Best Menthol Vape Pods

Best Menthol Vape Pods

Flavor Pod Size Nic Strengths Nicotine Type
Vuse Alto Menthol 1.8ml 1.8, 2.4 & 5.0% Nic Salt
Juul Menthol 0.7ml 2.5 & 5.0% Nic Salt
MyBlu Menthol LiquidPods 1.5ml 1.2 & 2.4% Freebase

The federal flavor ban knocked out most of the prefilled vape pod flavors. This removed the most popular flavors from the market and left only tobacco and menthol flavors. This was a huge blow for the millions of adult vapers who flocked to prefilled vape pods and their nic salt formulas due to their convenience and performance. It also undercuts adults who only have access to these staples of gas stations and convenience stores.

The popularity of prefilled vape pods can be traced to several factors. The first is they provide a satisfying vaping experience due to the use of potent nic salts. The second is that the potent nic salts allow less eliquid to be vaped and less vapor required to provide a satisfying experience. This means a full day of vaping enjoyment can be extracted with a smaller battery and device overall. Another huge factor is convenience.

All you need to do to vape a prefilled vape pod kit is make sure it is fully charged and snap on a prefilled pod. The only devices that are easy to use are disposable vapes. Disposable vapes have the added advantage of still being available in the flavors that adults prefer. While prefilled vape pods are limited to tobacco and tobacco menthol, in states with no restrictions you can find a rainbow of exciting eliquid flavors in disposable vapes. Vapor4Life carries a huge selection of disposable vapes so you can always find your preferred flavor profile.


Prefilled Vape Pods

There are three major players in the nic salt vape pod arena: Vuse Alto, Juul and MyBlu. We have previously compared their tobacco flavors in our feature on the Best Tobacco Vape Pods. Juul was the original innovator and front runner. Now owned by Altria, they broke-in as an upstart outsider but soon came to dominate the market. MyBlu is actually based on the Austrian Von Erl vape pod kit and is associated with Imperial Brands. The Vuse Alto is an RJ Reynolds product.

Nic Salt Eliquids

The common thread that has made prefilled vape pods kits so popular with adult vapers is their ease of use and satisfying performance. This is due to their use of nicotine salts. Nic salts have a lower pH than regular (freebase) nicotine. This means that more can be added to an ejuice but it will still remain palatable. It also means next to no throat hit when higher nic levels are being used.

The menthol flavors being reviewed today do not compete with the myriad mint nic salt eliquids on the market today. If you want that style of flavor, you will need to use a refillable device. One reason Vapor4Life carries so many brands of nic salt eliquids is so that you can always find your flavor of choice.

We also carry a wide range of refillable vape pod kits, a perfect way to vape nic salts. There are dozens of great refillable vape pod kits on the market. This is certainly a more cost-effective means of vaping nic salts than a prefilled pod.

But as mentioned previously, the menthol flavors found in prefilled pods are menthol. Which can also be read as “Menthol Cigarette”.


Vuse Alto

We were a big fan of the Vuse Alto from the start, when it bested its primary target in our comparison: Juul versus Vuse Alto. The Vuse Alto pulled off this victory despite a much more limited selection of flavors than Juul. This drawback has since been remedied by federal regulations and it is now the Vuse Alto that has the superior flavor selection. There is not only the Menthol Vuse Alto we review today but two distinct tobacco flavors. Rich Tobacco and Golden Tobacco.

Initial batches of the Vuse Alto had some complaints about burning or leaking. But these issues appear to have been long-since resolved and the Vuse Alto is widely liked and reliable vape pod kit.

On paper and in practice, the Vuse Alto is simply the superior device to the Juul. It has a much larger battery, 350mAh versus 200mAh, and has superior flavor production. Vuse Alto pods are much larger than Juul pods, 1.8ml versus 0.7ml, and cost far less per ml.

The Vuse Alto uses lower resistance coils, which means more vapor generation as well. It operates nearly silently, in our experience is nearly leak-free and has three nic strengths. The Vuse Alto’s SmartDraw™ and SmartPower™ technology means it can deliver a perfect puff up until the battery gives up the ghost.

The 1.8, 2.4 and 5.0 percent options are a great bonus. One of the initial criticisms levied at devices like the Juul and Vuse Alto is that they only come in 5 percent nic strength. So now it is time to see if the Menthol Vuse Alto pod stacks up as well as its tobacco brethren.



Menthol Vuse Alto

RJ Reynolds certainly knows tobacco. The Vuse Alto has a couple excellent regular tobacco flavors, more than enough to satisfy the smoker looking for an authentic experience. But menthol ex-smokers have not been forgotten. The Menthol Vuse Alto provides a flavorful vape that is much more than just a weak simulacrum of a combustible cigarette.

The Vuse Alto has a tight draw, tighter even than a Juul or most refillable vape pod kits. Despite undertones of an authentic tobacco, the coolness of the menthol is main player. And the nic salt finish is silky smooth. It may never fully replace Juul Mint but is a great Juul Mint alternative. If you cannot abide by the hint of tobacco, check out our feature on the best mint nic salt eliquids. In a post-flavor ban world, if I was stuck on a dessert island with one prefilled vape pod kit, Vuse Alto Menthol would be my choice.




What else can be said about the compact and discrete Juul. In some ways, it is quite similar to the original generation of ecigs. It has a small 200mAh battery and a diminutive size. It delivers an outsized wallop when purchased with 5 percent strength nicotine salts and has a silky smooth throat hit. The flavor selection is limited but they are all well executed. And it is a ubiquitous presence on store shelves, thanks to both popularity and Altria’s sophisticated supply chain.

Menthol Juul Review

Anyone hoping that Menthol Juul has captured the magic of the discontinued Juul Mint is likely to be disappointing. They were not able to bottle lightning twice and the sweet notes of mint loom over Juul Menthol like a minatory specter.

But this does not mean that Juul Menthol has nothing to recommend for itself. There is plenty of coolness and the tobacco flavor is quite refined. The throat hit is cold and smooth. If you are purchasing your vaping products at a brick and mortar location, it is worth comparing head to head with the Vuse Alto Menthol to see which one you like better. They are pretty competitive. It is the closest thing to a menthol cigarette you will find in a Juul and also the only remaining flavor with the cooling properties of mint.


MyBlu Vape Pod Kit

We compared the MyBlu versus Juul head-to-head. But while Juul may be the benchmark, it is much closer to the Vuse Alto in terms of specifications. It has a similar size pod and battery, both of which are considerably larger than a Juul. The MyBlu started life as a Von Erl vape pod in Austria but is now a well-established player in the US market.


MyBlu Menthol Liquidpod

MyBlu at one time had scads of flavors and two lines. Their standard LiquidPods used regular freebase nicotine, with its slightly lower potency for the strongest strengths and stiffer throat kick. And they also offered MyBlu intense, which were nic salts. There was some overlap with nic strengths between the two lines and it was all a bit confusing, especially when their huge range of flavors was factored in.

The federal government cut the Gordian Knot but banning all the flavors but tobacco and menthol, depriving adult vapers of the flavors they prefer. The MyBlu Menthol Liquidpod is available in 1.2 and 2.4 percent nic strength. The tobacco notes are pretty light and menthol is minty.

If you prefer an authentic throat kick, the MyBlu Menthol LiquidPod has Vuse Alto Menthol and Juul Menthol beat hands down. But that does not mean that this is a harsh flavor, the cooling notes see to that.