Best Low Cost Disposable Vapes

Disposable vapes have proven incredibly popular with adult vapers because they are satisfying, easy to use and still available in the flavors that former smokers and adult vapers prefer.



Disposable vapes may be the easiest way to vape but they are not the most convenient. An inexpensive refillable vape pod kit or Vapor Titan Clearomizer, combined with a bottle nic salt ejuice provides a user experience that equals or exceeds any disposable and is far more cost effective.



But that being said, many adult disposable vape users do not want to deal with the hassles of filling and charging their device. They want something small and discrete that requires no user input or forethought.


Types of Disposable Vapes


It is possible to offset the expense of disposable vapes by seeking out the least expensive models and the best values. With only a few exceptions, more on a prominent outlier later, most disposable vapes have very similar designs. There are stick style disposables like the Zaero, Puff Bar, Posh and others. These rely on a cotton polyfill soaked in nic salt that is positioned directly above a 280mAh battery. Stoppers are positioned to deflect any spit back and an ejuice capacity of 1 to 1.8ml is achieved in a device about 4 inches in length.


Disposable mini vapes are the other common style. We reviewed the Best Disposable Mini Vapes, which achieve an even more compact size by positioning the battery parallel to the ejuice reservoir. The nic salt ejuice is stored in a closed plastic pod in disposable mini vapes and prominent examples are the Mojo, Twist and Stig.


(Left to Right) Stick style disposable, Posh Plus and Mini Vape


With so little differentiate disposables are the design front, personal preference boils down to flavor. And as most manufacturers carry very similar flavor lineups, most disposable vape users shop between brands looking for the best deals and which are in stock.


This is why Vapor4Life carries such a wide range of disposable vapes. If your favorite flavor is out of stock in one flavor, it is easy to find a very comparable flavor profile made by a rival manufacturer.


Low Cost Disposable Vapes


Every major disposable on the market is a mouth to lung autodraw ecig. There are a couple different designs but most fall into one of two categories. Flavor preferences will play a bigger role than any specific design features in most cases. With these facts in mind, lets take a look at the best low cost disposable vapes.


Blazer Bar



When it comes to combining outstanding flavor and the lowest price, the Blazer Bar is the frontrunner. Clocking in at a mere $5.99 each and available in discounted sampler packs, the new Blazer Bar Disposable is also among the least expensive on market. We recently in our recent Blazer Bar review, we found that they did a great job with stalwart flavors like Mango, Menthol, Mixed Berry, Iced Apple and Tobacco. But more interestingly, they offered a couple unique flavors as well. Rainbow Blazer Bar delivered a veritable rainbow of crunchy fruit confectionery flavors and the Cinnablaze Blazer Bar is the best alternative to the discontinued Fireball Posh Plus.


The Blazer Bar has a capacity of 0.7ml and is an autodraw, stick style disposable that delivers plenty of great flavor at an affordable price.


  • • 1 Mixed Berry Blazer Bar
  • • 1 Iced Apple Blazer Bar
  • • 1 Cinnablaze Blazer Bar
  • • 1 Rainbow Blazer Bar
  • • 1 Menthol Blazer Bar
  • • 1 Mango Blazer Bar


Zaero Disposable Vape



The Zaero Disposable Vape is only $6.99 but contains an impressive 1.8ml of ejuice. It also issold in a sampler and in ten-packs, making it one of the best disposable vape values around. To further sweeten the pot in its competition with refillable devices, the Zaero is also available in four nic strengths: 0, 1.8, 3.0 and 5.0 percent nicotine. Featured in our article on the best lower nicotine disposable vapes, the Zaero is a great pick for anyone looking for value, flavor, performance and lower nicotine options.


Blow Vape Stix



Blow Stix Disposable Vapes boasts a huge lineup of flavors, including several tremendous and unique beverage vapes. Fire Bull Blow Disposables, Lemon Ice Blow Stix, Monsta Blow Stix and Deeewy Blow Stix all capture the spirit and essence of beloved icy beverages. Blow Stix also have an advantage in that they are one of the most economical disposable vape options. At only $6.99 each, and also sold in a sampler pack, Blow Stix are affordable and cut a familiar figure as a classic stick style disposable. Blow Stix hold 1.2ml of ejuice.


Mojo Vapes

The previously listed disposables are all stick style disposables. The Mojo is a disposable mini vape. Despite measuring less than 3 inches in length, the Mojo Disposable holds 1.2ml of ejuice. The Mojo also has a familiar and strong flavor lineup. At only $5.99, they match the Blazer in the price department. Flavor preference will come down to the user, but the Mojo does seem more prone to spit back than the Blazer Bar.


Sea Air



Value is not only a matter of list price. Although the point of entry is less for the Blazer Bar, another metric to measure value by is price per milliliter. In this category, the massive capacity of the Sea Air Disposable is tough to beat. The Sea Air runs $9.99 but holds 2.6ml of ejuice. If you are wed to a particular disposable vape flavor, it is the least expensive option puff for puff.