Best Juul Mint Alternatives

Note: MyBlu Mint-sation and Polar Mint were removed from market by FDA flavor ban on vape pods.


Best Juul Alternatives


Juul Mint has joined Mango, Cucumber, Cream and Fruit Medley in the ashcan of history. It was the most popular ecig flavor with minors. Yet, in the midst of the teen vaping epidemic and state flavor bans, it was also potentially a flavor that would have been permitted to stay on the market.


The New York flavor ban has been blocked in court but as written it would have permitted Juul Mint to remain on the market. The first major city to punish marginalized residents was San Francisco.



We have written previous features on where to find alternatives to Juul’s other discontinued flavors. Today the focus is on Juul Mint.  Here is a list of our previous features on Juul alternatives:


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Adults Prefer Flavored Vapes


The New York flavor ban would have literally left the flavor most popular with minors on the market and banned the ejuice flavors preferred by adults. A study conducted by Dr. Farsalino that surveyed 69,000 adult vapers found that a majority of adult vapers prefer flavored vape juice.


The most fanciful sounding vape juice flavors are high VG, low nicotine formulations that are optimized for use in a box mod. The box mod is literally the most kid-unfriendly device imaginable. It is loud, thirsty, many are the size of service revolvers and they generate vast plumes of vapor. No vaping device is less discrete or easier to detect than a box mod.



Juul Device


Compared to a juice guzzling box mod, the Juul vape pod kit adopts almost the exact opposite approach. The most powerful box mods work best with low and zero nicotine ejuices. The Juul was designed to use a potent 5 percent strength nic salt, a full 16 times more potent than the standard 0.3 percent strength of high VG vape juice.


Learn about the science behind ejuices and nicotine salts in our feature: What is Salt Nic?


A Juul does not need to create much vaper to deliver a satisfying hit of nicotine. This means less vapor, less odor and less total time spent vaping. As less wattage is required, the Juul battery is also smaller and it makes far less noise when activated. If you choose to hold in your inhale for more than a few seconds, complete stealth vaping is easily accomplished.


The convenience of the Juul device has probably helped millions of adult vapers switch from combustible cigarettes. Interestingly, it is less popular in England where the nicotine levels are capped at 2 percent. Without the heavier kick of the 5 percent nic salt, it is little more than a sleeker cigalike with silica wicking instead of cotton polyfill.


But same traits that make the Juul device so convenient and discrete for adults end up being problematic when it ends up in the hands of a minor. If you are an adult worried that a child in your care is vaping, please read our resource page: How to Spot Teen Vaping.


For more information on the technology behind the Juul device, check out our feature: The Truth and Technology Behind Juul and Nic Salts Revealed.


Juul Mint Pods


Cool, sweet and muted, Juul Mint changed vaping forever. It was a popular flavor with adults. Altria supports a flavor ban and stands to sales of their FDA approved iQOS stand to benefit if vapers are limited to tobacco flavors. Juul Menthol will remain on the market.


Much of Juul Mint’s popularity could be attributed to the fact it was a true “all-day” vape. When compared to the similar Juul Menthol flavor, it had a smoother finish. Juul Menthol also has a faint hit of tobacco and a harsher throat hit. Juul Mint leaned more heavily towards peppermint hard candy than straight menthol. It delivered a cool inhale and exhale. The mouthfeel was brisk and lingering.


There was a time when Juul was willing to stand by their products. Even though Marlboro maker Altria had purchased a stake in Juul, they were releasing research that showed flavors helped Juul customer quit smoking.


There can be no doubt that Juul Mint was widely popular with adult vapers. Strict ecig laws punish marginalized groups and flavor bans will deny millions of adult vapers access to the flavors they prefer. We can only hope that Juul Mint vapers will find a satisfactory alternative and not turn back to combustible cigarettes.


Barring a catastrophic flavor ban, not all is lost for fans of Juul Mint. There are tons of excellent alternatives on the market and virtually all are far better price performers.  


Best Juul Mint Alternatives


Disposable vapes are the natural evolution of prefilled vape pod kits. They are even more convenient, discrete, pack a serious flavor punch and are better price performers. If you are looking for a Juul Mint alternative that does not require a refillable vape pod kit or bottles of ejuice, disposables are a great option.


Disposable Vapes



Most impressively, there are disposables on the market that offer even more flexibility than a Juul. Zaero vapes come in four nicotine strengths: 0, 1.8, 3 and 5 percent. Juul pods are only available in 2.5 and 5 percent strength, and this lack of an off-ramp to lower nicotine levels is a major criticism levied at Juul. Here are the best mint disposables on the market today. Any of these would make a great option for a Juul Mint vaper and your favorite will probably boil down to personal preference. It is easy to mix and match disposables and none of them stray too far from the mint formula. It might be worth trying more than one to see which one best suits your palate.


Zaero Disposable Menthol



Zaero Menthol gives you more nic strength options (0, 1.8, 3 and 5%) than any other disposable or bottled nic salt. It also delivers the performance and flavor that discerning vapers demand. With a restrictive draw and familiar shape, this is a great starting point for former smokers looking to vape for the first time.


The Zaero Disposable is able to generate a tremendous amount of crystal clear flavor and it really spotlights the purity of this menthol. It has a stick vape design, which means the dimensions and form factor are nearly identical to a Juul, but with over twice the ejuice capacity: 1.8ml versus 0.7ml. The Zaero has a nice, cool throat hit. It is not overly sweet and minty menthol has a purity and clarity that is easy to enjoy all day.


V4L Disposable Peppermint


An outlier in a field of nic salts, the cig-a-like V4L disposable is available in Peppermint, which is an extraordinarily popular flavor. The nic level is 3.6 percent, versus 5 to 6.8 percent for most of its rivals, but the throat hit is stronger. If you are looking for a slightly less potent but more authentic Juul Mint alternative,V4L Peppermint Disposables are a great option.


Mojo Menthol Disposable


The tiny Mojo Disposable is a real dynamo. Packing a surprising 1.2ml of vape juice in a tiny package less than three inches in length, this is a compact and flavorful way to vape. With a concentrated blast of icy cold menthol, the flavor elements that Juul Mint vapers love are present. Mojo Disposables have a nic strength of 5 percent, making each Mojo equivalent to a pack of cigarettes.


Myle Mini Iced Mint


The distinction between menthol and mint vapes is not easily discerned, as the same flavor is used in both cases. Iced Mint by Myle has the cold inhale and exhale that Juul Mint fans have long embraced. It never tires the taste buds. Menthol smokers will enjoy the convenient form factor and freshness of the flavor. Like the Mojo, the Myle Mini is a compact disposable measuring less than 3 inches and containing 1.2ml of nic salt ejuice.


Sea Stix Fresh Mint  


You don’t need to be a menthol cigarette fan to love minty vapes. Sea Stix Fresh Mint is a cool and refreshing entry that competed directly with Juul Mint. It has a pure and icy chill that is ice cold on exhale. There are sweet notes but it is never overwhelming. The Sea Stix is a stick style disposable with 1.2ml of 5 percent strength nic juice. It is good for a couple hundred puffs and is a great Juul Mint alternative.


Stig Mighty Mint


Like the Myle and Mojo, the Stig is a short, thumb shaped disposable. The Stig Disposable is less than three inches in length but still contains 1.2ml of ejuice. The nic salt is a potent 6 percent formula, so you are getting the equivalent of at least a pack of cigarettes in every Stig. The Mighty Mint flavor earns its name. It hits with an arctic blast on the throat and the minty flavor is pronounced and realistic.


Z-Pod Fresh Mint


Z-Pod Fresh Mint was seemingly devised from the start to compete with Juul Mint. From the soothing cool to the spearmint notes, it delivers a superb menthol vaping experience. Each stick style disposable contains 1.3ml of nic salt vape juice and the nic strength is 5 percent.


Vape Pods



Juul may have abandoned their most popular flavors but their major rivals remain in the game.


Vuse Alto Pods


We compared the Vuse Alto to the Juul in our comparison test: Juul vs Vuse Alto. With a larger battery and stronger vapor production, it was judged to be the superior. The Vuse Alto's only drawback at the time was that it lacked Juul's wider range of flavors. This issue has been remedied, not by Vuse Alto expanding their line but by Juul contracting theirs.


Vuse Alto Menthol


Vuse Alto has made the distinction between mint and menthol a bit more confusing, as their 5 percent nicotine pod is called “menthol” and the 2.4 percent pod is called “mint”. Manufactured by RJ Reynolds, it would not be surprising if they anticipated some of the flavor ban nonsense coming down the pipes and realized that the regulators could not ban “menthol” vapes and allow menthol cigarettes.


In any event, both flavors are excellent. Menthol has bit stiffer throat hit and is the more potent of the two. With a 1.8ml capacity, you will get a ton of vaping out of each 5 percent Vuse Alto Menthol pod.


Vuse Alto Mint


The Vuse Alto stands tall when compared with a Juul and their Menthol flavor has been done right. It has the frigid chill, has a nice mint taste without overstaying its welcome and a crisp exhale. Vuse Alto pods hold 1.8ml of ejuice, nearly three times the capacity of a Juul pod.


MyBlu Pods


The MyBlu device is a natural rival to Juul, as we discovered in the feature: Juul vs MyBlu. The MyBlu has far more nicotine options available. MyBlu Intense pods are nic salts but many of their most popular flavors are standard ejuices.


MyBlu Menthol


This includes MyBlu Menthol, which has a nic strength of 2.4 percent. MyBlu menthol has a much stronger throat hit than a Juul but the flavor is not muted. It has an almost peppermint flavor and is a worthy challenger to Juul Mint, at least if you are looking the 2.5% Juul pods.


MyBlu Polar Mint


MyBlu Polar Mint has a bit of throat kick as it is a regular vape juice with a strength of 2.4 percent. But this only adds to the experience as the mint flavor is smooth and icy. The MyBlu device actually has some pretty decent vapor production with this pod installed. It is easy to really dig in and take some serious drags. Menthol smokers will enjoy the authentic punch, the smoothness of the nic salt finish is not there but Juul Mint fans will enjoy the coolness of the flavor.


MyBlu Mint-Sation


This flavor was devised to go head to head with Juul Mint. A smooth nic salt, it has a hard peppermint candy flavor and a frigid finish. There is a hint of sweet spearmint during inhale, making this a complex and delightful all-day vape.


Refillable Vape Pods


There is no cheaper way to enjoy nic salts than in a refillable vape pod kit. A bottle of nic salts will run less than 20 dollars and is equivalent to 40 Juul pods. Moreover, vape pod kits have been repeatedly updated over the last several years and have cutting edge technology and swappable coil options that prefilled vape pod kits simply can’t match. If you are having a problem selecting from the dozens of vape pod kits on the market, check out our feature on the Top Ten Juul Alternatives.


There are also a ton of great nic salt vape juices on the market and there are several great Juul Mint alternatives to choose from.



Baton Nic Salts Glacier Mint


The Baton V2 vape pod kit is a great Juul alternative. Silent, tight drawing and flavorful, it has the same basic shape as a Juul but with an important difference. You can refill the Baton V2 with the vape juice of your choice. There are thousands of nic salts to choose from, and this device was designed with nic salts mind, but Baton has made the job of selecting even easier by formulating their own line of ejuice that has been optimized for the Baton V.


Glacier Mint is Baton’s Juul Mint alternative. It has a distinct mint flavor with is slightly sweet and each hit is ice cold from start to finish. Baton Glacier Mint is sold in convenient 10ml bottles and is available in 2.5 and 5 percent nic strength.


Salty Fog Simply Mint


A blizzard of frozen mint, this is a no-frills and pure vape. The flavor is unadulterated and easily enjoyed all day. Leaning heavily on spearmint flavor notes, this 60% VG blend is available in 4.8 and 2.4 percent nic strength. Salty Fog is sold in 30ml bottles, so you will get a ton of minty enjoyment from Simply Mint.


Mr Salt-E Menthol Ice


This is a menthol and mint bomb. It is not quite as sweet as Mr Salt-E Mint and generates a colder, more tingling aftertaste. It also lingers longer as it was designed to generate an optimal menthol blast. As icy as any vape on the market, Mr Salt-E Menthol Ice is solid alternative for Juul Mint fans.


Mr Salt-E Mint


A slightly sweet flavor than Mr Salt-E Menthol Ice, this icy cool mint delivers exactly the flavors that fans of Juul Mint demand. The hint of sweetness is frozen in place with a precisely formulated menthol kick. The flavor is not dissimilar from spearmint gum but without the mouth noises and open-mouthed chewing. Mr Salt-E Mint comes in a 30ml bottle and you have the choice of 4.5 and 2.5 percent nic strength.


I Love Salts Spearmint Gum


An invigorating draw of fresh spearmint makes for a great vape. With I Love Salts Spearmint Gum, you can get an invigorating wave of minty fresh spearmint gum with every time. Made by Mad Hatter Vapes, this nicotine salt e-juice is infused with intensely mega-mint flavor from start to finish and leaves a refreshing taste in your mouth long after you exhale. Available in 2.5 and 5 percent nic strength.


Super Mint Ejuice


Wow Super Mint is not a nic salt but is available in up to 3.6 percent nic strength. Super Mint vape juice is an icy cool mint e liquid. Fresh spearmint flavors coat your tongue with a powerful minty taste. The cool finish is accentuated by the cleanness of the high PG formula.


Premium Mint Ejuice


Just like a sprig of mint, this vaping flavor will give your taste buds a burst of icy freshness. With just a hint of sweetness, this ejuice really captures the essence of spearmint candy. A high PG formula, this ejuice works great in vape pods, the Vapor Zeus and Vapor Titan. The lower VG level means a clearer and cleaner mint flavor profile.