Best Mango Vape Juice

Mango is one of the most prominent and popular e-Juice flavors. A well-executed mango captures the fruity sweetness and the mouthwatering balancing notes of tart and sour.


Earlier this year, we examined the best Juul Mango alternatives. Today we are taking a look at the crowded Mango e-juice field. Some are blended, some are straight mango, but all of them merit a closer look.


Whether you prefer salt nic ejuice or freebase, there is a perfect mango flavor out there for you. If you aren’t familiar with the difference salt nic and freebase nicotine, or just want to take a deep dive into the juices you vape, check out our special feature What Is Salt Nic?


Wow Mango E Juice


The original and still the best. Wow Mango is a 75% PG ejuice. What does the VG/PG ratio mean? In the case of Wow mango, it means an ejuice that delivers clarion clear mango flavor without the cloying, sweet VG after taste.


If you use a cartomizer or pod system, this mouth to lung ejuice packs a nice throat burn and beautiful sweet notes of mango. The purity of the flavor is extremely satisfying and can be enjoyed all day. It is almost impossible to improve on the pure taste of mango.


Transistor Carango


What in Sam’s hill is Carango? A blend of caramel and mango, of course. Imagine a candy apple, but with a perfectly ripe mango enrobed in rich caramel creaminess. Take our word for it, mango is a big improvement over the Styrofoam notes of a red delicious apple.


Maybe they should sell Carangos in stores, because the combination of mango and caramel is a dream team. There is a reason why Transistor Carango is a beloved and time-tested anchor of Transistor’s award winning e-juice lineup. A 70% VG blend, Carango was formulated to provide tons of flavor and creamy clouds.


As an award winning legacy flavor, Carango wasn’t included in our review of Seven New Flavors From Transistor and is not part of the recently reviewed Transistor’s Redemption Line. We are glad this omission has been rectified, as it has provided us with the opportunity to research Carango by vaping the entire contents of its 120ml bottle.


Pachamama Icy Mango Nic Salt


Ice may signify cheap in the beer world, but it means cool menthol mint in the vaping universe. Fruit and menthol ejuice lovers are both in luck with Pachamama Icy Mango. We did a full length review of all of the Pachamama nic salts in March, and Icy Mango was one of our favorites.


The 50% PG mix delivers a fruity, juicy mango flavor with a blast of ice cold menthol on exhale. It has just the right amount of throat kick and coolness to satisfy the former heavy smoker. Expect to see more companies turn out mango ice blends, these flavors meld together perfectly.


TWST Salt Mango Cream Dream Nic Salt


TWST, the salt nic division of the popular ejuice brand Twist, was not the first ejuice maker to realize that mango makes a great foundation for more complex flavor combinations.


This is more than just another Mango blend. Their Mango Cream Dream  is in heady company as one of the best salt nic flavors around. A 50% PG blend, your dreams will be haunted by a strange yearning for creamy desserts infused with tart mango fruitiness. The best part is that this is just one of several amazing Twst salt nics that you will want to get acquainted with. We reviewed the entire Twst nic salt lineup here.


Mango Burst


If clouds are your passion and mango is your flavor of choice, you owe it to yourself to try the 70% VG Mango Burst ejuice. Sold in 60ml bottles, Burst E-liquids did a great job of capturing the complexity and mouthwatering flavor of real mango.


It may seem obvious, but Burst E-liquid's Mango Burst is bursting with real fruit flavor. It has the just the right blend of sweet, juicy fruit and tropical tartness on exhale. They did not overdue it on the fructose sugar notes, and this is an easy vape to enjoy all day.


I Love Salts Tropic Mango


If salt nic is your thing, then chances are you have sampled a mango ejuice at some point. Mango can easily stand alone, but it also is outstanding when blended with complimentary flavors. This is what I Love Salts Tropic Mango is all about.


Tropical Mango is clever blend of exotic stalwarts like mango, coconut and pineapple.  Mango may be the cornerstone of this flavor, but coconut plays a hugely important supporting role. There is a hint of mint in there to cool the throat hit of this 50/50 blend of VG/PG ejuice.


Naked Amazing Mango


Naked E-Juice has a winner with Amazing Mango. This 70% VG juice is a thrilling and smooth combination of mangos, peaches and cream. The sweet cream exhale makes you want to throw massive clouds all day, and the ripe peach flavor meshes perfectly with a very authentic tropical mango base. This juice if perfect for fruit ejuice fans, but fans of creamy flavors will also find plenty to love. There is no shortage of amazing flavors, in this cloud heavy super-juice.