Best New Disposable Vapes: Shade versus Crushed

Disposable Vapes


There are a ton of disposable vapes on the market. For adult vapers looking for a convenient device with great flavor, they are filling the void left by the federal ban of prefilled vape pod flavors. They require no charging or filling, yet are satisfying due to their use of nic salts. For a rundown of the disposable vapes on the market, check out our review of the best disposable vapes.


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Most of the disposable vapes on the market are stick disposables. About four inches long, they rely on a cotton polyfill to store their ejuice contents and are generally powered by a 280mAh. The next most common type is the disposable mini vape. The Myle Mini, Mojo, Stig and Twst are all fine examples. This style is generally less than 3 inches in the length. The space savings are obtained by storing the ejuice in a sealed pod, which is placed parallel to the battery.


There are three major outliers. The Sea Air is card disposable, taking its inspiration from the Suorin Air. Although it also uses a polyfill, the wider shape allows for an ejuice capacity of 2.6ml, which is nearly double that of a typical stick style disposable. The Sea Air is powered by a 450mAh battery.


There are also a couple of one-off disposable designs. The Posh Plus is a cylindrical disposable. Although it uses a polyfill, the internal arrangement more closely resembles an eGo cartomizer than a Puff Bar Disposable.


The Myle Slim is perhaps the most unusual disposable on the market at this time. It alone stores ejuice in a transparent, although not removable pod. It does not have the elevated capacity of a Sea Air or Posh Plus but does deliver fantastic flavor. Vapor4Life has the widest selection of the best disposable vapes on the market. Click here for disposable vapes.


Disposable Vape Alternatives


If you are looking for a more economical approach, check out our feature on the top disposable vape alternatives. As flavorful and convenient as disposable vapes are, the combination of refillable vape pod kit and bottled nic salt ejuice is always a less expensive option. With ejuices like VGod, Twst, I Love Salts and Slt NKD 100, you can have far more control over all aspects of your vaping.



And there are a ton of very easy to use devices on the market that are perfect for nic salts. From our own Vapor Titan Clearomizer, reviewed here and found to be one of the best ways to vape nic salts, to the mighty Vapor Zeus and compact Smok Novo 2, you should be able to find a device to fit your vaping needs.



Shade Disposable versus Crushed Vapes Disposable


Crushed Vapes


Crush Vapes uses the familiar stick style disposable format. Containing 1.3ml of ejuice and with a nic strength of 6 percent, on paper it is a device with plenty of peers and competition.


Notable is the use of dedicated and tapered mouthpiece. Many of the most popular disposables have little to no mouthpiece at all, with the two ends being nearly visually indistinguishable at a distance of more than a couple inches. The Zaero Disposable and Posh Disposable have slightly larger mouthpieces but Crushed Vapes is surely the largest in its class.  


 But this is a pretty minor difference in the grand scheme of things. As is the case with all disposable vapes, the technology is so similar that the user preference is going to be dictated entirely by the flavor of the nic salts contained within. With this in mind, it is time to take a look at the Crushed Vapes lineup.


Crushed Vapes Flavors



Orange Crush Crushed Vape


Orange Crush Crushed Vape has a sweet orange flavor that is tingling with citrus pop. An engaging flavor, there is a nice balance of refreshing and tart flavors in every inhale. Fans of tropical fruit, citrus and orange ejuices will appreciate this flavor. If you are looking for this flavor in a disposable but want a less nicotine, the Sweet Orange Zaero is available in 0, 1.8, 3.0 and 5 percent nic strength. If a refillable vape pod kit is more your speed, Orange Pop Clouds Salt ejuice is a great alternative.



Peach Berry Crushed Vape


Crushed Vape Peach Berry is a great example of the flavors that adult vapers overwhelmingly prefer. You would never have to find such a subtle and delightful fruit nic salt a couple years ago. With a sweet and nectary peach flavor as the foundation, the tart and sweet notes of mixed berry accentuate the complexity of flavor found in this compact and easy to use disposable vape.


Berry Honeydew Crushed Vape


If you are looking for the best Vuse Alto Mixed Berry Alternative, you might find a flavor you love in an unexpected place. The berry blend is in Crushed Vape Berry Honeydew is complex and balanced. The sweetness that most adult vapers are looking for is there and the natural tartness makes for a great all day vape. Smoothing out the edges is a perfectly ripe honeydew. Syrupy but not too sweet, this is a great nic salt flavor. Each Crushed Vape holds 1.3ml of 6 percent strength nic salt ejuice.


Iced Sour Apple Crushed Vape


A frigid menthol blast keeps the sour apple candy flavor from overwhelming the taste buds. The apple notes are refreshing and sweet. This is a superb iced fruit vape and is exactly the sort of flavor that adult vapers are looking for. Iced Sour Apple Crushed Vape is a winner.


Blueberry Crush Crushed Vape


The naming convention is a bit clunky but Blueberry Crush Crushed Vape is balanced flavor with plenty of sweet and icy notes. The fruit flavors are immersed in a shell of icy menthol. Any expertly crafted nic salt, the taste of fresh picked blueberry permeates every draw.


Blueberry Mango Crushed Vape


Blueberry and mango are stand-alone nic salt flavors that work even better as a team. Both have a richness and depth that adult vapers have long appreciated. The tropical mango is dense and lush, distinct and authentic flavors permeate. The blueberry is neither cloying or candied, make the Blueberry Mango Crushed Vape a strong all day flavor.  


Shade Disposable Vapes


Changing up the basic stick style disposable template, the Shade Disposable is oval rather than rectangular. More importantly it has a substantial mouth piece and delivers superlative vaping performance. Slightly shorter than a typical stick disposable, each Shade Disposable Vape holds an impressive 1.7ml of ejuice and is available in 5 percent nic strength.


Shade Disposable Vape Flavors



Blue Razz Shade Disposable Vape


The enigmatic Blue Razz flavor has been a favorite of summer vacationers and adult vapers for years. A classic and sweet flavor, it has proven to be well-suited for disposables and nic salt vaping.  A bright and buoyant flavor, the sweet and complex notes are all present in the Blue Razz Shade Disposable. An always popular flavor with the adults who vape disposables, Blue Razz Shade is a strong entrant in a crowded field.


Blue Slushy Shade Disposable Vape


An extremely unique flavor profile, Blue Slushy Shade Disposable is an icy treat with only the faintest hints of blueberry but plenty of mint. The coolness and fruit notes work in unison to create an immersive and mentholated vaping experience.


Melon Craze Shade Disposable Vape


It would seem to be sheer madness to wade into the fiercely competitive world of melon themed disposable vapes. But when you are able to deliver the flavors that adult vapers demand it is not lunacy. Especially when melon nic salts are all the craze. The fruity and hyper-realistic Melon Craze Shade Disposable Vape is laden with honeydew flavors and watermelon notes. They blend together perfectly. Not overly saccharine but balanced and ripe.


Mojito Shade Disposable Vape


How does a distinct flavor like Mojito translate into a nic salt disposable vape? Quite well it turns out. The tradition of tremendous beverage vapes is proudly upheld by the Mojito Shade Disposable Vape.  Much like a real mojito, only the faintest with of rum is present. Cool mint and tart lime are the prominent flavors. Cool and tart, with a rummy richness, this is a great vape and a unique flavor.  percent.


Strawberry Banana Shade


Ripe strawberry has always been a great and popular flavor, which is one reason why so many adult vapers enjoy strawberry vapes. Strawberry has sweetness, tart and ripeness. The distinct strawberry flavor is always pleasing. But it achieves even greater heights when blended with a sweet and creamy banana flavored ejuice. Banana imparts a distinctly ripe and rich mouthfeel. An impressive and popular flavor, the Strawberry Banana Shade Disposable checks all the boxes as a great nic salt flavor.


Pink Punch Lemonade Shade Disposable Vape


Pink Lemonade consistently makes for great beverage vape nic salts. The tartness of the lemon keeps the sugary blast from becoming overwhelming or cloying. The citrus notes add balance and complexity. The spot-on pink lemonade taste is as refreshing and satisfying as it sounds. Pink lemonade is a flavor we all know and love. The Pink Punch Lemonade Shade Disposable delivers the goods.