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Note: The Federal Flavor ban has removed all prefilled vape pod and cartridge flavors except menthol and tobacco from the market. If you live in a state where flavors are still permitted, one option is to fill your blank/refillable cartridges with the flavor of your choice You can also check out our feature on the best prefilled vape pod and cartridge alternatives for the best way to enjoy the flavors that adults vapers prefer.  Altria, the maker of Marlboro, has dumped their MarkTen and Green Smoke e-cig brands. This move has left many loyal customers out in the cold. If you are a fan of classic e-cigs you will find that our Vapor Titan is the ultimate MarkTen alternative. It has the familiar no button design. All you need to do is snap on a convenient cartridge and you are ready vape. For your convenience, we have provided a guide to MarkTen flavor alternatives so you can find exactly what you are looking for. Unlike Altria, we are not going anywhere and will continue to provide you with the convenient smoking alternatives that you demand. We are an American company and your satisfaction is our priority. To help smooth your transition, we are offering the mighty Vapor Titan kit for only $20, instead of the regular list price of $24.99 (limit 2 per customer).  Just enter the promo code Mark10 at checkout. The $10 Vapor Titan kit includes:
  • 1 Vapor Titan Battery
  • 1 Wall Charger
  • 1 Charging Cable
  • 1 Carrying Case
  • 5 Prefilled Cartomizers
Vapor Titan prefilled cartridges come in a ton of flavors and 7 nicotine strengths. The MarkTen flavor guide below will help you navigate flavor country and find the e-juice that you need. We also offer low and high resistance cartridges. MarkTen didn’t offer this option and here is a quick explanation: low resistance cartridges provide a quicker, more powerful hit and the high resistance carts provide a cooler, tighter draw. Battery life is a bit better with high resistance and the cartridge will last a bit longer. Keep in mind we offer most of these flavors or a direct equivalent in e-juice bottles as well. So fans of cartomizers don’t need to feel left out!

Complete Guide to MarkTen Flavor Alternatives

Bold Classic: Our robust Traditional Tobacco is great choice for fans of MarkTen’s Bold Classic tobacco. Traditional Tobacco e-Juice is also available for the Vapor Zeus and was formulated by former smokers to replicate the taste of Virginia tobacco. We have a wide range of tobacco cart flavors to meet the needs of every smoker. Smooth Menthol:  Our cool and crisp Traditional Menthol carts deliver big time flavor without smoke and ash. Also available in bottles, Traditional Menthol e-juice is one of our most popular flavors. These are just two of our of menthol cartridge flavors. Many menthol fans love our Peppermint cartridge. It is our most popular e-juice. Summer Fusion: If you prefer fruit flavors, our lineup of prefilled fruit e-cig cartridges has you covered. Summer Fusion was one MarkTen’s best flavors and our Kiwi Apple Strawberry is a perfect alternative. Smooth Cream: There are countless e-juices that rely on vanilla and cream flavors as their foundation. These sweet flavors are very popular and there is a reason we have an entire family of dessert flavored cartridges. We offer a classic Vanilla cartridge but we think our French Vanilla Ice Cream carts will be the perfect fit for MarkTen customers who are craving their discontinued Smooth Cream flavor. Winter Mint: Peppermint cartridges and e-juice bottles have long been our best seller. But don’t overlook the rest of our mint line: Mint, Spearmint and Wintergreen carts all pack a cooler than cool, ice cold kick. Mardi Gras: There are two great options for fans of this mixed berry medley. Our Blueberry cartridge has a crisp, fresh and rich flavor that blueberry lovers adore. Razzwow adds a blast of tangy raspberry that is similar to a blue raspberry candy. Caribbean Oasis: Fans of this piña colada themed flavor will love our juicy pineapple e-cig carts. This is not a seasonal special but is a brightly flavored juice you can enjoy every day.

Other MarkTen Alternatives

You will also love our outstanding disposable e-cig. Compact, convenient and with plenty of flavor options, our this affordable disposable was rated as the best by both Spin Fuel and Vapor Digest magazines.  It provides an authentic smoking experience. As discussed in an earlier blog that has a Green Smoke alternatives flavor guide, our Vapor Titan is also perfect for Green Smoke users. If you want to upgrade to something a bit bigger, our popular Vapor Zeus is a top of the line cartomizer tube mod. We are a full-service vape shop and also sell powerful mods, nic salt pods, and an incredible array of e-juices. So please give us a call at 844-827-3454, email us at [email protected], or message us on Facebook. We would love for you to continue your vaping journey with us.