Best Lush Ice Disposable Vapes

Best Lush Ice Disposable


Disposable vapes have surged in popularity as adult vapers look for the easiest and most convenient way to vape. Disposable vapes make a great Juul alternative as they are still available in the flavors that adults prefer.


They were not impacted by the federal vape flavor ban, leaving them the only game in town for vapers looking for an autodraw device that does not require filling.


Vapor4Life has the widest selection of disposables you will find anywhere. We carry so many brands that even if your brand of choice is out of your favorite flavor, you will have multiple competitors to choose from.



Anyone looking for the best Juul Mango alternative would be wise to check out the selection of mango flavored disposables on the market. There are a ton and the list keeps growing. Disposables are priced competitively with Juul pods and don’t require charging or the swapping of pods. They are autodraw devices.



Juul is no longer selling mint but tons of disposable options exist for this flavor as well. One of the best options is not a pure mint at all. Lush Ice, a menthol bomb lightened with the sweet notes of watermelon and raspberry.


Click here for a complete guide to Juul Mint alternatives.


Best Disposable Vapes


There are two styles of disposable that make up the bulk of the market. Stick disposables make up the bulk of the market. They are longer and share a form factor nearly identical to a Juul. Also autodraw, they place the ejuice polyfill and wick above the battery and measure closer to 4 inches on average.


Mini vapes, such as the Stig, Myle Mini, Mojo and Twst are less than 3 inches in length. They place the battery parallel to the ejuice reservoir. We compared the best of this clever style of disposable vape.



The Stig, the leading player in the Lush Ice game, is a mini vape. But there is plenty of competition both with this style of device and within the Lush Ice flavor profile.



Both stick and mini disposable vapes are ideal for vaping nic salts. They have a tight draw and deliver crystal clear flavor. Mini disposables often have a slightly looser draw and the stick disposables generally have a greater ejuice capacity. Here is an image of some classic stick and mini vapes stripped down and laid side to side for comparison.



The performance of mini vapes and stick disposables similar enough that your personal choice will probably be decided by which disposable has your favorite flavor, and there is not hotter flavor in vaping today than Lush Ice.


What is Lush Ice?


The Stig is loaded with delicious VGod Lush Ice salt nic was the pioneer of the disposable Lush Ice category. Watermelon and menthol had been popular blend for some years but the addition of raspberry added an extra bit of complexity and tartness. The use of nic salts made it perfect for a disposable.


It seems like every nic salt disposable known to mankind has their own take on Lush Ice but there are a couple of constants. A Lush Ice vape will pack a cool menthol kick that is layered on top of a sweet watermelon base. Additional melon flavors and raspberry are two frequent additions.


Not every manufacturer refers to their competitor in this field as Lush Ice, but it is fair to say that the watermelon menthol flavor combination is not appearing by accident in the lineup of just about every disposable brand.


Lush Ice works exceptionally well as a nic salt but the flavor profiles of the competitors varies greatly. Some are heavy on the menthol with just a leavening of watermelon. Menthol vapers love this style. Others are fruit centric with a hint of ice. This may stray from the original balance but is perfect for fans of fruity vapes. In both cases, Lush Ice is a flavor perfect for mouth to lung vaping and has the balance to be enjoyed all day.


Best Lush Ice Disposable


Stig Lush Ice



Watermelon and menthol were a time tested flavor combination. I picked up vape shop house brands of this combination in several states at the beginning of the last decade. VGod upped the ante by adding notes of tart raspberry to create the Lush Ice Stig. Unlike the original freebase variants, the nic salt Lush Ice formulas were not meant for cloud chucking. This is why the Stig disposable was a perfect conduit for bringing the beauty of Lush Ice to the world of disposable vapes.


The Stig is a compact device, less than 3 inches, but still holds 1.2ml of vape juice. The nic strength is 6 percent. Their Lush Ice has a strong iced menthol flavor with evident notes of watermelon on inhale and exhale. There is a bit of sourness from the raspberry that makes it a perfect all-day vape.


Watermelon Ice Cali Bars



Until Zaero adds a Lush Ice or ZPods provides lower nicotine options, Watermelon Ice Cali Bars is the only game in town for vapers looking for lower nicotine disposable vapes. Although Puff Bar technically has a 2 percent strength Lush Ice as well, there seems to be much greater availability of the Cali Bar lower nic options.


This is great news because it allows vapers who do not need 5 and 6 percent nic strength disposables to enjoy to buoyant and immersive flavors of Lush Ice. To sweeten the pot further, Cali Bar has done a great job with this take on Lush Ice. Watermelon Ice Cali Bar can easily compete with the best lush ice flavors based on merit alone. But the addition of a 2 and 5 percent nicotine strength makes this one of the top contenders in the industry. And the 1.3ml ejuice capacity is almost twice that of a Juul pod.


Puff Bar Lush Ice



Puff Bar Lush Ice lightens the frigid grip of a bold menthol with the bright notes of watermelon. A fresh flavor that menthol vapers will love. The watermelon works great in this formula, keeping the power of the menthol flavor in check. Each Puff Bar contains 1.3 nic salt ejuice and has a strength of 5 percent. The watermelon elements have a breezy and light feel and there is some subtle tartness hidden within the layers of ice.


Twst Iced Madness



Twst Eliquids mastery of fruit vape juice blends is well-established and fans of disposables have looked forward to their take on Lush Ice. It is here in the form of Iced Madness Twst. The watermelon is spot-on and delicious, as expected, and the menthol hit is perfectly weighted to draw out the maximum flavor. This is an unusually vibrant and complex Lush Ice with lots of subtle fruit notes to keep you engaged while enjoying this 5 percent nic strength disposable. Twst disposables contain 1ml of vape juice.


Sea Stix Lush Ice


Lush Ice Sea Stix is a gorgeous take on the popular watermelon and menthol ejuice combo that is taking the vaping world by storm. There is a reason why every disposable vape seems to offer some form of Lush Ice, it simply works great as a nic salt. The ice cold chill of menthol brings out the best from a distinct yet subtle foundation of perfectly ripe watermelon. There is plenty of fruit flavor here and ample sweetness but it never overwhelms the minty exhale. Sea Stix have a nic strength of 5 percent and hold 1.2ml of vape juice.


Myle Vape Iced Watermelon

A Lush Ice that chose to go by a different name. The watermelon plays a starring role here, its full depth is drawn out and the lack of strong raspberry notes does not detract from the overall flavor. The cold menthol throat hit is quite impressive but it is not overly minty. Fruit is the dominant partner, but barely. A near equitable split. The coolness of the menthol can be felt in the throat, making for a flavor that is among the best Lush Ice flavors on the market. Even if they call it something else. The Iced Watermelon Myle Mini contains 1.2ml of nic salt ejuice and has a nic strength of 5 percent.


Posh Lush Ice



With a bit more watermelon flavor than the Stig and Puff Bar, Posh Lush Ice is a superlative and unique entry in this crowded field. There are also notes of mixed melon which leaven the airiness and sweetness of the authentic watermelon with ripe fruit flavor tones. The frosty layer of ice cold menthol is not overpowering but impossible to miss. The Posh Disposable has an ejuice capacity of 1.3ml and a nic strength of 6 percent.


Posh Plus Minty Melon



The Posh Plus Disposable Vape is an unusually robust disposable which contains 2ml of vape juice and is powered by a 480mAh battery. It delivers far more vaping and a bigger cloud than the average disposable. It also has some solid flavors to work with. As the regular Posh gets the flavor named Lush Ice, the Posh Plus has to make do with Minty Melon.


But make no mistake, this is a Lush Ice through and through. Ripe and never perfumey, the coolness of the mint offsets the greater vapor production. It is hard to argue with the performance and flavor of the Minty Melon Posh Plus. A bit more menthol centric than the Lush Ice in the regular Posh, this disposable has a nic strength is 6 percent.


Lush Ice Hyppe Bar



Lush Ice Hyppe Bar is fighting in the most competitive fray in vaping: lush ice disposables. Cool menthol layered atop authentic watermelon makes this is a bold and bright flavor that can be enjoyed all day. With a nic strength of 5 percent and ejuice capacity of 1.3ml, there is plenty of deliciousness and satisfaction packed in every Hyppe Bar. Airy, light and icy, Lush Ice Hype Bar deserves serious consideration as one of the best Lush Ice Disposable Vapes.


Lush Ice Bidi Stick



Lush Ice Bidi Sticks is a new entrant in the popular disposables market but they have entered the ring swinging. A blend of watermelon, melon and menthol, this disposable vape has the ripe fruit flavors and menthol coolness that has made lush ice the coolest and hottest flavor in vaping.


A superb Stig Lush Ice alternative, Bidi Sticks contain 1.4ml of nic salt ejuice. The nic strength is 6.0 percent. A perfect option for adult vapers who no longer can purchase prefilled vape pods with bright fruit flavors.


Eon Stik Lush Ice

A blend of raspberry, watermelon and menthol, the flavorful Lush Ice Eon Stik has a uniquely sweet and balanced formula. The menthol is spearminty and toned down. The watermelon is fruity and not overly candied. An appropriately cooling and tingly vape with elevated sweetness. The nic strength of 6.8 percent is the highest in its class. The Eon Stik holds 1.3ml of nic salt ejuice. You will enjoy the bright flavor and satisfying draw of this disposable.


Blow Stix Strawberry Watermelon Ice



Relying on strawberry instead of raspberry to generate the tart notes, the Strawberry Watermelon Blow Stix still belongs in the Lush Ice conversation. There is no question which flavor profile this tasty disposable was gunning for. The strawberry is not overly sweet and has a riper flavor than you might imagine. It is not overly sweet at all, in fact it has a surprisingly balanced and ripe flavor. The menthol finish is cold but not overwhelming. Blow Stix contain 1.2ml of nic salt and have a strength of 5 percent.


Pop Vape Lush Ice



It hardly matters if Pop Vape didn’t invent Lush Ice or even the name. They have developed a worthy contender that is rich with watermelon flavor but never gets cloying or floral. The menthol finish is as cool as advertised, smoothing out this 5 percent strength nic salt. It leans ever so slightly towards the menthol end but is well-balanced. Each Pop Vape Lush Ice Disposable holds 1.2ml of vape juice.


Boss Disposable Watermelon Ice


Lush Ice by any other name is still Lush Ice. That is the lesson we have learned from Boss Vapes Watermelon Ice. All your favorite Lush Ice elements are here, it part due to the fact that this is a lush ice disposable. The watermelon is not overly saccharine and the menthol makes the throat hit smooth and cold.  It strikes a nice balance between the menthol heavy and fruit centric Lush Ice flavors we are reviewing. A stick style disposable, the Boss Vape is loaded with 1.2ml of nic salt ejuice with a strength of 6 percent. 


Plus Pods Lush Ice

Plus Pods Lush Ice is a terrific conduit for the fusion of fresh watermelon and mentholated menthol mint magic that is Lush Ice. The ice cold textures of menthol do not overwhelm, but draw out the native complexity of watermelon. The primary fruit element here is watermelon, the berries play a supporting role. Plus Pods have a nic strength of 6 percent and contain 1.2ml of nic salt ejuice.



Honey Dew Melon Ice Z-Pod Disposable



This is the only entrant that stretches the definition of Lush Ice a bit. But it is worthy of inclusion due to the delightful melon flavors and crackling cold menthol finish. Honey dew melon is never a welcome sight in a fruit salad but is a welcome sight in a vape juice. Even in a comparison looking at the best Lush Ice flavors. The Ziip Z-Pod Honeydew Melon Ice has a nic strength of 6 percent and holds 1.4ml of vape juice.


Strawberry Watermelon Sea Air



The Sea Air Disposable is a remarkable device. With 2.6ml of nic salt ejuice, it has literally twice the capacity of most disposables. And the card shape, inspired by the Suorin Air series, is extremely compact and convenient.


Although Sea Air has yet to release a pure lush ice flavor, this device is remarkable enough that Lush Ice fans should seriously consider giving the Strawberry Watermelon Sea Air a shot. It may not have the menthol coolness but the watermelon flavor is crisp and refreshing. The tartness of the strawberry and the distinct, authentic flavors really balance out the formula. And with a nic strength of 5 percent, the extra puffs you get from its far larger capacity will be that much more satisfying.