best-menthol-ejuice Top o’ the whatever time you’re reading this to you, vape fam. St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner. It’s a day to celebrate all things green, all things “Irish” (like green beer, duh), and all things mint. Well, you’re in luck (see what I did there?) because we’ve rounded up a list of  the best menthol e-juices so you can get your mint fix on St. Patrick’s Day or really any day.   Spearmint Gum by I Love Salts menthol-ejuice-nic-salt Spearmint Gum is a yummy menthol nic salt e-juice that captures the cool and refreshing essence of spearmint gum, but doesn’t lose its flavor the longer you use it like gum does. On the menthol scale, this one falls on the mintier end of the spectrum because the flavor is so intensely mintified and isn’t dampened by tobacco, chocolate, or fruit. Spearmint Gum is a pure spearmint flavor for smokers who are insane about mint and want the extra oomph of nic salts. It’s a must-try menthol e-juice. WOW Peppermint E-Juice by Vapor4Life    Of the more than 300 e-juice flavors we carry, WOW Peppermint has been the undefeated best-seller for nearly a decade. Vaping this juice tastes like nibbling on a red and white striped candy cane. It perfectly recreates that sweet peppermint flavor. Smokers appreciate the throat hit they get from WOW Peppermint, which is made with a higher amount of propylene glycol just for that reason. It's hands-down one of the best menthol e-juices on the planetverse.   Irish Cream E-Juice by Vapor4Life This isn’t a menthol flavor, but if we’re doing a post about St. Patrick’s Day, we can’t not mention Irish Cream. Yes, there’s an Irish Cream E-Juice and yes, it’s just as delicious as you’re daydreaming it is. While you’re drinking Irish car bombs, why not enjoy an e-juice that mimics the flavor of your favorite creamy Irish liqueur? Irish Cream E-Juice deftly blends the full flavor of freshly roasted coffee beans with the creamy goodness of Irish cream liqueur to create a Leprechaun-approved flavor if ever there was one.   Frostbite (Polar Breeze) E-Juice by Naked 100 Salts menthol-ejuice-nic-salt Naked 100’s Frostbite (Polar Breeze) is a menthol juice that’s made with the adventurous mint connoisseur in mind. Infused with the flavors of fresh pineapple and ripe honeydew melon, it stands apart from the usual berry-mint medleys on the market. This menthol e-juice is ideal for fans of fruity vape juice who like a noticeable undercurrent of mint. Frostbite AKA Polar Breeze is part of Naked 100’s nic salt line, so it’s a good option for smokers and pod mod users too.   Kilt Menthol by Vapor4Life Kilt Menthol is one of the best-selling menthol e-juices at Vapor4Life year-round, but it’s a shoe-in for St. Patrick’s Day. Kilt Menthol has a robust European tobacco base that’s softened by a wave of icy menthol. This high-PG juice is a hit with smokers because it’s made with our #1 tobacco vape juice and the menthol e-liquid that put us on the map!   EZ Duz It On Ice by Ruthless best-menthol-ejuice Menthol e-juices aren’t just for smokers and vapers who like nic salts and higher PG. Sub-ohm vapers can find their destined menthol companion in the form of EZ Duz It On Ice. Made with 85% vegetable glycerin, this flavorful high-VG e-liquid brings you the smooth sweetness of strawberry and watermelon with the invigorating frost of pure menthol. It’s perfect for vapers who like mint, but don’t want an e-juice that’s too icy.