Best Mint Nic Salt E-Liquids

Disposable Vapes


Juul Mint and nic salts revolutionized the vaping scene forever, resonating with adult vapers and former smokers who loved the cool and crisp flavor of menthol and mint. Unfortunately, Juul Mint may have been the most popular flavor with adult vapers but it proved popular with minors as well. It has since been pulled from the market. This left adult vapers scrambling for the best Juul Mint alternatives.


The logical replacement for prefilled vape pods may be disposable vapes, as they are incredibly easy to use and require no filling or charging. Mint and menthol flavors, the flavors adult vapers prefer, can be found in every disposable vape. This is why Vapor4Life carries so many brands. This way, even if your favorite product is not available, you will have access to a half-dozen or more very comparable flavors and disposable ecigs. Check out our feature on the Best Mint Disposable Vapes for more information.


Refillable Vape Pods


Disposable vapes may be the easiest way to vape nic salts but they are not the most cost effective or highest performance method. Refillable vape pod kits and bottled nic salt ejuices are a far cheaper combination. There are a ton of gorgeous, high performance refillable vape pods on the market. The Vapor Titan Clearomizer is also one of the best ways to vape nic salts.


No matter what you choose, whether it is an easy to use autodraw like a Smok Novo 2 or a souped up Voopoo Vinci R, the cutting edge technology and flavor will supersede the performance of any disposable on the market. In any event, the advantage that the nic strength of salt nic provides is that it provides great flavor, next to no throat hit and a satisfying experience from a lower power device. Do not vape nic salts with a powerful subohm device such as a box mod.



Nic Salt EJuice


A 30ml bottle of nic salt ejuice will run you $20 at the most and contains many times more eliquid than even the most massive disposable (and there are some pretty big disposables out there).


A refillable vape pod kit or Vapor Titan Clearomizer will cost you $20 to $50, and replacement pods are just a few dollars each. You could literally pitch your device in the garbage after finishing a bottle and still end up ahead financially. Vapor4Life carries a wide selection of nic salt ejuices, which are the exact same style of juice used in Juul and disposable vapes. Plus, a vape pod kit is not limited to nic salt ejuices.



Mint Nic Salts


The clean and cool notes of menthol work perfectly in a smooth nic salt ejuice. If you are curious how nic salts are different than regular ejuices, check out our feature: Intro to Nic Salts. The lack of throat hit in nic salts and the iciness cutting through the sweetness makes a great combination. In many cases, there is not much that distinguishes menthol and mint nic salts.


The primary difference between mint and menthol is that mint ejuices are sweeter and don’t have as sharp of a menthol flavor. But there is plenty of overlap and no hard and fast rule. In the world of prefilled vape pods, menthol was often accompanied with a tobacco flavor. But since adult vapers overwhelming prefer their ejuices without any tobacco flavor, notes of flue cured Virginia gold or any other tobacco are notable by their absence. We have included comparable notable menthol ejuices is this comparison, as they are comparable enough to mint nic salts to warrant inclusion.


Here are the best mint flavored nic salt ejuices.


Mint By Mr Salt-E Liquid



Mint by Mr Salt E Liquid icy cool mint flavor by Mr. Salt-E Liquids has a slightly sweeter flavor than the Mr Salt-E Menthol Ice nicotine salt. Mint fans looking for a great Juul Mint replacement will love the blend of spearmint and cold, stark menthol. Mr Salt E E-Juices come in 2.5 and 4.5 percent nic salts.


Menthol Ice By Mr Salt-E Liquid


Menthol Ice by Mr. Salt-E liquid is a colder and purer menthol experience that Mint by Mr Salt E. The master formulators at Mr. Salt-E Liquid made sure that Menthol Ice had a clean menthol flavor with a frigid, tingly inhale and exhale. The smoothness of Mr Salt E Menthol Ice E-Juice is remarkable.


Spearmint Gum I Love Salts



Spearmint flavor is one of the primary ways that ejuice makers differentiate menthol and mint nic salts.  With Spearmint Gum I Love Salts, the freshest aspects of spearmint gum flavor are there on every drag- fortunately avoiding the waxen halitosis flavor of old chewed up gum.   Made by Mad Hatter Vapes, this nicotine salt e-juice is infused with intensely mega-mint flavor from start to finish and leaves a refreshing taste in your mouth long after you exhale. Spearmint Gum E-Juice is available in 25 mg of nicotine and 50 mg of nicotine.


Classic Menthol I Love Salts


I Love Salts Classic Menthol is a colder and sharper flavor than Spearmint gum. A cold finish that former menthol smokers will enjoy, this is a great menthol vapePerfect for a prefilled vape pod kit, I Love Salts nic salts are sold in 30ml bottles with 2.5 and 5.0 percent nic strength options.


VGod Mighty Mint Nic Salt



This is the same fantastic flavor found in the wildly popular Mighty Mint Stig Disposable. But there are advantages to switching to the bottled VGod ejuices, as we discussed in our feature on the Best Stig Alternatives. Stig Disposables are sold in a convenient 3 pack of 1.2ml disposable vapes. Each bottle of VGod Nic Salt Ejuice contains EIGHT FOLD this amount- 30ml.



The coolness is soothing and almost palate cleansing in its clarity. A mighty mint indeed. Refreshing, soothing and bold. With nicotine strength options of 2.5 and 5 percent, Mighty Mint is a great Juul Mint alternative. Sold in 30ml, you can now enjoy the best flavors from the Stig Disposable Vape on your own refillable vape pod kit.


Simply Mint Nic Salt Juice By Salty Fog



Offered in 2.4, 3.6 and 4.8 percent nic strength, Salty Fog has more nic options than most other nic salts on the market. If you are looking for even more variety, check out the Zaero Disposable Menthol. It comes in 0, 1.8, 3.0 and 5.0 percent nic strength.



With hundreds of vape flavors out there, it’s refreshing to know you can keep it simple sometimes. Salty Fog’s Simply Mint nic salt ejuice is a no-nonsense, no-frills nic salt eliquid with one mission: to deliver the most pure, unadulterated mint flavor possible. One vape of this eye-opening nicotine salt e Juice will send you swirling in a blizzard of smooth spearmint.


Baton Nic Salts - Glacier Mint



If you want to dabble in different nic salt flavors without purchasing an entire 30ml bottle, which is the equivalent of a good 20 disposables in nic salt volume, Baton Nic Salts is the ejuice for you. Sold in convenient 10ml bottles, Baton Nic Salts are optimized for the efficient and tight drawing Baton V2 Vape Pod Starter Kit. But they will work fine in any mouth to lung device with a higher resistance coil.


Fans of menthol vapes will love Baton Glacier Mint. It isn’t overpowering, more peppermint than straight menthol, but still plenty cool. The minty inhale is incredibly flavorful without being overwhelming. The exhale is exhilaratingly cold. Nic strengths of 2.5 and 5 percent are available.