Best Juul Fruit Medley Alternatives

There is a lot of breaking news and the future of flavored ejuice hangs in the balance. Juul Compatible pods are no longer available on the US market.


The Federal Flavor ban has eliminated all of Juul Fruit Medley's old prefilled vape pod competition as well.



These political machinations are part and parcel of the Juul Fruit Medley story. If you are only interested in our definitive guide to Juul Fruit Medley alternatives, skip ahead to the review portion of this feature article.


To stay up to date on state flavor bans, check out our resource page: Vape Ban Laws by State



Teen Vaping Epidemic


The teen vaping epidemic neatly coincided with the introduction discrete, odorless, silent and nearly vaporless vape pod kits that deliver a massive nicotine punch. Big Tobacco stakeholders obviously prefer a different narrative. Altria owns 30 percent of Juul, and RJ Reynolds has the rival Vuse Alto nic salt device and Imperial Brands owns Blu.


In an effort to protect their interests, Big Tobacco and anti-vaping lobbyists have successfully shifted the blame to flavors rather than nicotine levels or stealthy devices. They hope that the outcry against underage vaping will result in regulations that completely eliminate independent juice manufacturers with a stroke of the pen.


Refillable vape pod kits are a far more economical way to vape nic salts but lose much of their appeal when the most popular flavors are removed from the market.


Ideally, these flavor bans will follow the New York model and leave Juul Mint on the market. Juul Mint is the most popular flavor with minors.


Regulatory Capture


Strict ecig laws punish marginalized groups and benefit big tobacco. State flavor bans enshrine a Big Tobacco monopoly and decimate vape juice flavors popular with adults. It reeks of regulatory capture.


Our feature, The Truth and Technology Behind Juul and Nic Salts Revealed, examines how nicotine salts paved the way for compact and extremely popular vape pod kits.


It must be noted that adults and minors have shown a preference for this style of discrete device. But although the Senate accused Juul of marketing to minors and criticized for marketing ecigs on social media, the actual device design has received minimal scrutiny.


Fruit Flavor Fallacy


The false narrative that dessert and fruit flavors are designed and marketed to children may resonate with the public but does not explain teen use patterns or preferences.


For obvious reasons, ramped up nicotine levels and ultra-covert vaping devices are preferred by minors. For novice users, they actually deliver a buzz. They are so discrete that it is easy to avoid detection.


If you are concerned that a minor you are responsible for is vaping, The Parents Guide to Detecting Teen Vaping is as thorough of a primer as you will find. It is very difficult, but not impossible, to detect teen vaping if the child is using a prefilled pod system. Conversely, the rare child who is vaping sweet flavors from a box mod can be spotted, or heard if behind closed doors, with little difficulty.


The fruit flavor fallacy completely ignores the fact that Juul Mint is the most popular flavor with minors. The most fanciful and complex vape juices are generally high VG juices formulated for the decidedly kid-unfriendly box mod.



There is a reason why so many of the controversial ejuice flavors rely on sugar coated cereal and candy imagery that only resonates with individuals 30 and up. Retro ejuice flavors target adult vapers and millennial does not equal minor. The massive reduction in smoking rates does not cover much of this age cohort, which ranges from 25 to 40 years of age.



When Senators like Romney and Merkley complain about "Scooby Snack" flavored juices, it illustrates how out of touch they are with pop culture. To cite a cartoon that first aired 50 years ago as proof that today's children are the target is ridiculous. During their Baby Boomer childhoods, the equivalent would be a cigarette company using the comedic stylings of W.C. Fields to tap into the youth market.


Juul Stops Manufacturing Flavors


In what may be a last ditch effort to protect Juul Mint from regulation, Juul has decided to stop selling several of select flavored vape pods in the US market. Juul Mint, the most popular flavor with minors, was not included in the initial New York flavor ban and is still being sold by Juul.


If the goal of anti-vapers is really to reduce teen vaping, and not to merely copy San Francisco’s decision to punish marginalized adults for not adhering to a gold-standard of total nicotine abstinence, leaving Juul Mint on the market is unlikely to placate anti-vapers.  


Juul is hoping that halting the sale of several flavors in US market will be a public relations coup. It is possible that sacrificing less popular flavors will protect Juul Mint from further regulation. Politicians may worry about sweet ejuice flavors, but Mango, Cucumber, Crème and Fruit Medley account for only 10 percent of their sales according to a CBS report. Mango makes up the lion’s share of this 10 percent.


This strategy has the potential to succeed. The New York Flavor ban did not impact Juul Mint, and the New York Post reports the Mint sales skyrocketed during the early days of the ban. But it is not all good news. An appellate court has temporarily blocked the New York flavor ban and there are reports that mint may be added to the banned flavor list.


We have already chronicled the best Juul Mango alternatives, which is a lengthy list. If you miss this extremely popular flavor, rest assured there are dozens of outstanding Mango options still available.


Earlier this spring, we also compiled a list of the Best Juul Cucumber alternatives. This is a shorter list but there are still some very viable options. Our most recent project was to locate the best Juul Crème alternatives and we found there is no shortage great dessert nic salts and pods still available.


Juul Fruit Medley Flavor Review



Juul Fruit Medley was an obvious choice to get the axe. It checks all the boxes that ill-informed politicians assume constitute a kid friendly flavor. That it is not the most popular flavor with kids hardly matters in the bizarro-world of flavor bans. In fact, it bucks the trend is not a particularly popular flavor with adults either, at least when compared to Mango and Mint. This reality probably made the decision to cancel Fruit Medley a no-brainer.


Juul Fruit Medley is a polarizing flavor. Accused of tasting like cough syrup by some critics, it is a far cry from the complex fruit ejuice flavors that work so well in the box mods and AIOs of adult vapers.


In a Vaping 360 Poll with over 38,000 adult respondents, Juul Fruit Medley was listed as the favorite flavor of just 8 percent of the adult vapers surveyed. It did edge out Virginia Tobacco, which received just 6 percent. This should give you a good idea of how little adult vapers care for tobacco ejuices and how flavor bans could end up funneling adult smokers back onto combustible cigarettes.


Not that there are not quality tobacco vape juices on the market. A study conducted by Dr. Farsalino that surveyed 69,000 adult vapers found that a majority of adult vapers prefer flavored vape juice.  This compelling research explains why tobacco did so poorly. So what about Juul Fruit Medley?


Perhaps Juul Fruit Medley is an acquired taste, I do not find it as objectionable a Reddit forums and review websites would have you believe. If it tastes like any cough suppressant, it has the sweet edge of Luden’s Cherry Cough Drops and those are delightful.


Fruit Medley is a berry heavy formula, with candied notes almost akin to Sweet Tart candy. There is cooling aspect to the flavor as well, with hints of grape and cherry and a tiny pinch of citrus.


On the downside, some Juul Fruit Medley pods are accused of having a soapy flavor. I love cilantro and have not noticed this. I wonder if it is the same gene in play. Juul Fruit Medley, once comically named Fruut, is not a particularly assertive flavor. This is especially glaring for high VG juice vapers, who cannot help but compare it to the the amazing fruit vapes on the market.


There is little question that Juul Fruit Medley is less popular than Mango by a wide margin. And in the hunt for Juul Fruit Medley alternatives, this is good news. There are countless amazing fruit nic salts on the market. If you only knowledge of fruit and mixed berry vapes is Juul Fruit Medley, prepare to be impressed. This is a case where the grass is greener on the other side. Provided the government does not ban these amazing Juul Fruit Medley alternatives.


There are literally so many fruit flavored Juul compatible pods, disposables and nic salts that you could chronicle them in book form. In the interest of space, only Juul Fruit Medley’s closest competitors will be reviewed.


Juul Vape Pod Alternatives


Fruit flavored prefilled vape pods were specifically targeted by the flavor ban. If you live in a state without additional restrictions, your best nic salt vaping options are disposable vapes or a refillable vape pod kit.



When it comes down berry and fruit flavors, the Juul versus Vuse Alto debate is decidedly one sided. Vuse Alto may not have many flavors but their Mixed Berry is an absolutely outstanding nic salt. But there are a few other prefilled options that also deliver a fruit medley experience.


Vuse Alto Mixed Berry is a sweet and jammy nic salt. The mixed berry flavors are complex yet much more clear and defined flavor than in the Juul Fruit Medley. Vuse Alto Mixed Berry has additional advantage of still being widely available at brick and mortar outlets. Vuse Alto Pods hold 1.8ml of nic salt vape juice, nearly three times the size of a standard Juul. The nic strength options are 2.5 and 5 percent.


Neon Dream MyBlu Intense is a bold and delightful flavor. Not only are there plenty of mixed berries, but you will find citrus elements as well. The finish is creamy and smooth. Marking Blu’s entry into the nic salt world, the Intense line have a nic strength of 4 percent. They also have stronger flavor elements than the standard MyBlu pods. MyBlu Pods contain 1.5ml of ejuice. This is over twice the size of a standard Juul pod.


Juul Fruit Medley Alternative Disposable Vapes



Nic salts not only made less powerful and discrete devices like the Juul relevant and satisfying. They opened the door for a new generation of nic salt disposables. Perfectly suited mouth to lung vaping, disposables are quite competitive price-wise with prefilled vape pods. They pack an amazing amount of flavor and are incredibly easy to use. A perfect choice for veteran vapers look for something easy to use and a great option for smokers making the switch to vaping.


Blue Razz Zaero Disposable delivers the flavors of summer all year long. With plenty of blueberry, raspberry and the beloved BluRazz flavor of a summer icee, Zaero Blue Razz is a great choice for fans of Juul Fruit Medley. The best part about the Zaero is there are 4 nicotine strengths available and the device has a massive 1.8ml ejuice capacity.


Mr Vapor Blue Raspberry is refreshing and sweet vape, capturing the essence of the mysterious blue raspberry candies and icy blue cones of summers past. The mixed berry medley is a great flavor choice for fans of Juul Fruit Medley. There is enough tart here to break up the sugary taste bud assault, and lend a solid balance to the exhale. Each disposable Mr Vapor contains 1.3ml of nic salt ejuice, which has a nic strength of 5 percent.


Strawberry Puff Bar Disposable Vape is dripping with mouthwatering fruit flavor.  Nature’s candy, strawberry makes an amazing vaping flavor because of the distinct tart and sugary flavor notes. It is an easy transition from Juul Fruit Medley to this rock-solid disposable vape. You will love the throat hit and draw of this disposable e-cig, which is jam packed with 1.3ml of nic salt juice. The jammy strawberry flavor never gets old, and the 5 percent nic strength guarantees you will be satisfied with this easy to use disposable ecig.


Mojo Disposable Vape Strawberry explodes with authentic strawberry flavor. Juul Fruit Medley fans will appreciate the sweetness and candied essence. This strawberry disposable eCig is made by top manufacturer, MOJO, and comes prefilled with 1.2mL of 5.0% nicotine strength e Juice.


Strawberry Eon Stik Disposable is a testament to the popularity of strawberry vapes. It is almost like the distinct and complex flavor of fresh strawberries was custom designed for vaping. Eon Stik Strawberry has managed to embrace and deliver the full beauty energizing strawberry in a convenient disposable ecig. Each Eon Stick contains 1.3ml of potent 6.8 percent salt nic. If you are looking for discrete and delicious disposable vape, Eon Stik Strawberry is exactly what you are looking for.


Sweet Strawberry Sea Stix may sound like a simple formula. But the simple strawberry has tons of flavor depth, and Sea Stix tapped into this fruity goodness with a vape juice formula that captures both the deliciousness of fresh strawberries and the delightful sweetness of strawberry candy. You will get plenty of vaping out of each Sea Stix Sweet Strawberry.


Blue Razz Puff Bar Disposable Vape is nic salt disposable ecig which accurately duplicates the flavor of Blue Razz candy. The mixed berry elements of this classic candy are both tart and sweet, making an ideal disposable vape for fans of Juul Fruit Medley. Puff Bar Disposables have a nic strength of 5 percent and contain 1.3ml of ejuice.


Mr Vapor Strawberry Kiwi Disposable Vape combines a rock solid strawberry vape juice with the scintillating sweetness of fresh kiwi flavor. The addition of sweet kiwi will be appreciated by long-time Juul Fruit Medley vapers. The end result is a fruity blast that nic salt vapers and beginners will both adore. With a nicotine level of 5%, the 1.3ml Mr Vapor Disposable has plenty of staying power too.


Refillable Vape Pod Kits



Disposable vapes and prefilled vape pod kits are easy to use. But there are more economical options out there. Manufacturers have churned out a seemingly endless stream of high-quality and user friendly refillable vape pod kits. These devices are optimized for nic salts and we reviewed many of the best in our review of the Top Ten Juul Alternatives.


Since the writing of that feature, we pitted the new Suorin Air Plus versus the Suorin Air, and the Smok Novo 2 versus Novo. We also found that the UWell Caliburn may be the best Juul alternative of all, as it delivers an incredible draw, massive flavor and keeps a form factor similar to a Juul.


If you would like to learn more about nicotine salts, check out our feature “What is Salt Nic?


Juul Fruit Medley Alternative Nic Salts



Mixed Berries By Mr Salt-E Liquid is a must-try for Juul Fruit Medley lovers, who will be smitten with the smooth meld of succulent strawberries, ripe blueberries, and tart raspberries. Each of the berry flavors in Mixed Berries stands out, but blends well with the others from inhale to exhale, so no single flavor becomes too prominent. This berry nic salt flavor is available in 25mg and 45mg. A 60/40 blend of VG and PG, this big bold flavor overshadows Juul Fruit Medley.


Neon Berry Nic Salt Juice By Salty Fog is laden with the juicy, ripe tartness of raspberries meets up with the zesty citrus of orange before smoothing things out with succulent strawberry in this delightfully flavorful eliquid. Neon Berry Nic Salt Juice hits all the right flavor notes from start to finish, resulting in a flavor that in my opinion is comprehensively superior to Juul Fruit Medley


Baton Nic Salts Fruit Confit was formulated for the Baton V2 vape pod kit. If you are Juul user who is looking into a more economical way to vape, the Baton V2 will look pretty familiar. The size and shape are similar to a Juul and it is outdraw. The big difference is you can fill it will outstanding flavors like Baton Fruit Confit. This nearly perfect blend of fruit, has the same hint of coolness that Juul Fruit Medley fans adore. Baton nic salts are sold in convenient 10ml bottles have two nic strength options: 2.5 and 5 percent.


Punch By Mr Salt-E Liquid is more of a beverage vape than its Mixed Berry stablemate, but still delivers a delicious flavor hit you every time you take a vape. The potent flavor profile recalls a tasty sherbet punch mix you might try at a party. Loaded with lemon, soaked in strawberry, and mingled with mango, Punch E-Juice is a great all-day vape for nic salt lovers who are looking for a more exotic Juul Fruit Medley alternative.


Pachamama Salts - Strawberry Watermelon blends two authentic and beloved vaping flavors into a single potent nic salt. The sweetness and airiness of watermelon works well with a deep and detailed strawberry vape. The berry notes dominate on inhale but hints of watermelon abound throughout. Pachamama Salts are available in 2.5 and 5 percent nic strength.


Andromeda Space Jam Nic Salt Juice takes fruit vape flavor into interstellar overdrive. Astronauts claim that space smells like metal and searing steak. I prefer to envision a universe dominated by fragrant clouds of Space Jam Andromeda. A blueberry and pomegranate powerhouse, this is a fruit forward nic salt with the sweet, sour, tart and fruity flavors that discerning vapers demand. As a nic salt, this flavor is expansive and inviting. The wild blueberry is prevalent on inhale and exhale. The sweetness of the pomegranate is refreshing and bold.


State Flavor Bans


To stay up to date on state flavor bans, check out our resource page: Vape Ban Laws by State


The ongoing string of flavor bans at a state level are an existential threat to the independent vaping industry, and the danger of a national ban looms in the not too distant future. Altria supports a flavor ban, and will benefit financially if the sweet flavors most popular with adult vapers are removed from the market. Not only can the removal of popular flavors impact the number of adults switching to vaping but it may drive current vapers back onto combustible cigarettes.


Strict e-cig laws punish the marginalized groups but they also reward big tobacco companies like Altria, which is poised to dominate the cigarette alternative market. The FDA approved iQOS heat not burn device is handed a huge competitive advantage if the only other options are tobacco flavored ejuices. The careless coverage of mysterious lung ailments will also benefit the iQOS, even though the cause of vaping lung disease has been just about pinpointed and commercially available vaping devices have not been implicated.


When you look at the incredible selection of Juul Fruit Medley alternatives on the market, and the strength of the fruit and dessert ejuice industry in general, it is easy to see why Big Tobacco would love for regulators to eliminate this category of product entirely.