Best Chargers for Juul One of the benefits of a Juul device is that they are rechargeable. But a reusable device is only as good as its charger. Fortunately for Juul users, you are not restricted to just the Juul-approved chargers. There are many chargers available for Juul devices, including third-party products.

Brik Portable Charger

Charge time: 1 hour Number of Juul charges with full power bank charge: 3 Price: $34.99 The newest face on the block is the Brik Portable Charger. Backed by a lifetime warranty, this sharp looking power bank is available in four colors. With 1000mAh of power, this battery is conservatively estimated to charge a Juul 3 times before needing to be recharged itself. Featuring an LED light indicator that notifies you of how many complete Juul charges it has remaining, this is a very ergonomic and slick design. With a handy pod holder, this is a very high quality and outstanding option.

Jili Box Power Bank

Charge time: About 30 minutes Number of Juul charges with full power bank charge: 4 Price: $29.99 This is possibly the most powerful of the portable chargers. It’s certainly the fastest. With 1200 mAh there’s little else in its league as far as battery storage is concerned. Surprisingly, the Jili Box is also very light, considering its specs. With Jili you get two extra pod storage spaces and and a display that lets you know where the Jili stands on power. The Jili Box does take quite a while for the case to charge back up (over two hours) so you’ll want to plan accordingly. You can find the Jili Box Charger here.

Jubox Portable Charger

Charge time: 46-60 minutes Number of Juul charges with full power bank charge: 2-3 Price: $24.99 With a perhaps inappropriate name, this Juul-compatible charger holds a 1000 mAh battery charge that should zap your Juul back to full health at least twice, if not three times. Jubox is a little slower than the Jili, taking closer to an hour to fully charge your Juul. There’s an LED indicator to show when your Jubox is in need of a charge itself, and its recharge time is only an hour and a half. The Jubox has less space than the Jili Box, however, and it may not work well with Juul’s that have been decorated by skins ro stickers. You can find the Jubox Juul Charger here.


Charge time: 40-60 minutes Number of Juul charges with full power bank charge: 2-3 Price: $39.99 The Gem is similar to the Jubox and is also portable. It also holds a 1000 mAh battery charge. This sleek portable Juul charger is great for customers that want to keep their Juul charged while they are on the go. Like the Jili, it has a long recharge time, usually taking more than two hours.


Charges time: 30-40 minutes Number of Juul charges with full power bank: 3 Another strange name for an outstanding device. If you don't want to be the fool whose Juul runs out of battery life, the Fuul Charger is perfect for you. It is a portable charger optimized for nightstand use. It allows you to charge you Juul while lying flat, which is a huge upgrade over the perpendicular placement of a Juul in its regular charging dock. The Fuul has a 900mAh battery and is extremely compact. But it still delivers outstanding performance. It can charge a Juul from zero to full in less than 40 minutes. Because the Juul itself does not disappear into the recesses of the Fuul, it is not ideal for bag, purse or pants pocket duty. The Juul itself hangs just a bit too far out and might get caught on something. But it is not a foolish purchase for more controlled environments and front shirt pockets.

JBox By Fuma Juul Charger

Charge Time: Less than 1 hour Number of Juul Charges with full power bank: 3-4 The JBox by Fuma is one of the most unique and intuitive portable Juul chargers on the market. You can lay three extra pods in a recessed area next to your charging Juul. It works great as a carrying case as well, protecting your Juul from scratches and pods from dust and debris. Keep in mind that it is form fitted for Juul pods, so compatible pods don’t always fit. The JBox is an elegant solution and perfect for the on-the-go vaper. The leather case feels fairly high quality for what it is, and a strong magnetic clasp secures the contents of the JBox. And it is not just a pretty face. With a 1200mAh battery , it delivers serious performance and is matched only by the Jili Box in capacity. This is sufficient to charge your Juul five times. If compatible pod storage is not an issue, this portable charger/carrying case ranks up there with the Brik and Jili as best in class.

Juul Charger

Charge time: 1 hr Price: $9.99 A standard Juul charger is the first option most people look at. These chargers are small, portable, and cheap. But they are also very easy to misplace or lose. Since they are so cheap, it’s a good idea to have an extra Juul charger laying around in case your more expensive chargers is without power or you want to take your charger on the go.


Price: $14.99 This is another portable charger that’s meant to go with you everywhere. There’s a built-in keyring slot so you’ll never be without a charger. As the name implies, the Duet can charge two Juul’s at once, and charge times vary depending on how many Juul’s are plugged in.