Best Nic Salt Vape Juices

With the federal flavor ban decimating the remaining prefilled vape pod flavors, adult vapers have had to turn elsewhere to find the flavors that the vast majority prefer. If you live in a state where additional restrictions are not in place, check out our resource page on state vape bans for additional information, there are two obvious solutions.

Disposable Vapes

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The first is disposable vapes. We have reviewed the best disposable vapes here, and have the widest selection of the most popular disposable ecigs on the market. Disposables are popular with adult vapers who were previously using prefilled vape pod kits because they are incredibly easy to use and deliver a satisfying experience.

Particularly popular in the disposable vape universe are iced fruit flavors. Lush Ice, Lychee Ice and Mango are the biggest hits. There are so many options that dedicated considerable time to determining who made the best Lush Ice disposable vape.

They have great flavor and rely on smooth nic salt ejuices. But not all disposables are high nicotine. The Zaero Disposable for instance is available in four nic strengths: 0, 1.8, 3.0 and 5 percent. Ziip ZPods come in 4 nic strengths as well. We have reviewed the best lower nicotine disposable vapes.

Refillable Vape Pod Kits

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The more cost effective solution is using a device which can be filled with bottled vape juices, such as a refillable vape pod kit. Fans of prefilled vape pods will likely gravitate towards nic salt vape juices, the same style of formulation made popular by Juul.

With nic salts and a refillable vape pod kit, it is easy to recreate the satisfying and easy to use experience of a Juul or Vuse Alto. There are plenty of great devices on the market and an even wider selection of flavors.

Before taking a look at the top nic salt vape juices on the market, it is worth examining some of the device options that are available. The Vapor Titan Clearomizer is one of the best ways to vape nic salts.

The Smok Novo 2 is another easy to use autodraw vape pod kit. If you are looking for something a bit bigger, the Smok RPM40 is an excellent option. It can handle any ejuice you throw at it and the Smok RPM80 has the power to rival mods. We compare the two here: Smok RPM40 vs SmokRPM80.

Nic Salt Vape Juice

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There is a lot of competition among nic salt vape juice makers. Both new comers and established manufacturers of very credible ejuices have dedicated considerable time and effort to creating flavorful and smooth nic salt ejuices.

The result is a host of the flavors that adult vapers prefer. Nic salts are ideal for mouth to lung vaping and for former heavy smokers and fans of prefilled vape pods.For more information on what makes nic salts unique, check out our deep dive: What is Salt Nic?

VGod Nic Salt Vape Juices

As we outlined in our feature on the Best Stig Alternatives, you can easily enjoy the flavors found in the popular Stig disposable in a device of your choice. VGod Nic Salt Vape Juices utilize the exact same formulas but in a convenient 30ml bottle.

Whether it is the original VGod Lush Ice Salt Nic Vape Juice or their new VGod Summer Strawberry and popular Mango Bomb, these are the same ejuices that fans of disposable vapes love. They also have a dessert inspired VGod Pink Cakes, multiple mango flavors, the delightful grape Purple Bomb, Melon Mix and many more.

If disposables are still your preferred method, here is our feature on the best Lush Ice Disposable Vapes. VGod Nic Salts are sold in a convenient, skinny 30ml bottle and are available in 2.5 and 5 percent nic strength.

I Love Salts

Mad Hatter Juice made the plunge into the world of nic salt vape juices several year back and their lineup of I Love Salts Nic Salts has expanded into one of the most comprehensive in the industry. We reviewed all twenty nine of their flavors in our comparison: I Love Salts versus Mr Salt E.

Although they have a number of legacy flavors, I Love Salts Vape Juice has responded to the popularity of fruit-menthol blends in disposable. Their new Blueberry Raspberry Ice, a delightful Strawberry Ice and a cold Classic Menthol has greatly strengthened an already solid lineup which included luminaries like I Love Salts Tropic Mango and Juul influenced Spearmint Gum. I Love Salts Vape Juices come in 2.5 and 5.0 percent nic strength and are sold in 30ml bottles.

Pop Clouds the Salt

When they debuted last year, we did a complete review of the Pop Clouds the Salt lineup. Available in 3.5 and 5.0 percent nic strength, adult vapers can rock out to the sweet and tart flavors of classic popping candies when they vape Pop Clouds the Salt Nic Salts. With classics like Pop Clouds Blue Razz, the legendary Pop Clouds First Flight which is a peach, pomegranate and citrus nic salt. If a paired down profile is more your speed, Pop Clouds Peach is a syrupy and delightful nic salt. All of their ejuices have that extra little flair that makes them stand out in crowded field and they are great all day vapes. Disposable vape fans will find plenty to love in the Pop Clouds portfolio. Pop Clouds Vape Juices are sold in 30ml bottles.

Mr Salt E

There are several permutations of their name floating about but no matter how you spell it, whether you go with Mr Salty, Mr. Salt E-Liquid, or Mr Salt-E E-Liquid, there is no denying that Mr Salt-E produces some of the best nicotine salt vape juice around. For the record, it says Mr Salt-E E-Liquid on each 30ml bottle. Available in 2.5 and 4.5 percent nic strength, Mr Salt E Nic Salt Vape Juice has a well-balanced collection of flavors to choose from. These are the flavors that adults prefer and include industry standards like Orange Mango Guava Mr Salt E, a frigid Menthol Ice and Mint Mr Salt E. They also have some more unique flavors like Strawberry Custard and Mr Salt E Oops, which is a fruit and menthol blend that competes in the Lush Ice category.

Twst Salts

Like VGod, Twst has a line of disposables that carries their exclusive line of Twst Nic Salts. But Twst Disposables vapes do not have the full Twst Nic Salt vape juice selection. Their disposables are also a more expensive way to vape their strong flavor line. And what an array Twst offers, their most popular flavor is Iced Watermelon Madness, a head-on competitor with VGod Lush Ice.

Another popular flavor, Twst Salt Honeydew Melon Chew, takes the most lackluster ingredient in a fruit cup and turns it into one of the most refreshing nic salts on the market. They have some non-iced fruit vapes as well: an airy Twst Watermelon Madness and the beverage inspired Twst Pink Punch Lemonade. But most nic salt fans will be looking at flavors like Iced Pink Punch and Twst Iced Pucker Punch for satisfaction. NKD 100 Nic Salt vape juices come in 30ml bottles and come in two nic strengths: 3.5 and 5.0 percent.

Twst Salts are derived from the same high-quality flavor profiles that made regular Twist Vape Juices famous but have a nic strength of 3.5 and 5.0 percent. Twst Salts are sold in 30ml bottles. The complete Twist Nic Salt lineup was reviewed here.

Nkd 100 Salt Eliquids

Naked 100 is a well-respected ejuice company. By subtracting the vowels and adding salt nic, they created an extensive collection of salt nics under the NKD 100 name. The quality of their vape juices carries over to the NKD 100 Nic Salt line.

We compared VGod versus NKD 100 in a recent showdown. Their selection proved impressive and their Polar Breeze NKD 100 Salts is a strong entrant in the Lush Ice, menthol fruit arena. NKD 100 Brain Freeze is another balanced and modern fruit-ice combo that disposable vape fans will adore.

NKD 100 Salts also has one of the best Juul Mango alternatives in the form of NKD 100 Amazing Mango. With nine flavors to choose from, NKD 100 Salts has one of the most comprehensive and enjoyable lineups of nic salt vape juices on the market. Naked 100 Ejuice sells their NKD 100 Salt line in 30ml bottles that are available in 3.5 and 5.0 percent nicotine strength.

Pachamama Salts

In our review of Pachamama Salts last year, we loved the fresh fruit flavors and an attentional to the detail that adult vapers appreciate. From the pared down and delightful Fuji Pachamama Nic Salt Vape Juice to a smooth, jaunty Pachamama Sorbet, these are all incredible flavors devised by master formulators. The creaminess of Pachamama Sorbet makes it the best Juul Cream alternative and in the author’s opinion it is the superior flavor with a bold admixture of tart fruit elements.

Classic flavors like Pachamama Honeydew Melon, another great example of the lamest of fruits being turned into the finest of nic salts, and Pachamama Starfruit Grape are a couple of other fantastic formulas. As we know, there is no lineup of nic salts complete without at least one blend of menthol and fruit. Pachamama Icy Mango is a very strong take on a flavor profile that has proven extremely popular with adult vapers. Pachamama Nic Salts are sold in 30ml bottles and available in 2.5 and 5.0 percent nic strength. Pachamama Salts are some of the smoothest and most brightly flavored vape juices on the market today.


The Saveur Vapes surfing themed family of SVRF nic salt vape juices is one of the strongest and most eclectic collections on the market. From the silken SVRF Balanced Nic Salt, a coconut and cream vape juice, to the classic tropical flavors of SVRF Refreshing, Saveur has done a great job of crafting complex ejuices that take full advantage of the smooth nic salt throat hit. The unique flavors of SVRF Satisfying includes elements of dragon fruit and raspberry tea.

SVRF Nic Salts are sold in 30ml and are available in 2.4 and 4.8 percent nic strength.

Beard Salts

Beard Vape Co EJuice has transitioned seamlessly from an artisanal shop into one of the biggest players on the vape juice market. They still use the inscrutable numerical naming convention that they started with but the flavors behind the numbers are familiar and quite popular.

In boxing, a strong beard refers to the strength of your chin. And Beard has proven up to the challenge of their many competitors with smash nic salt hits like Beard 71 Salt, a candied peach delight, and The Salty One, which is a nostalgic breakfast cereal flavors that springboard off the popularity of the original The One. Beard nic salts are sold in 30ml bottles and are available in 3.0 and 5.0 percent nic strength.

Salty Fog Nic Salts

Legendary vape juice powerhouse Cosmic Fog is throwing their weight around in the nic salt arena, after years of crafty yummy, high VG, low nic ejuices. They have successfully retained many of the same flavor elements that made their regular ejuices so popular. Authentic flavor tones that are well balanced and never overly sweet. The focus is on all day vaping, and Salty Fog Nic Salts excel in this regard.

Salty Fog Vape Juices come in three nicotine strengths: 2.4, 3.6 and 4.8 percent. Unlike most other nic salts, these are 60 percent VG formulas. This means that they have a heartier cloud and even less throat hit than the typical nic salt. It is a great compromise. Simply Mint Salty Fog is perfect for fans of Juul Mint and Salty Fog Cucumber Mint is a perfect Juul Cucumber alternative.  Bringing brightness to an icy cold lineup is Salty Fog Neon Berry.  Sold in 30ml, you get far more value from a bottle of Salty Fog vape juice than you will from a 0.7 or 1.8ml prefilled vape pod.

Crisp Salts

As you might suspect from a company branding themselves “crisp”, Crisp Salts Nic Salts offers the sophisticated adult vaper plenty of rich fruit options. The outstanding Crisp Salts Merry Mango will bring a smile to former Juul Mango vapers. For the millions of adults who love candied nic salts, Crisp Salts Sour Apple packs in both authentic tasting fruit flavors and plenty of hard candy goodness.

If you are looking for a full-fledged fruity sugar bomb, Apple Honey Crisp Salts contains all of the elements of fresh red apple and sweet honey that you are looking for. Crisp Salts are sold in 30ml vape juice bottles and come in 2.4, 3.6 and 4.8% nicotine strength.

Baton Vapor

Sold in unique 10ml bottles, Baton Vapor is unique in two regards. The first is that you can purchase smaller quantities in order to more easily sample flavors and select your favorite. The second is that their juices are expressly designed for a specific device: the Baton Vapor V2 refillable vape pod kit. Their nic salts easily work in other devices, they have stuck to the time tested 50/50 VG/PG mix found in most nic salts, but the device and vape juices are made for each other. The Baton V2 is a great Juul alternative, based on both form factor and performance. It has a tight draw and tremendous flavor.

Baton is playing the greatest hits when it comes to flavor. Baton Glacier Mint is chilly on exhale but with hard peppermint candy inspiration. Baton Island Mango is the dank, dripping and complex mango nic salt that adult vapers have grown to expect. Baton Iced Watermelon is a shot over the bow at other Lush Ice competitors.