Ever since nicotine salts became popular, it seems like every juice company is coming out with their own line of nic salt juice. That’s not a bad thing, unless you’re wracking your brain trying to pick a nicotine salt potion. Worry not, fearless vapers. We’ve narrowed it down for you. Mr. Salt-E Liquid When it comes to nicotine salt e-juice, Mr. Salt-E Liquid really stands out. Their e-liquid team does a skillful job giving you the nic hit you need without sacrificing a delicious flavor. Mr. Salt-E Liquid came in on the cutting edge of the nic salts scene, so they’re a little more established than some of the other salt flavors or nic salt branch-offs you’ll find out there. Mr. Salt E-Liquid has your go-to nicotine salt flavors: tobacco, menthol, etc. They’ve also got some more creative flavors that include cotton candy, peanut butter cookie (my fave), and a must-try flavor called Oops that was —you guessed it— made by accident!   I Love Salts I Love Salts is a nicotine salt e-juice line that comes from an established brand known for their high-VG juices: Mad Hatter Vapes. Like the signature line from Mad Hatter, the I Love Salts line is full of yummy flavors, including Fruity Cereal and Strawberry Candy. If you prefer tobacco or menthol flavors, there's the dreamy Sweet Tobacco and the eye-opening Spearmint Gum.   Naked 100 Salt Naked 100 is known for its unadulteratedly delicious fruit e-juice blends, so it follows suit that Naked 100 Salt would offer an array of pleasantly fruity nicotine salt e-juice blends. Their nic salt selection draws inspiration from some of their most popular flavors. From the kiwi and pomegranate-infused brain freeze to the tropical-tinged Lava Flow, Naked 100 Salt's nicotine salt e-juice is sure to satisfy. Shop our full selection of nicotine salt e-juice and pick your favorite!