Best Mango Nic Salts

Disposable Vapes


We previously examined the best mint nic salts, which are a great alternative for adult vapers who enjoy disposable vapes and miss the now banned Juul Mint flavor. There is no shortage of mango disposable vapes, which reviewed in our feature: the Best Mango Disposable Vapes.


A wide range of disposable ecig brands carry similar flavor profiles. This is why Vapor4Life has such a large selection of disposable ecigs. Even if your preferred brand is out of stock, we will have a great alternative. Tight drawing and flavorful, disposable vapes are still available in the flavors that adult vapers prefer.


Nic Salts



But there are more cost effective ways to enjoy nic salt ejuices, namely refillable vape pod kits and bottled nic salts. Today we are going to take a look at the best mango nic salts on the market. There are many reasons to switch from disposable ecigs to refillable vape pod kits. Huge savings is the obvious reason. Most disposable ecigs hold 1.3ml of ejuice, where a nic salt bottle which costs not even twice as much will hold 30ml.



Another reason is the quality of refillable devices. There is a huge selection of amazing refillable vape pod kits and authentic ecigs like the Vapor Titan Clearomizer and the mighty Vapor Zeus which are perfect for vaping nic salts. Disposables certainly have a place in the heart of adult vapers, requiring no filling or charging and great flavor, but refillable devices make better economic sense and are higher performance.


Mango Nic Salts


We carry the biggest brands in bottled nic salts for the same reason we offer so many disposables. There are plenty of distinct flavors but many of the most popular combinations are offered by multiple formulators. Mango nic salt is a great example. Here are the best mango nic salts. We are only looking at pure mango flavors today. There are a number of mango ejuices with additional flavors added.


Tropic Mango By I Love Salts



I Love Salts, a creation of Mad Hatter, have one of the most stacked nic salt lineups around. One of the cornerstones is Tropic Mango I Love Salts. Rich and flavorful, it is not too sweet and delivers the exact balance of tropical flavors you would expect from a top-flight mango nic salt. I Love Salts Nic Salts are sold in 30ml bottles. The available nic strengths are 2.5 and 5.0 pecent.


Naked 100 Salt - Amazing Mango Nic Salt



NKD 100 Amazing Mango takes inspiration from the regular, high VG, lower nicotine Naked 100 Amazing Mango ejuice, rather than the famous Juul Mango flavor. The tropical mango notes are smoothed with a brilliant cream flavor and nectary peach brightens the exhale. This truly Amazing Mango comes in 3.5 and 5 percent nic strength. NKD 100 nic salts are sold in 30ml bottles.


VGOD Tropical Mango Salt Nic Juice



VGOD has two mango flavors and two mango ice flavors. We did not review all four, lest this be more of a VGod than a mango nic salt review. Instead, we tested out the parent mango flavors. It is fair to assume that if you like these, the iced mangos will be just as appealing. Tropical Mango VGod is the fruiter and more subtle of the two, with very realistic flavor notes that make this a great Mango Juul alternative. A bit dryer than Mango bomb, it lacks the strong sweetness of a mango candy. Mango fans will delight in the complex flavors that VGod has extracted from this silky smooth salt nic.



VGod nic salts are particularly good option for fans of disposable vapes. These are the exact same flavors as are found in the popular Stig Disposable Vape Pod. The primary difference being that you get 30ml of ejuice instead of 1.2ml and can enjoy it out of the device of your choice. Available in 2.5 and 5 percent nic strength.


VGOD Mango Bomb Salt Nic Juice


Mango Bomb VGod should be on your short list of Juul Mango alternatives. Mango Bomb is complex, bright, authentic and explodes with fresh fruit flavors. With nicotine strength options of 2.5 and 5 percent and sold in 30ml, VGod nic salts deliver the flavors made famous by the Stig disposable directly to your own economical refillable vape pod kit.


Icy Mango Pachamama



We did not want to muddy the waters by including the whole host of mango ice nic salts on the market but Pachamama’s Icy Mango warranted inclusion. It does not lean too heavily on the icy mint notes and instead pulsates with vibrant tropical mango. Available in 2.5 and 5.0 percent nic strength, a 30ml bottle Icy Mango Pachamama is great way for adult vapers to enjoy the flavors found in a disposable for a fraction of the price.


Crisp Salts Merry Mango Nic Salt Juice



A classic Juul Mango alternative, Crisp ELiquid really captures that magical mango taste in Merry Mango, one of its most beloved nic salt juices. Sold in 30ml bottles in 2.4, 3.6 an 4.8 percent nic strength.


Baton Nic Salts - Island Mango (10mL)



Baton’s entry into a jam-packed mango nic salt field field is a strong one. Baton Island Mango really captures sweet and perfectly ripened mango. It lacks the greenness that some mango nic salts deliver and is heavy on sweet and tart notes. There is no mistaking this flavor for anything but Mango. Available in 10ml bottles, Island Mango Baton Nic Salt is well worth checking out this delicious nic salt. Ideal for the Baton V2, Island Mango comes in 2.5 and 5 percent nic strength.


The convenience of being sold in a 10ml bottle is also a selling point. Baton Ejuices are formulated for use in the Baton V2 Vape Starter kit. This Juul sized refillable, autodraw device has a delightful tight draw and is direct competition for popular vape pods like the Smok Novo 2.