Best Prefilled Vape Pod and Cartridge Alternatives

Strict Vape Bans Punish Marginalized

Strict ecig laws punish marginalized groups and funnel vapers back onto combustible cigarettes. Despite this reality, the day of the flavor ban has finally hit. All prefilled cartridges and vape pods, other than tobacco and menthol, have been banned.

Most adult vapers prefer the vilified “characterizing” flavors, such as fruits, beverages, candies and desserts. There is nothing wrong with tobacco vapes per se but consumers have shown a strong prefer for bright and often sweet ejuices.

Unfortunately, there are many cities and states out there that have taken ecig bans a step further. Check out our state vape ban laws resource page for additional information.

Federal Vape Ban

In response to what has been framed as the teen vaping epidemic, lawmakers in many states are demanding that ex-smokers either embrace the gold standard of total nicotine abstinence, use the nicotine replacement therapies that were easily outperformed by vaping in a New England Journal of Medicine study, or switch back to actual cigarettes. They totally ignore the CDC statistics that examine why kids vape.

One of the most glaring examples is San Francisco punishing the marginalized groups their political class claims to champion and betraying a history of humane harm reduction policies. The LGTBQ+ community vapes and smokes at a higher rate than any other group.

Rural residents are especially hard hit by vaping restrictions, a fact that prompted Iowa AG Thomas Miller, long standing foe of the tobacco industry, to question the direction of FDA regulations.

2019 Vaping Panic

The CDC has confirmed what has been known since late last August: vitamin E acetate and black market THC cartridges were responsible for the outbreak of vaping lung disease.

The CDC did not find a single sample of nicotine ejuice that contained vitamin E acetate. They went so far as to explain why vitamin E acetate is incompatible with nicotine ejuices in their study published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

“Pure THC oil has a viscosity like that of vitamin E acetate. Cutting THC oil with vitamin E acetate has been reported to be common in the illicit market.9-11 The FDA reports that most case-associated THC product fluids contain vitamin E acetate, at an average concentration of 50% by weight, ranging from 23 to 88%.8 By contrast, the FDA detected no vitamin E acetate in 197 case-associated nicotine products analyzed to date. The viscosity of vitamin E acetate makes it undesirable as an additive to nicotine solutions; the propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin in nicotine solutions create a fluid with a much lower viscosity than that of vitamin E acetate.”

Centers for Disease Control, ” Vitamin E Acetate in Bronchoalveolar-Lavage Fluid Associated with EVALI”, 12/20/2019

Armed with this information to combat the rampant misinformation and the sloppy media coverage of the vaping lung disease outbreak, you might expect the vaping panic to subside a bit.

But you would be wrong. Anti-vapers are fully invested in the fallacy that fruity and sweet ejuices are formulated to lure children. Even though a study conducted by Dr. Farsalino that surveyed 69,000 adult vapers determined that adults greatly prefer fruit, beverage, candy and dessert flavored ejuices.

Anti-vaping politicians have gone so far as to call out specific vape flavors that are low-nicotine ejuices designed for the decidedly kid unfriendly box mod.

Retro ejuice flavors target adult vapers and often recall the cereals and candies of a Reagan (or even Johnson) era childhood. This is how you end up with a low volume, high VG ejuice like Scooby Snacks or Tutti Frutti, regional players at best, being made exhibit A in a press conference attacking vaping. There is not a touch of irony involved, even though these are hardly the cultural touchstones of Gen Z or even millennials, but are references to pop-culture from thirty years ago or more.

But the concept of marketing to nostalgic adult smokers and vapers seems to be impossible for anti-vapers to grasp.

Best Prefilled Vape Pod and Cartridge Alternatives

The only bright spot, if you live in a state which does not have additional restrictions in place, is that you can still enjoy the flavors that adults prefer. You just need to use a refillable vape kit or disposable vape.

Most adults prefer convenient and easy to use prefilled devices or at least did before the most popular flavors were banned. But a refillable device has several advantages.

First and foremost, they are no longer a challenge to fill and wick. We have provided three videos below that will help you fill your Vapor Zeus, Vapor Titan or Vapor Titan Clearomizer the right way. The number of mods, tanks and refillable vape pod kits precludes the creation of instructional videos for every model. But we would be happy to field any inquiries.

Prefilled Cartridge Alternatives

Refillable Vapor Titan Cartridges

Prefilled cartridges are legacy vaping technology. They deliver an authentic experience and are extremely easy to use. Although not filled with nicotine salt ejuice, nor particularly popular with kids, they have been caught up in the federal flavor ban.

Luckily, there is a one-to-one replacement for prefilled cartridges. Refillable or blank cartridges use the exact same hardware as a prefilled cart. Just like a prefilled cart, they are available in low and high resistance. The only difference is that they are empty. They are completely compatible with the Vapor Titan. Did we mention they are actually the exact same cartridge but empty?

Not only do refillable cartridges offer the same performance as a prefilled cart but the exact flavor you love is available in the form of Wow and Premium ejuice. And the additional effort of filling your own cartridge can be offset by real savings. Each refillable cartridge lasts four to five fills, and potentially longer if you do not take overly long puffs.

Here is a tutorial video on how to fill a blank cartridge.

Vapor Titan Clearomizer

Vapor Titan users have a second alternative as well. The Vapor Titan Clearomizer delivers crystal clear flavor and is also extremely easy to use. Perfect for the same ejuices found in prefilled cartridges, the Clearomizer also works great with nic salts, making it a great alternative for prefilled vape pod users as well. If anything, the Clearomizer is even easier to fill as it is clear.

Each Clearomizer is good for a half dozen fills before the flavor starts to deteriorate, and even more if you do not take prolonged inhales. And replacement Clearomizers are quite affordable.

Prefilled Vape Pod Alternatives

Refillable Vape Pod Kits

There are two obvious prefilled vape pod alternatives. The first is a refillable vape pod. This is a self-explanatory alternative. Designed to be easy to fill, compact and delivering performance equivalent or even superior to a prefilled vape pod kit, the world of refillable vape pods is well worth investigating. They are optimized for nic salt ejuices but invariably offer a pod or coil option for regular eliquids as well.

Refillable vape pod kits provide big-time savings. A Juul pod contains only 0.7ml of ejuice. An Alto and MyBlu are a bit more economical but still only tip the scales at around 1.8ml. A bottle of nic salts runs ten to twenty dollars. You could literally replace your pod or coil after each fill-up and still end up ahead.

Some of the standouts in refillable vape pod category are the Smok Novo 2, the credit card shaped Suorin Air Plus and the exceedingly popular UWell Caliburn.

If you are looking for more performance, the Lost Vape Orion DNA Go and Orion Q are the Ferraris of this category. In terms of sheer power and flexibility, the Smok RPM40 is almost unmatched and the Smok RPM80 can either serve as a compact mouth to lung nic salt vape or a cloud chucking rival to the best mods on the market.

Check out our comparison of the Smok Novo vs Smok Novo 2, review of the Smok RPM40, deep-dive into the UWell Caliburn and Top Ten Juul Alternatives for a comprehensive guide to the best refillable vape pod kits on the market today.

Disposable Vapes

As easy as refillable vape pods are to use, there is an even more convenient way to vape nic salts: disposable vapes. These discrete mouth to lung devices deliver crystal clear flavor and require no charging, filling and being autodraw, they do not even require pressing a button. There are ton to choose from. Make sure you check out our sweeping guide to the Best Disposable Vapes for a rundown of what is on the market today.

Disposable vapes are still available in the flavors that adults prefer and there is a tremendous variety to choose from. Vapor4Life has the most expansive selection of disposable vapes you will find anywhere. Click here to view our disposable vape selection.

There are even nic strength options, a welcome addition to a line of products that were once only available in 5 and 6 percent nicotine. The Zaero Disposable is available in four nic strengths, including zero. The popular Cali Bar and Puff Bar line are available in both 2 and 5 percent strength. Select flavors of Ziip ZPods are available in four nicotine strengths as well.

Cigarette Alternatives

Vapor Zeus

Not every smoker has made the switch to vaping. If you are looking for an alternative to combustible cigarettes, the Vapor Zeus offers the most authentic experience on the market. Available in an array of convenient vape starter kits, the Vapor Zeus delivers a rich flavor and a hearty throat hit. Designed for smokers and by smokers, it is easy use.

If you are skeptical of a device that you have to fill, check out our tutorial on filling a Vapor Zeus perfectly every time.