Best Posh Plus Alternatives

Disposable Vapes

With flavored pods getting yanked from the market by the federal government, adult vapers in search of an easy to use and satisfying device that is still available in the flavors they prefer have gravitated towards disposable vapes. But refillable devices like the Vapor Zeus and Vapor Titan remain the most cost effective way to vape nic salts.

Disposable vapes have much to recommend, as they deliver amazing performance and require no charging, filling, or pod swapping. Vapor4Life offers the widest selection of disposables to insure that our disposable vape customers can always find the flavor profile they want. Even if your favorite device is sold out of given flavor, chances are you will find a delicious and comparable nic salt disposable. Vapor4Life carries a huge selection of refillable vape pod kits because we know that one size does not fit all. But we have found that when it comes to flavor and vapor, there is no better way to vape nic salts than a Vapor Titan Clearomizer or a Vapor Zeus.

Posh Plus

One of the most popular disposable vapes on the market is the Posh Plus. It has a unique design. Where most disposables on the market are either stick style disposables like the Puff Bar, Zaero and regular Posh, the Posh Plus is a robust cylindrical design. This greater girth always for the inclusion of a much larger battery (450mAh versus 280mAh) and 2ml of ejuice. The Posh Plus has a nic strength of 6 percent. If you are looking for a lower nicotine disposable vape, check out the Zaero which is available in four nicotine strengths (0, 1.8, 3.0 and 5.0 percent).

The Cali Bar Disposable is also available in 2 and 5 percent nic strengths, as is the Twst Disposable. Select flavors of the Ziip ZPods are available in four nic strengths as well: 1.8, 3.0, 5.0 and 6.0 percent.

The Zaero Disposable is available in four nic strengths including nicotine free. Click here.

But despite being bigger than any disposable vape other than the credit card shaped Sea Air, the Posh Plus is not the cheapest way to vape nic salts. If you really want to save money, a refillable device is the way to go. For a one time investment in a device and the price of a replacement coil, cartomizer or pod, you can use a device that is more capable, flavorful and long lasting than any disposable vape. And with bottled nic salts being sold in 30ml bottles for less than $20, you can save hundreds of dollars per month and enjoy even better flavor and vapor production.

Perhaps you are concerned by the inconvenience or annoyance of filling your own device. We have made this easy with the video below: Filling Your Vapor Zeus in Five Easy Steps. Vaping nic salts in a Vapor Zeus couldn’t be easier.  

Posh Plus Alternatives

If you are a fan of the Posh Plus, chances are you have a few favorite flavors and may be hesitant to switch to the more affordable combination of a refillable device and bottled nic salts. But the good news is that popular flavor profiles are popular flavor profiles. And there is a lot of overlap between manufacturers. This is the same reason why we carry so many disposable brands. Vapor4Life has a huge selection of nic salts and many Posh Plus flavors will have multiple options to choose from. As far as devices, whether you like the crystal clear flavor of the Vapor Titan Clearomizer, convenience of a Smok Novo 2 or power of a Vapor Zeus or Smok RPM80, somewhere there is a device that will supersede your most favorable experience with disposable vapes.

It is also possible that you are a Posh Plus smoker who was a heavy smoker and don’t really want nic salts at all. That you prefer the authentic throat hit and clear tastes of a high-PG ejuice. The Vapor Zeus works equally well with both. So we have provided nic salt and Wow and Premium flavor alternatives below.

Frozen Strawberry Posh Plus

The most popular Posh Plus flavor, Frozen Strawberry tempers the sweetness of strawberry with a blast of menthol and tendrils of tart berry flavor. A great flavor, but there are other strawberry flavors on the market that are sure to appeal to Posh Plus vapers.

I Love Salts Strawberry Ice

I Love Salts has created a perfect alternative to the wildly popular Frozen Strawberry Posh Plus. Cold and bright, with a crisp strawberry flavor, I Love Salts Strawberry Ice is exactly what fans of strawberry ice nic salts are looking for. I Love Salts nic salts are available in 2.5 and 5 percent nic strength.

Wow Berry Splash

What Wow Berry Splash lacks in could menthol it makes up for with complex mixed berry flavor tones. Blueberry, strawberry and raspberry blend together perfectly in this confluence of delightful fruit flavors. Wow ejuices are available in 7 nic strengths, a big advantage if you are looking for lower nicotine options than the 6 percent Posh offers. The peak nic strength in a Wow Juice is 3.6 percent and has fairly stout throat kick.

Cali Peach Posh Plus

The nectary and juicy flavor of a peach nic salt is instantly distinguishable. You will mistake Cali Peach Posh Plus for no other fruit and when mixed with menthol ice it makes for a delightful vaping experience. There are not as many peach nic salts on the market as some of the other flavors, but there are some viable options with which to top off your Vapor Zeus.

Pop Clouds Peach

A peachy keen flavor, there is a basket full of flavor here. The predictably delicious peach nic salt flavor is present from start to finish. The lack of menthol does not really detract as the Cali Peach Posh Plus is one of their less minty flavors. Pop Clouds is known for their amazing fruit themed flavors and Pop Clouds Peach comes in 3.5 and 5.0 percent nic strength.

Wow Peach Breeze

A juicy Georgia peach has found its soulmate in the form of cool menthol, creating a deliciously unique pairing. The distinct menthol flavor offsets the throat hit delivered by this high-PG, regular nicotine ejuice. Wow Peach Breeze comes in seven nic strengths and is perfect for heavy smokers looking for a cooling peach vape.

Mint Ice Posh Plus

Ever since Juul Mint hit the market, straight menthol nic salts have been a top seller. With Juul Mint gone, Posh Plus has stepped to the throne to provide the cooling, all-day vaping experience that adult vapers love with their Mint Ice Posh Plus. There is no shortage of both bottled nic salts and disposables that are menthol or mint. But for the sake of brevity we had to select one.

Mr Salt-E Menthol Ice

With nic strengths of 2.5 and 4.5 percent, Mr Salt E provides the satisfaction, smoothness and incredible frigid flavor profile that adult vapers have grown to love. The flavor artisans at Mr. Salt-E Liquid put a lot of work into making sure Mr Salt-E Menthol Ice was infused with a smooth and pure menthol, but sparked with lots of icy undertones. The menthol flavors cool your tongue on the inhale and leave a lingering tingly aftertaste on the exhale.

Wow Peppermint

The intense chill of a deliciously sweet candy cane or peppermint hard candy makes Peppermint the hottest Wow Eliquid ever. It predates Juul Mint and truly illustrates why adult vapers and smokers have gravitated towards chilly menthol flavors. The fact it is not a nic salt gives it more throat kick but this is heavily masked by the frigid finish. Available in 7 percent nicotine, if you are looking to make the switch away from nic salts to a high-PG ejuice, Wow Peppermint is probably as good of a starting place as any.  

Frosted Apple

Whether it is sour green apple candy or juicy red delicious, apple is one of the most distinct and enjoyable ejuice flavors on the market. Growing in popularity, Posh Plus will probably face a ton more competition in this segment shortly but as it is, compared to flavors like Lush Ice, it is underrepresented.

VGod Iced Apple Bomb

As outlined in our feature on the Best Stig Alternatives, fans of VGod are in an enviable situation. The can enjoy their flavors in the tiny and convenient convenient Stig disposable vape or in bottled ejuice form. Not every Stig flavor is yet available in the disposable however and one of these missing ejuices in VGod Iced Apple Bomb. Luckily, this great flavor works perfectly in refillable vape pod kits and is an ideal Posh Plus Frozen Apple alternative.  Like the Posh Plus Frost Apple, the fruit notes are mixed with hard candy. But the end result is never too sweet thanks to the realistic tart notes and the icy finish. Like virtually every nic salt on the market, VGod ejuices are sold in 30ml bottles and come in nic strengths of 2.5 and 5.0 percent.

Wow Apple Breeze

Just like Posh Plus Frosted Apple, the sour bite of apple hard candy is coated in a thick layer of menthol. There are some tart and realistic fruit notes as well, like a tart Granny Smith. Apple Breeze Wow is riding the menthol-fruit wave and has a realistic draw that mimics a real cigarette. Ideal for heavy smokers who are looking to avoid a tobacco flavor. Wow ejuices come in seven nic strengths: nic free, 0.4, 0.8, 1.1, 1.8, 2.4 and 3.6 percent.

Frozen Mango Posh Plus

Juul Mango made mango nic salts the hottest flavor with adult vapers. The tropical fruit flavor is perfectly balanced and never too sweet. Posh Plus took this amazing flavor profile to the next level by blasting it with a menthol chill. Of course, everyone was quick to jump on the mango nic salt train because it is simply a flavor that works. And as a result, fans of the Posh Plus will find a surfeit of flavor options.

VGod Iced Mango Bomb

The explosive flavor of Mango Bomb is twice as nice with a layer of ice. Mango Bomb VGod is a tremendous flavor on its own but the cold minty exhale really draws out a deep and rich mango flavor. Iced Mango Bomb Nic Salt juice by VGOD is the same vape flavor that is used in the popular Iced Mango Bomb Stig Vape. Available in 2.5 and 5 percent nic strength.

Wow Mango

Vapor4Life's succulent Mango E Liquid flavor captures the authentic fresh taste of a ripe Alphonso mango harvested abroad at the peak of the summer season. This tropical vape juice classic packs a punch of tangy, fruity enchantment. Our Mango E Juice is a sweet and invigorating e liquid that promises to please every fan of fruit flavored e cigarette juices. The ice is not missed because this flavor is never cloying and delivers an authentic throat kick. The high-PG formula has a crystal clear flavor.