Best Lychee Ice Disposable Vapes

Disposable vapes have surged in popularity as adult vapers are no longer permitted to enjoy the bright fruit flavors they enjoy in prefilled vape pods. This has left adults who don’t want to be funneled back onto cigarettes with only three options.


Refillable Vape Pod Kits



Provided you do not live in one of the states with additional flavor restrictions, the least expensive alternative to prefilled vape pod kits is the combination of bottled nic salts and a refillable vape pod kit. There are a ton of flavors to choose from and seemingly just as many devices. Whether you prefer the pure flavor of the Vapor Titan Clearomizer, the compact form factor of an autodraw vape pod like Smok Novo 2 or a more powerful device like Vapor Zeus or Smok RPM80, there is no shortage of great hardware to choose from.



But hardware alone is not enough to get the job done for sophisticated adult vapers. This is why there is a veritable universe of outstanding nic salt ejuices. Whether you prefer VGod, the huge selection of I Love Salts Nic Salts, or one of the other competing brands, there is no shortage of options. And the best part is that a refillable device is a much better price performer than a prefilled vape pod or disposable vape.


Disposable Vapes

Best Disposable Vapes

As appealing as prefilled vape pod kits are, some adult vapers are looking for even easier to use options. And nothing is easier to use than a disposable vape. You literally only have to open the packaging and inhale. There is no filling or charging. There isn’t even a button to push.


Vapor4Life carries the widest selection of disposable vapes around. And as there is some overlap between the flavors that brands offer. This means if your favorite flavor is out of stock, chances are you can find that same flavor in a different brand. And as disposables are, well disposable, mixing and matching flavors is very easy and you are never stuck with a 30, 60 or even 120ml bottle of ejuice you will never use.


To further sweeten the pot, disposable vapes are available in a wider range of flavors than prefilled vape pods ever were. Not only are credible, and even superior, versions of famous flavors like Mint Juul, Mango Juul and Vuse Alto Mixed Berry available in disposable form, but there are a number of fresh new flavors available as well. Click here to view the best Vuse Alto Mixed Berry alternatives.  


Best Lychee Ice Disposable Vapes


One of the newest and most exciting flavors on the disposable vape scene is lychee. Although Lychee Ice is the most popular form, there are regular lychee flavors free of menthol available as well.


If you have tried any lychee ice disposable before, you have a pretty good measure of the entire market as they are all inspired by the same basic profile. Without ice, it is a bit tarter of a flavor. But if you have never tried a lychee ice or lychee disposable before, describing the flavor is not the easiest thing in the world. It is very distinct. Or to put it another way, lychee tastes like lychee.


The closest comparable is probably grape, although you would never mistake one for another. Like other classical tropical fruit flavors like mango, it manages it has some sweetness but is more balanced. There is a citrus tang. Although more acidic than grape, it still makes a great all day vape.


And when blended with menthol ice, it is a sublime combination. So let us take a look at the contenders to find the best Lychee disposable vape.


Minty Lychee Posh Plus



Fans of the long lasting Posh Plus will be ecstatic to learn that it is now available in Lush Ice flavor. The 2ml ejuice capacity and 6 percent nic strength makes this one of most popular disposables on the market. And their rich and deep take on lychee ice is one of the best. Well executed from top to bottom, the lychee has the tropical kick you are looking for and the trademark iced finish makes for a cohesive flavor.


Lychee Ice Cali Bar



Not only is Lychee Ice Cali Bar capable of delivering fantastic flavor but it is available in two nic strengths: 2 and 5 percent. This is great news for adult vapers who love Lychee Ice but have no need for a 5 percent strength ejuice. A bit more tropical lychee centered than ice heavy, fans of fruit vapes and menthol ecigs will love this version of Lychee Ice. With 1.3ml of ejuice, this classic stick style disposable ecig has the clarity over flavor and tight draw that adult vapers are looking for.



Lychee Ziip ZPod Disposable Vape



Lychee requires no ice to shine as a beautiful nic salt flavor. Do not be deterred by the exotic fruit name. Each inhale is a familiar and intoxicating tropical fruit experience that is simultaneously mild and invigorating. One of the best lychee flavors on the market, this is a tropical fruit par excellence and the Ziip ZPod holds an impressive 1.5ml of nic salt and brings a strength of 6 percent to the table.


Iced Lychee Pop Vape



The flavor of lychee is unmistakable and is perfectly suited for a disposable vape. It has a ripe and tropical flavor that is never too sweet, and shines brightest when combined with a sharp sheen of frigid menthol. Lychee is difficult to describe but an unforgettable taste. And it makes for a balanced flavor profile that you will enjoy all day. Iced Lychee Pop Vape has a nic strength of 5 percent and there is 1.3ml of vape juice in each disposable.


Lychee Ice Puff Bar



One of the top makers of disposable vapes, Puff Bar Lychee Ice has a pristine and gorgeous flavor that adult vapers are sure to enjoy. Each Puff Bar holds 1.3ml of ejuice and a nic strength of 5 percent. Puff Bar is known for their sharp and bright flavors and lychee ice does not disappoint. Not surprisingly, this disposable is at the front of the field.


Lychee Ice Oro Vape Bar



Oro Disposables went all in with lychee nic salt flavors, offering two different formulas with this signature tropical flavor.  If you have tried Lychee Ice in another disposable, you have a pretty good idea what to expect from the Lychee Ice Oro Bar: dank and ripe tropical fruit flavors with a bold icy finish. This consistency is not a drawback as lychee ice is one of the most balanced and easily enjoyed nic salt flavors on the market. The lychee has a richer and riper flavor than a typical mango flavor with an almost grape-like exhale. The ice is more cold than minty. Oro Bars hold 1.3ml of ejuice and have a nic strength of 5 percent.


Mango Lychee Oro Vape Bar


Two of the most unique, delicious, and popular tropical fruit vape flavors were just asking to be blended. And Oro Bars has done it with the Mango Lychee Oro Bar. Both mango and lychee complement each other from start to finish, playing off of each other’s strengths. The mango has a rich and nectary flavor which elevates the almost wine-esque flavor of lychee. There is no need for menthol ice when the sweetness is so well modulated with ripe and authentic fruit notes.


Lychee Ice Hyppe Bar



Lychee is a distinct flavor that is readily identifiable but not so easily described. It has an almost tannin flavor but not astringent. Strong notes of ripeness and tropical dankness balance out the tartness. If you love lychee ejuices, Lychee Ice Hyppe Bar checks all the boxes. A bold and vibrant flavor, Hyppe Bars are loaded with 1.3ml of this 5 percent strength nic salt.