Best NJoy Alternatives

Federal Flavor Ban


Strict e-cig laws punish marginalized groups and no group will be hit harder than vapers who rely on convenience stores and gas stations to obtain their cigarette alternative of choice. A study conducted by Dr. Farsalino that surveyed 69,000 adult vapers found that a majority of adult vapers prefer flavored vape juice. The federal flavor ban removes all pod and cartridge flavors from the market that are not tobacco or menthol.


These new restrictions are piled on top of state flavor bans that cut off even adults using refillable vaping devices as well. For more information on vaping restrictions, check out our feature: Vape Ban Laws By State.



NJoy Ace


The NJoy Ace is exactly the style of device that federal regulators were looking to target with the flavor ban. A prefilled vape pod kit, each pod holds 1.9ml of nic salt vape juice and is available with a nic strength of 5 percent.


Juul versus Vuse Alto may be the main event, but the NJoy Ace is designed to go head to head with both. The MyBlu is another worthy contender in this category. Two major NJoy Ace flavors have been taken off the table:


Watermelon NJoy Ace


Blueberry NJoy Ace


The good news, if you live in a state which has not imposed additional onerous restrictions on vaping, is that NJoy Ace users have countless viable options to choose from.


Refillable Vape Pod Kits


NJoy Ace users willing to make the switch to refillable vape pod kits have dozens of viable options to choose from. Last year, we reviewed a number of the industry leading vape pods in our feature on the Top Ten Juul Alternatives. Suffice it to say, a Juul alternative is also an NJoy Ace alternative.


Since the writing of that review, a couple of other worthy contenders have hit the market as well. Size, flavor and ease of use make the Smok Novo 2 an outstanding option for anyone looking to switch to a refillable vape pod. We compared it to its storied predecessor: Smok Novo versus Smok Novo 2. The UWell Caliburn is another critically acclaimed pod system (reviewed here).



As far as finding a bottled nic salt ejuice to replace your favorite NJoy flavor, there is a surplus of options. Twst Salt Watermelon Madness is probably the most popular watermelon nic salt but Mr Salt-E Watermelon, Pachamama Strawberry Watermelon and Pop Clouds Watermelon are all great options. It all comes down to personal preference.


If you want to try one of the hottest flavors in nic salt vaping, there are even more Lush Ice flavors to choose from. Lush Ice is a combination of watermelon and menthol, often leavened with hints of raspberry. VGod Lush Ice was the innovator of this segment and there are tons of Lush Ice’s in the disposable vape arena.  


Best Disposable Vapes

best disposable vapes

If filling a pod is not an option, there are plenty of great disposables to choose from as well. Disposables may be the best Juul alternative, they are certainly the easiest to use, and are ideal for NJoy Ace users who want access to the style of flavors adults prefer.


One advantage of disposables is that they are single use. It is easy to sample the NJoy Ace alternatives listed below and pick your favorite. Unlike a 30ml bottle nic salts, you will not be stuck vaping it for the better part of a month.


Disposable vapes check many of the same boxes as a prefilled vape pod kit. They are autodraw, last several hundred puffs, rely on nic salts and generate amazing flavor. They are convenient, discrete and require no filling or chargin.


Best Lush Ice Disposables


There is a surprising shortage of blueberry nic salts in bottled form but they are more prevalent in disposable vapes. If you NJoy Ace Watermelon is your favorite, it is worthy giving a Lush Ice flavor a try. Here are reviews of the Best Lush Ice Disposables. Some are very icy and others are very fruity with only hints of menthol. It is worth sampling several, as disposables give you this option.


Twst Iced Madness

Sea Stix Lush Ice

Posh Lush Ice

Posh Plus Minty Melon

Pop Vape Lush Ice


NJoy Ace Watermelon Alternatives


If you cannot handle the frigid chill of Lush Ice, here are some mint-free options.


Puff Bar Watermelon

Z-Pod Watermelon

Z-Pod Watermelon Lemonade


NJoy Ace Blueberry Alternatives


NJoy Ace Blueberry fans also have a number of candied Blue Razz, pure blueberry and blueberry ice flavors to work with.


Zaero Blu Razz

Zaero Blueberry Lemonade

Puff Bar Blueberry Ice

Posh Blueberry Ice

Puff Bar Blue Razz

Sea Stix Blue Slushie

Pop Vape Blue Raz

Blue Razz Ice Cali Bar

Blue Razz Cali Bar


NJoy Daily


One of the major players in the brick and mortar vaping market, NJoy was not hit as hard as Juul, Vuse, MyBlu or Logic. They are still able to offer the NJoy Daily, as disposable vape, in the flavors that the overwhelming majority of adults prefer to vape. For an overview of the competition, check out our deep-dive: Best Disposable Vapes review.


Most of the best disposable vapes on the market are either stick style or disposable mini vapes. The NJoy Daily is a cylindrical cigalike. It has a softer form factor, allowing the user to grip it more easily between their chompers. The NJoy Daily is a bit light on the ejuice capacity, holding 0.95ml.


Mini disposables measure less than 3 inches but still generally hold around 1ml of ejuice. The typical stick style disposable holds 1.3 to 1.4ml, with the Zaero Disposable and Posh holding 1.8ml and the Posh Plus holding a heft 2ml.


The NJoy daily uses nic salts, like its disposable vape rivals. It is available in two nic strengths: 4.5 and 6 percent. Both of these numbers are fairly high. Most disposable vapes have a strength of either 5 or 6 percent. There are disposables on the market with a wider range of nicotine options. The Zaero is available in a nicotine free form, 1.8, 3.0 and 5.0 percent. Puff Bar, Cali Bars and Z-Pods also come in multiple nic strengths. We reviewed these flexible disposables in our deep-dive into the world of Lower Nicotine Disposables.


The good news for fans of the NJoy Daily is that it is widely available and has four flavors that are not tobacco and menthol. If you are a fan of the NJoy Daily, it may be worth your while to check out the current crop of disposables. They have larger ejuice capacities and are available in a much range of flavor options. The NJoy Daily has four flavors to choose from.


Watermelon NJoy Daily


Tropical Twist NJoy Daily


Apple Melon NJoy Daily


Blue + Black Berry NJoy Daily


NJoy Loop


Fans of the more sophisticated NJoy Loop did not fare as well with the new federal flavor ban. The device requires screwing a prefilled cartridge onto a 1000mAh battery. Although vape pods and not cartridges are largely blamed for the teen vaping epidemic, regulators were unable to craft verbiage that spared cartridge cigalikes and restricted prefilled nic salt pods.


As a result, the rock solid NJoy Loop device is losing two of its flavors:


Tropical Twist NJoy Loop


Blue + Black Berry NJoy Loop


NJoy Loop Tropical Twist Alternatives


A tasty blend of pineapple and kiwi, Tropical Twist faces some heavy competition from rival disposable vapes.


Puff Bar Pineapple Lemonade

Z-Pod Banana Pineapple

Pop Vape Mango Peach Pineapple Pop

Pop Vape Iced Pineapple

Posh Pineapple Slush


NJoy Black + Blueberry Alternatives


As the list of NJoy Ace Blueberry alternatives demonstrates, there is no shortage of options for that flavor profile. Blackberry is a less common flavor but there is one obvious alternative.