York.

Best Way to Vape Nic Salts

Although neither the Halo G6 or Vapor Titan were created with nic salts in mind, the mouth to lung cigalike is compact and shares many performance attributes with a refillable vape pod kit. The Vapor Titan Clearomizer can extract a ton of performance and flavor for nic salts.

Vapor4Life carries a huge selection of nic salt eliquids. With a smoother throat hit than traditional ecigs and a higher level of nicotine, they require less ejuice and vapor to provide a satisfying experience for adult vapers and former smokers. This dovetails perfectly with the Vapor Titan design. 

Filling a VAPOR TITAN Cartomizer


If you prefer a written tutorial to a video, we have provided additional instructions below. But the Vapor Titan is easy to use, whether you

  1. Stand Vapor Titan Cartridge on Napkin or Paper Towel
  2. Use a Push Pin or Paper Clip to Remove Stopper
  3. Carefully Drip 25-30 drops of EJuice onto the Cotton Poly Fill
  4. Be Careful Not to Drip ELiquid Down the Center Tube
  5. Wipe Away Excess Liquid and Place Stopper Back In Place
  6. Wait 5 Minutes and Attach Cartridge to Vapor Titan