Best Juul Creme Alternatives

Update: Juul compatible pods are no longer available on the US market.


Juul Creme is no longer available for sale in the US. Fruit Medley and Mango were also given the axe. We already have the definitive guide to the Best Juul Mango Alternatives. We have also examined the best Juul Cucumber alternatives. Today we are going to review one of Juul’s most polarizing flavors and provide some great options for anyone who loves this dessert vape.


The decision to leave Juul Creme customers high and dry was made in a response to recent pressure to ban characterizing vape flavors at the state level. Altria supports flavor bans for obvious reasons. Adults prefer flavored vapes and the FDA approved iQOS has a huge competitive advantage when the only competition is tobacco ejuice. Juul’s endgame is less obvious. Perhaps cutting out their sweetest flavors is a Hail Mary option intended to save Juul Mint from further regulation.


For a deep dive into the Juul Device and nic salts, check out this feature: The Truth and Technology Behind Juul and Nic Salts Revealed.


The New York flavor ban has been temporarily blocked but as written it leaves Juul Mint, the single most popular vaping product with minors, available on the market. But Juul Creme vapers have been left with no recourse as it is the manufacturer rather regulators who pulled the plug.


Luckily, there are some amazing options available for fans of this smooth nic salt. So with no further ado, it is time to take a look at the department Juul Creme and examine the best Juul Creme alternatives.  


Juul Creme



Juul Creme Brulee


Juul Creme was originally known as Creme Brûlée. For reasons unclear, this name was thought to appeal to minors and the name was changed after some public outcry. Why minors would seek out a product because it was named after a faux-French, upscale dessert that peaked in popularity twenty years earlier was never adequately explained.  

Retro ejuice flavors and packaging target adults. Studies and sales data prove conclusively that adults prefer the now vilified “characterizing flavors”. A study conducted by Dr. Farsalino that surveyed 69,000 adult vapers found that a majority of adult vapers prefer flavored vape juice. Meanwhile, the most popular flavor with minors, Juul Mint, has been allowed to fly under the radar.


It is also worth noting that the most prominent product on the market also named after the Creme Brûlée dessert is a Laura Mercier department store skincare line. This lends credence to the observation that women, who smoke and vape rates approaching those of men, were the real target of Juul Creme Brûlée.


Juul Creme Flavor


There is no denying that Juul Creme is a sweet vape. It has a custardy base, with hints of caramel and sea salt. It has a strong and sugary essence, which means it pairs well with coffee. This is no small consideration for those of us who once craved the morning smoke. Elements of vanilla make Creme more than a morning special and round out the flavor profile.


Juul Creme Alternatives


Juul Creme Alternative Disposable Vapes


Disposable vapes have had a recent resurgence. Nic salts and satisfying mouth the lung vaping are perfectly suited for disposable ecigs, which are often quite competitive price-wise with prefilled vape pod kits and require even less effort to operate. If you crave a dessert vape from your disposable, here are a few great options.


Posh Plus


Cream Brulee Posh Plus


There are Juul Creme alternatives and then there are Juul Creme ALTERNATIVES. The Cream Brulee Posh Plus was clearly formulated with the popular Juul flavor in its cross hairs. Rich, not overly sweet and decadent, this is an absolutely top tier dessert vape. Notes of caramelized sugar keep it from getting too custardy and vanilla notes permeate throughout.


The Posh Plus device is a perfect conduit for this flavor. This stock cylindrical disposable is loaded with 2ml of 6 percent salt nic. With a 450mAh battery, Posh claims it is good for 500 puffs. This is a very optimistic number. Puffs depend on how long you inhale and to get 500 puffs you would need to take some very tiny drags. But that being said, the Posh Plus certainly has longer legs than any other disposable on the market.

Mojo Disposable Lemon Dessert is a nearly ideal blend of zesty lemon and rich vanilla cake. The smoothness and richness will appeal to fans of Juul Creme. The sweet and sugary inhale is well-balanced with a nice citrus tang. You will be surprised that this much flavor has been packed into a disposable less the 3 inches long. The nic salt formula is smooth and the draw of the Mojo is authentic and tight. A great combination all around.


Pina Colada Sea Stix is technically a beverage vape but the creaminess of the coconut makes it a viable Juul Creme alternative. The sweetness of pineapple is the overriding flavor element but the smoothness of coconut keeps this disposable from being a one trick pony. It won’t be mistaken for a French custard but the elements are there for a vaping experience almost any adult can enjoy.


Banana Cream Zaero Disposable Vape may be more of a fruit vape than a dessert vape, but it has a strongly creamy mouthfeel and prevalent sweetness. There is ripe banana and fresh fruit elements than you do not find in Juul Creme, but this is still viable option. And the best part is that the Zaero disposable contains 1.8ml of ejuice versus 0.7ml in a Juul pod. The Zaero is also available in 4 nicotine strengths: 0, 1.8, 3.0 and 5 percent. Apart from the zero nicotine formula, these are all smooth nic salts.

Refillable Vape Pod Kits


Disposable vapes and prefilled vape pod kits are not for everyone. Refillable vape pod kits are a far more economical option and there are a ton to choose from. Check out our Top Ten Juul Alternatives for a rundown of some of the best options. There have been several new products to hit the market since that article was written.


We compared the Suorin Air and Suorin Air Plus, loved the performance of the UWell Caliburn, and determined that vape pods have come a long way with our Smok Novo 2 versus Smok Novo comparison.


Refillable vape pod kits are a great option but are not much use without the right vape juice. Here are some Juul Creme alternatives that are available by the bottle. If you are curious what makes nic salts different, check out our technical feature “What is Salt Nic?”



Juul Creme Alternative Nic Salts


Wow Vanilla Custard is not a nic salt, but it is available up to 3.6 percent nic strength and has a pure, high PG blend that works well in devices like the Suorin Air Plus. It was included because it excels in the same areas that Juul Creme does. Decadent, sugary, plenty of vanilla, a thick custardy flavor and Wow Vanilla Custard also delivers a nice throat hit.


Cannoli by Mr Salt-E is a classic dessert vape that incorporates many of the same elements that make Juul Creme an all-day vape for its many proponents. A rich and sweet vanilla custard is the foundation. The flavors of a flaky crust are also evident on inhale. A superlative nic salt formula, Mr Salt-E Cannoli is available in 2.5 and 4.5 nic strength.


Baton Nic Salts Vanilla Wafer accurately replicates the classic vanilla wafer flavor. You can almost taste the delicate crunch and the sweet vanilla is unmistakable. Not quite as sweet as Juul Creme, this is still a solid option worth considering. Moreover, fans of the Juul device will find that the Baton V2 vape pod kit provides a similar experience. It also is a similar shape and size. The Baton nic salts are custom formulated for this device, and sold in convenient 10ml bottles.


SVRF Salt Balanced is one of the best nic salt formulas on the market. It pairs the dynamic duo of cream and coconut. The sweetness level is just right, never off-putting, and the smoothness is off the charts. These truly complimentary flavor profiles are nearly impossible not to enjoy. It may make a perfect breakfast vape but it has a flavor which can be enjoyed all day. SVRF Balanced is available in 2.4 and 4.8 percent nic strength. As far as Juul Creme alternatives, this is my personal favorite.


No. 5 By Beard Salts is an expert blend of creamy, smooth cheesecake and tart strawberry. Although more fruit-centric than Juul Creme, it is a worthy dessert nic salt and is available in 3 and 5 percent nic strength.



Juul Vape Pod Alternatives


MyBlu Vivid Vanilla was known as Tabak Vanilla back when this device was sold under the Von Erl banner. MyBlu Vivid Vanilla satisfies your sweet tooth while delivering a rich and satisfying vaping experience. Using a standard ejuice formula, rather than a nic salt, there is a bit of a throat hit but overall the experience is smoothed out with the creamy vanilla flavor notes. There is a bit of tobacco flavor in the mix too, but the smooth vanilla dominates proceedings. A decent throat hit rounds out the experience, making this a great flavor for smokers looking to switch to vaping.



Juul Compatible Creme Pods


Despite having its advocates, Juul Creme is not as popular as mint and mango. For this reason, there is a stacked roster of mango, mango ice and mango fruit blends available as nic salts and in pod form. Luckily, there are some directly comparable Juul Creme alternatives available in Juul compatible pods and a host of outstanding dessert flavors which feature many of the flavor elements that make Juul Crème a cult classic with adult vapers.


California Cream Plus Pods uses a 6 percent nic salt formula and delivers many of the flavor elements that Juul Creme fans adore. This is a creamy dessert vape, and has complex elements of crust and cheesecake. California Cream is a bit more nuanced than Juul Creme. It has a soft, almost pillowy, mouthfeel. It makes a great all day vape, as it is plenty sweet but never cloying. If you are wed to your Juul Device, California Cream is an outstanding Juul Creme alternative.


 Sweet Cream VQ Pods provide a more custard centric Juul Creme alternative.  Compared to California Cream, this pudding-esque flavor is even closer to the Juul Creme original. The buttercream notes are still present, as are the cheese cake crust and light vanilla exhale. Like the original Juul Creme, VQ Pods Sweet Cream delivers a serious burst of sweetness. Which you might expect from a dessert vape with the word “sweet” in its name. VQ Pods have a nic strength of 5 percent.


Russian Cream Cali Pods has pronounced vanilla notes and hints of caramel. It is a solid dessert vape by any measure and superb alternative to Juul Creme. Russian Cream has a nicotine strength of 5 percent. Each pod contains 1ml of nic salt ejuice.


Cheesecake Ziip Pods is another strong Juul compatible pod dessert option. Rich, smooth, creamy and sweet, Ziip Pods Cheesecake is bound to be a huge hit with anyone who loves Juul Creme. The silken mouthfeel is outstanding, and there are multiple nic strength options available. The hints of vanilla will be appreciated and familiar to Juul Creme fans. Ziip Pods contain 1ml of nic salt ejuice.


Strawberry Milk Ziip Pods is a great alternative to Juul Creme if it is the smoothness of the cream, rather than the caramel and vanilla. This is a dessert vape that can match the sweetness of Juul Creme but cuts the sugary punch with fresh fruit flavors. The strawberry is prevalent but has tart notes that keep make this flavor much more like a dessert than a candy or a fruit.  Available in multiple nicotine strengths, Strawberry Milk is a great vaping option for anyone who misses the smoothness and sweet flavors of Juul Creme.


Cappuccino Ziip Pods, much like Juul Creme, is an outstanding breakfast vape. The rich caramel and cream elements will remind you of a dessert vape but there is a notable coffee kick, which is expected and appreciated.


Strawberry Milk VQ Pods combines a sweet, mouthwatering fresh strawberry flavor and with a rich and creamy milk. The brightness of strawberry shines through the rich milk elements are what make this a wholesome dessert vape. Juul Creme vapers will enjoy the sweetness and smoothness of this Juul compatible pod. VQ Pods have a 5 percent nic strength.