Best Logic Pro Vape Alternatives

Logic ECigs

When Japan Tobacco purchased Logic in April 2015, they could have never foreseen the rise of Juul, explosion of nic salt ejuices and the sweeping flavor bans that have rocked the vaping industry. 2015 was a lifetime ago as far as vaping is concerned. It was refillable/open vape systems that were attracting the most negative attention.

Times have changed. Despite Logic’s use of legacy technology and standard ejuice formulations, they are being hit incredibly hard by the federal vape ban. Nic salt vape pods, with the exception of menthol and tobacco, are the primary target of the federal flavor ban. Classic ecigs with attachable cartridges are caught up in the sweep, whether they use nic salts or salt.

Logic is not the only loser here. Strict e-cig laws punish marginalized groups. Adult vapers dependent on brick and mortar purchases of the devices like those manufactured by Logic will no longer have access to their preferred flavors.

Of course, if you are a Logic customer who prefers one of their tobacco flavors, you will not be impacted by the new flavor ban, although more onerous state restrictions remains a concern. Check out our frequently updated resource page: Vape Ban Laws By State.

Logic Pro Vape

The Logic Pro Vape can trace its roots to the classic eGo style ecigs but relies on cartridges instead of a refillable cartomizer. It probably seemed like a great idea when there were rumblings of a ban on open systems.

Now that the FDA has opted to target prefilled nic salt vape pods, this decision has backfired. Even prefilled cartridges with standard ejuices are swept up by these new rules.

This spells the end for three of the Logic Pro’s six flavors, even though they use standard nicotine in the cartridges and does not offer a strength above 2 percent.

Here are Logic Pro Flavors that will be hit by the FDA flavor ban:

Berry Mint Logic Pro

Strawberry Logic Pro

Cherry Logic Pro

The tobacco flavors will still be available, Toasted Tobacco seems to have a vague enough description where it will continue to be sold in the US.

Logic Pro Vape Alternatives

Vapor Zeus

The natural replacement for a Logic Pro is the Vapor Zeus. This a refillable device with far superior performance. There are dozens of Wow and Premium ejuices that were expressly designed for use in the Vapor Zeus. These are high-PG, mouth to lung juices of the exact style that Logic Pro Vapers have grown to love.

Even if your favorite Logic Pro Vape tobacco is still available, the Vapor Zeus is a great option as the selection of tobacco ejuices for the Zeus is orders of magnitude greater. The selection of menthol ejuices is far greater as well.

Switching to the Vapor Zeus does require a new device but the price savings of refilling your own device will quickly pay for the switch, as a single 30ml bottle of ejuice is equivalent to dozens of Logic Pro Capsules.

Logic fans may like the convenience of prefilled cartridges but a fully open system allows for a greater selection and a device that is cheaper to operate.

With an authentic draw, ergonomic mouth piece and incredibly satisfying flavor, the Vapor Zeus is a great option for any vaper but is seemingly custom designed for Logic Pro users.

Logic Pro Vape Flavor Alternatives

The advantage of an open system like the Vapor Zeus is that you have literally hundreds of flavors to choose from. But this can be daunting as well, sorting out which flavor to try. To make it a bit easier, here are a couple recommended fruit vape juices that Logic Pro vapers are bound to love.

Kiwi Apple Strawberry Premium Ejuice

Picture yourself sitting in a tiki hut by the ocean's edge, and sipping on an ice-cold daiquiri made with fresh apples, exotic kiwi, and strawberries. This fruit e juice takes you there without the airfare by bringing you intense tropical flavors from start to finish. Vapers and smokers can choose between either the WOW Kiwi Apple Strawberry for a more intense apple and strawberry taste coupled with a smooth throat hit. Available as both Wow and Premium ejuice.

Strawberry Premium Ejuice

This indulgent strawberry e juice flavor tastes just like nibbling on a sweet and juicy strawberry picked from a vine in your own backyard. It has the balance of the natural fruit and does not veer too strongly off into candied territory. The strawberry flavor and the sweet-smelling aroma linger to enchant your senses.

Berry Splash Wow Ejuice

Do you love berry e juices, but have a hard time finding one with the perfect mix of berry goodness to quench your cravings? Well, we've got your back.We squeezed as many berries as we could into our Berry Splash e-juice before we had to stop because we couldn't fit any more bushels into the 30 ml e-juice bottle. This fruit blend brings strawberry, blueberry and raspberry together for a mouthwatering flavor that appeals to fans of fruit-flavored e liquids. For a more powerful burst of berry and a higher-VG content, our Ultimo Berry Berry Good to Me is another great option.

Peach Premium Ejuice

Indulge yourself in a Peach E Liquid that tastes like biting into a ripe Georgia peach. You've never tried a peach e-liquid like this one before. It's a little sweet. It's a tidbit tart. It will satisfy your sweet tooth and your craving for fruit with each delicious draw on your e cigarette or mod. This scrumptious peach e juice has been perfected by our Vapor4Life flavorists to capture the juicy sweet goodness of a plump, sun-ripened peach, a peach sorbet, or a peach pie that's just out of the oven.

Cherry Premium Ejuice

Cherry e juice just got even more irresistible with this tantalizing mix of sweet and tart vape flavors. Use our cherry E Liquid with one of our vapor cigarettes after dinner for a calorie-free dessert you can vape all night long. If you want to sweeten the deal even more, you can mix it with a Dessert E Juice to create your own mouth watering cherry cordial or cherry cheesecake flavor! For smokers who use our Vapor Titan E Cigarettes , the same tempting cherry taste is available in our prefilled cartridges.

Cherry is available in seven nicotine levels so you can find the strength that's right for you.

Sour Cherry Wow Ejuice

This tart Sour Cherry e Liquid flavor has an authentic fresh backyard grown taste with a sassy and sour bite that doesn't overwhelm your senses. Our throwback tart Sour Cherry e Juice is the perfect flavor for those who love chewy sour candies, or those bright red cherry candies that make your eyes and mouth pucker when you bite into them. The cherry is deliciously ripe and sweet and it is followed up with just the right hint of sourness, all in a convenient e cigarette liquid.

Best Disposable Vapes

Disposable vapes are the hottest item in vaping today. But many of the most popular brands only have a single nicotine strength available and that strength is significantly stronger than the 1.8 and 2 percent nic juices found in a Logic Pro cartridge.

Zaero Disposable Vape

But this does not mean you have no options. The Zaero Disposable is available in four nicotine strengths: 0, 1.8, 3.0 and 5.0 percent. This is far more flexibility than the Logic Pro offers. The Zaero is also available in 8 flavors.

Apart from the Zaero there are a couple of other lower nicotine vapes as well. Cali Bars and Puff Bar are available at 2 and 5 percent nic strength. Select ZPods flavors are available in 1.8, 3.0 and 5 percent.

Cali Bars


Puff Bar

Logic Power Vape

 The Logic Power is a classic ecigarette with prefilled cartridges. There is no reason to think this legacy design is particularly popular with kids or responsible for the teen vaping epidemic, but the basic design is similar enough to a vape pod system that the Logic Power has been hit by the federal flavor ban.

Logic Power Vape Alternatives

Vapor Titan

There is an easy and direct replacement that allows you to utilize the same technology and enjoy the flavors that adults prefer: The Vapor Titan.

With a far wider selection of tobacco flavors, even if none of the flavor bans impact your vaping habits, the Vapor Titan is a superior option to the Logic Power.

The Vapor Titan works great with the same Wow and Premium ejuices that are ideal for the Vapor Zeus. If you love tobacco prefilled cartridges, those are still available for the Vapor Titan. If you are looking for alternatives to the banned Logic ecig flavors, there are two options. Vapor Titan Blank Cartridges, which are refillable and the Vapor Titan Clearomizer.

The classic ecig cartridge is available in refillable form. Refillable Vapor Titan Cartridges are easy to use and have the exact form factor and performance as a prefilled cartridge, this is a compact, discrete and efficient way to vape.

Refillable, or blank, cartridges come completely empty and you can fill them with the ejuice of your choice. All of the most popular Wow and Premium ejuices are compatible. The cartridge also works with nic salts, although the better bet for that style of ejuice is the refillable Vapor Titan Clearomizer.

If you are a fan of the Logic Power, make sure to check out the Vapor Titan. There is much that will be familiar but with far more flavor options and superior performance.

Logic Vapeleaf

Only available in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Virginia, Florida and Texas, the Logic Vape Leaf is a unique device. Unlike the FDA approved iQOS, the Vape Leaf still uses Eliquid. This nicotine and flavor free Eliquid passes through a cap of specially prepared granulated tobacco, picking up tobacco flavor and nicotine in the process.

There are only three Vapeleaf flavors but one will run afoul of many state and the federal flavor ban.