Best Mig Vapor ECigarette Alternatives

Mig Vapor ECigarette

When V2, MarkTen and Green Smoke left the market in quick succession, adult vapers who preferred authentic cigalikes were suddenly deprived of their preferred products. One of the major players that filled the void was Mig Vapor.

With their Super Battery Series, an 808 threaded ecig that is V2 compatible, and a both a cartridge and a clearomizer option, many satisfied customers swore by the quality and performance of their products.

Unfortunately, a punitive regulatory environment is now forcing Mig Vapor to exit the market. This leaves vapers who prefer one of the original and most popular ecigarette designs out in the cold. But the same attributes that made the Vapor Titan such a great Green Smoke, V2 and MarkTen alternative make it an ideal replacement for the Mig ECigarette. 


Vapor Titan Starter Kits

Luckily, there is still an 808 threaded, Mig Vapor compatible ecig still on the market. In terms of performance, it is almost indistinguishable and it offers many of the same customization options. Fans of the Mig ECigarette are sure to like the Vapor Titan because they are very similar products with the same design purpose: efficient and authentic vaping. Both provide a nice throat kick and have the form factor of a combustible cigarette. 

Much like the Mig ECigarette, the Vapor Titan is available in a variety of starter kits. But thanks to cross compatibility between the two devices, Mig vapers are not starting from scratch. Mig Carts work with the Vapor Titan Battery and Vapor Titan Carts can be vaped on Mig. 

The Vapor Titan has 4.2v output and is 808 threaded. This means the Vapor Titan is directly compatible with the Mig Vapor ECigarette. Like the Mig Vapor ECigarette, the Vapor Titan comes with either prefilled cartomizers (to create a true cigalike), blank cartomizers that can be filled with the eliquid of your choice or a clearomizer.

The Vapor Titan Clearomizer is particularly appealing to vapers who enjoy both the high-PG eliquids for which devices like the Vapor Titan and Mig ECigarette were designed as well as potent nic salts. 



Vapor Titan Prefilled Cartomizers

Like the Mig ECigarette, the bread and butter of the Vapor Titan is a lineup of prefilled carts. Both the Vapor Titan and Mig ECigarette labor under last year’s prefilled vape pod ban and are only available in tobacco and tobacco menthol flavors.

The good news is that your Mig Carts will be compatible with the 808 threaded Vapor Titan, as well as any leftover V2 carts in the unlikely event you are still sitting on those.


Blank Vapor Titan Cartridges

The blank Vapor Titan cart is easy to fill and is a great way to enjoy the flavors that adults prefer but the government has obsessed over and is now working to ban.


Vapor Titan Clearomizer

 The easy to use Vapor Titan Clearomizer completely changes the functionality of the Mig ECigarette while remaining compatible and capable of working with the same authentic eliquids. Comparable to the Mig Fusion, the transparent tank is easy to fill and delivers great flavor.