Best Juul Alternatives

Note: The Federal flavor ban has banned all prefilled vape pods but tobacco and menthol.


Flavor Bans


Last year, we examined the Top Ten Juul Alternatives available on the market at the time. This robust selection of refillable vape pod kits were ideal for nic salt vaping. They also provided huge savings, as refillable vape pod kits are a far cheaper option. A Juul pod contains only 0.7ml of ejuice and runs about $4.00 a pod. This is an exponentially more expensive way to vape than buying your own nic salt vape juice bottle, which contains FORTY FIVE times more ejuice and costs ten to twenty dollars.


Another big change is that Juul has stopped selling almost all of their most popular flavors. Refillable vape pod kits already had a huge edge on this front, with thousands of juices to choose from.


The removal of Mango, Mint, Cucumber, Cream and Fruit Medley from the market almost places Juul in a different category altogether from refillable vape pod kits. If you were left in the lurch by Juul’s decision to cancel these flavors, check out our Juul Alternatives Resource pages:



For more information on the technology behind the Juul device, check out our feature: The Truth and Technology Behind Juul and Nic Salts Revealed.


Disposable Vapes


The biggest change in vaping since last winter has been the emergence of disposable vapes. Refillable vape pod kits are the cheapest Juul alternative but disposable vapes are the spiritual heir to the prefilled vape pod kit. They deliver unbelievable flavor and unmatched convenience. They generally share the same form factor as a Juul or are even smaller.



Check out our feature on the Best Disposable Vapes for a detailed breakdown of this competitive field.


The disposable vapes renaissance has been made possible by nic salts. Smooth and potent, it does not take much battery power or ejuice capacity to get a full day of vaping out of a disposable. Disposables provide a very discrete vaping experience, with little in the way of odor or vapor generated. You do not need to worry about charging a disposable or keeping extra pods or ejuice on hand for refills.



Disposable Vape Design


As a general rule of thumb, there seem to be two schools of disposable design. There are squat, almost thumb shaped, disposables. These are less than 3 inches in length. The packaging that allows such a short shape places the battery next to a plastic pod of vape juice. The Mojo, Myle Mini, Stig, original Z-Pen, and Nano, fit this bill.



The rest of field are stick style disposables that closely resemble a Juul. These are usually about 4 inches in length and narrow. The only outlier is the Posh Plus. It is a much larger design. The vape juice is contained in a polyfill that resembles a classic eGo style device. The Posh Plus has a much larger battery as well and the juice capacity is 2ml. We examine the unique Posh Plus more closely in our comparison Posh Plus versus Posh versus Zaero Disposable.


Best Juul Alternatives


Zaero Disposable



The primary drawback of disposable vapes is that they do not offer the multiple nicotine levels that are available to classic e-cig and mod users. Juul also has this drawback, with only two nicotine strengths available. This lack of an off-ramp for Juul users has led to criticism in the past.


The Zaero is first disposable to give vapers a wealth of nic strength options. There are three nic salt strengths: 1.8, 3.0 and 5.0 percent. More importantly, there is also a zero nicotine formula available.


Despite being a one-time use device, the Zaero is a less expensive option than a Juul. Each Zaero contains 1.8ml of vape juice versus 0.7ml in a Juul. The battery is larger too, 280mAh. This ensures that you will extract every drop before the device gives up the ghost.


The number of puffs a disposable generates is largely determined by how long you inhale. Disposables advertising 300 or 500 puffs are probably being a bit optimistic, but the Zaero has one of the largest ejuice capacities in its class. Only the Posh Plus, with a capacity of 2.0ml, is larger. This translates to several hundred puffs from each Zaero and this is comparable to more than a pack of cigarettes. 


Using the Zaero, or any disposable for the matter, could not be easier. And the Zaero comes in a reusable plastic case, ideal for purse or pocket storage. The Zaero has a nice, tight draw. The flavor is crystal clear. The Mint and Blue Razz are by far my favorites.


Make sure you read our detailed review of the Zaero Disposable and its seven flavor options.


Ziip Z-Pods Disposables



The performance of the leading disposables is quite similar and at the end of the day it boils down to flavor selection. Z-Pods disposables have a stacked selection of unique fruit nic salts to choose from and three Juul alternative flavors.  Ziip Pods did a great job with their Fresh Mint, Mango, and Berry Mix disposables. These are just three of the ten flavors that the Z-Pod is available in. My personal favorite is the Lychee Z-Pod. It is a balanced and flavorful vape, which is never too sweet and has bold fruit notes.


The Z-Pen has a more rounded shape than the Zaero and Juul. It has an impressive ejuice capacity of 1.4ml, which is exactly twice as big as a Juul. The nic strength is 6 percent and you can get several hundred puffs out of each disposable. If your criteria for best Juul alternative is a discrete device available in your favorite Juul flavors, Z-Pods are a clear frontrunner. We take a closer look at Ziip’s Z-Pods and the rival Plus Pods Disposable in our comparison test “Plus Pods vs Ziip Z-Pods vs Juul.”


Stig Disposable Vape



The tiny Stig is jam packed with vaping enjoyment. Like Ziip’s Z-Pods disposable lineup, it is also available in three Juul alternative flavors:  earthy Cubano Tobacco, VGod Mighty Mint and and a sweet Tropical Mango. A couple of iced favorites: VGod Lush Ice and Iced Mango, round out the strong flavor selection.


The Stig may be less than 3 inches in length but it still contains 1.2ml of potent nic salt ejuice. The nic strength is a robust 6 percent. Stig estimates each disposable is good for 270 puffs.


Mojo Disposable



The Mojo looks a lot like a Stig, a disposable less than 3 inches in length. And if you are looking for a Juul alternative, it is available in Mango, Classic Tobacco and an icy Menthol. Lemon Dessert Mojo is a viable option for fans of Juul Cream, although the flavor is certainly a bit more complex. The rest of Mojo lineup is bright and cheery fruit flavors, with a nic strength of 5 percent. Each Mojo contains 1.2ml of vape juice and is equivalent to a pack of cigarettes.


Posh Disposable



There are two Posh Disposables on the market. The devices are entirely different but there is no overlap between them. Between the two, you have one of the most well-rounded disposable vaping experiences around. The original Posh is a classic stick style disposable. With a big 1.8ml ejuice capacity, it has been a smash hit from its inception. With a tight draw and amazing flavor selection. Most of the flavors are iced with hints of frigid mint, the Mango Ice Posh being one of the first disposable Juul alternatives to hit the market.


Posh Plus Disposable



The Posh Plus is an entirely different device than the Posh Vape, or any stick or disposable mini vape on the market. With an articulated mouthpiece that resembles a smaller version of a Smok Novo, the only real drawback to the device is an overly large fake cigarette butt end. It glows orange and has a rough texture, which seems jarring when compared to the sleek and minimalist form factor of most disposables. But this does not detract from the vaping experience delivered by the Posh Plus.


The Posh Plus has a huge 450mAh battery, equivalent to many refillable vape pod kits, and an even larger ejuice capacity of 2ml. The 2ml of ejuice are held in a polyfill which resembles an eGo or even a smaller Smileomizer. The Posh Plus lineup is outstanding and includes one of the best Juul Cream alternatives on the market. Cream Brulee Posh Plus is a warm and flavorful vape. It is incredibly creamy but has a sweet vanilla finish that is impossible to resist.


Sea Stix Disposables



Disposables have come a long way from the gas station cig-a-likes that dominated store shelves nearly a decade ago. The Sea Stix is an exemplary example of how satisfying and flavorful disposables have become. With flavors as bright as the colorful patterns that adorn each disposable Sea Stix, the discerning vaper can enjoy a wide range of fruit flavors. But former Juul vapers do not need to experiment. A classic fresh mint flavor is also available. Sea Stix are a classic stick style disposable with 1.2ml of ejuice and a strength of 5 percent.


Mr Vapor Disposables



Mr Vapor Disposables are only available in fruit flavors. Their most basic flavor is Mr Vapor Mango, which is a great Juul Mango alternative. Their excellent Mango formula as makes an appearance in the Orange Mango Guava Mr Vapor Disposable. Their only iced option is Mr Vapor Blueberry Menthol. The Mr Vapor Disposable design will look familiar to anyone who has used a stick style disposable. It is extremely think, squared off and has a small plastic mouthpiece. All of their disposables have a two-tone appearance, with a sea-foam blue top and the bottom of the device assigned a color based on the flavor.


And the flavors are worth advertising. These are great fruit formulations. Across the board, they are extremely well balanced and have just the right level of sweetness and realistic fruit flavors. Each Mr Vapor contains 1.3ml of nic salt ejuice and the nic strength is 5 percent.


Puff Bar Disposables



If you are looking for a Juul Cucumber alternative, Cucumber Puff Bar has you covered. The classic stick style Puff Bar Disposable actually covers just about every base and bring a fantastic selection of fourteen flavors to the table. The obligatory Mango Puff Bar is highly regarded as one of the best Juul Mango alternatives on the market. A surprisingly robust Tobacco Puff Bar is the only fruit-free flavor. Another standout is an amazing Puff Bar Lychee Ice. Expect to see more Lychee flavored vapes, provided there no new strict ecig laws that punish marginalized groups are passed on a federal level. Puff Bar Disposables use a 5 percent strength nic salt formula and contain 1.3ml of vape juice.


Plus Pods Disposables



Taking advantage of the proven stick disposable design, Plus Pods has created a strong lineup of Juul alternatives. Their Mango in particular goes head to head with the market leading prefilled vape pod kit. But the rest of the lineup is rock-solid, with lots of familiar flavors such as Melon, Blueberry, and Lush Ice to captivate your taste buds.


Plus Pods use a 6 percent strength nic salt formula and each disposable is good for a couple of hundred puffs. This makes the Plus Pods a great alternative for cigarettes as well and this is the equivalent of at least a full pack. Plus Pods Disposables sweet and complex Mango is outstanding but the entire lineup is worthy of consideration. Luckily, with disposables you are free to try as many flavors as you like and not worry about coils picking up unwanted flavors.


Blow Stix Disposables



Blow Stix Blueberry Raspberry is great alternative to Juul Fruit Medley. In fact, in the opinion of the author it is far tastier than the much maligned Juul flavor. The Mango Blow Stix is top-notch too. But where Blow Stix separates itself from the competition is with a couple of very unique flavors.


Blow Stix Deeeewy is closely based on an extremely popular green soda pop. This not so mellow yellow flavor profile is just about perfect for a nic salt. Sweet and light, with an incredibly cool and icy menthol finish. Blow Stix Disposables have cool and colorful patterns applied to the classic stick disposable. The nic strength is 6 percent and they contain 1.2ml of nic salt. Blow Stix says this is good for up to 300 puffs.