Best Juul Skins If you’re a nicotine salts lover then you’ve probably invested in a Juul device. They’re sleek, they’re stylish, and they’re easily portable. But they’re also a little pricier than your average gas station e-cigarette. It’s understandable you’d want to protect your Juul from the inevitable nicks and scratches it’s going to accumulate as it rattles around in your bag or slips from your grip and lands on the ground. This is where Juul skins come into play. They preserve the integrity of your device from hard damage. Which are the best Juul skins?

The Top Juul Skins

Rick and Morty Juul Skin If you are a fan of the extremely popular Rick and Morty TV show, you can show off your fandom with this colorful Rick and Morty Juul Skin for your Juul vape pen and even a Szechuan Sauce wrap for your Juul charger. Mandala Juul Skin The Mandala Juul Skin has an eye-mesmerizing pattern that fits right onto your Juul vape. This bright Juul Skin is the perfect wrap to have when visiting your favorite music festival in the summertime. Patriot Juul Skin Want a red, white, and blue Juul to show off to friends? The Patriot Juul Skin is a patriotic Juul sticker that perfectly fits onto your Juul pen. Black Vuitton Juul Skin This classy Vuitton Juul Skin has the look of a high-profile designer that adds some extra style to your Juul vape. Put this sticker on your Juul to protect it from unnecessary scratches. Pineapple Juul Skin The Pineapple Juul Skin features a bunch of Pineapple images with a light blue background. This Juul Wrap will bring a smile to your face every time you take a rip.