Best Puff Bar Alternatives

Puff Bar, one of the leading names in disposable e-cigs, is closing their doors. Puff Bar rose to prominence by offering the bright and sweet flavors that adult vapers prefer but unfortunately the former smokers and adult vapers who flocked to Puff Bar will have to look elsewhere.


The reason Vapor4Life offers so many disposable vape brands is to make sure that adult vapers can still find their favorite flavor profiles, even if the specific device they prefer is out of stock. This is made easier by the fact that there is so much overlap between disposable ecigs and the varieties of flavors they offer. Just about disposable worth its salt has a mango, blue razz, mint, lychee ice, and lush ice.


Here is your guide to Puff Bar Alternatives.

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Puff Bar Alternatives


Mango Puff Bar


Delicious Mango Puff Bar, a perfect alternative to the discontinued Juul Mango. For a complete deep-dive into your options, check out our feature: the Best Mango Disposable Vapes.


Mango Nectar Cali Bar



If you are looking for a great Mango Puff Bar alternative, there is no better starting point than Mango Nectar Cali Bar. For one, the device is well-nigh identical to a Puff Bar, down to the 1.3ml ejuice capacity and arrow pointing towards the business end. Then there is the fact it is available in 2 and 5 percent nic strength, a huge feature for adult vapers who don’t want the full 5 percent kick. The final reason it is a good fit is flavor. A nectary mango, rich with tropical fruit notes that is never too sweet but tantalizing.


Mango Blazer Bar



Another delicious mango disposable vape with the same form factor as a Puff Bar. This means the draw is similar, the puff count will be roughly equivalent and the flavor fantastic. Blazer Bars deliver big time flavor and have a nic strength of 5 percent. An inexpensive option as well at just $5.99. Listed at 0.8ml but seems to have a comparable life to other stick disposables with a higher capacity.


Blue Razz Puff Bar


Another greatest hit disposable flavor that you can find in myriad devices, our examination of the best Blue Razz Disposables takes a more in-depth look at the competition.


Blue Razz Zaero Disposable



One of the primary weaknesses of disposable vapes has been a lack of nic strength options. The Zaero addresses this issue with four different nic strengths: 0, 1.8, 3.0 and 5.0 percent. The ejuice capacity of 1.8ml in the Zaero is also significantly larger than other stick disposable rivals, the Puff Bar holds only 1.3ml.


But this flexibility does not come at the expense of flavor. The Blue Razz Zaero has the candied elements you want and a surprisingly cool finish for a non-menthol flavor. Perhaps the boldest Zaero flavor, it is easy to see why Blue Razz Zaero is a best seller.


Blue Raz Pop Disposable



With 1.3ml of ejuice and a strength of 5 percent, Blue Raz may be short a “Z’ compared to its rivals but fully competitive in the flavor department. There is just enough tart berry in this mix to keep Blue Raz Pop Disposable from being to cloying. It delivers a nice draw and the fruit candy flavors that adult vapers love.


Pineapple Lemonade Puff Bar


A fine beverage flavor which combines the unmistakable sweetness of pineapple with a balancing element of sweet and tart lemonade.


Pineapple Ice Blow Stix



Blow Stix disposables look similar to a Posh or Zaero but hold a bit less ejuice at 1.2ml of nic salt ejuice, although this is about the same as the Puff Bar’s 1.3ml capacity. The nic strength is 6 percent. The Pineapple Ice flavor itself is precise and perfect alternative for fans of Juul Pineapple Lemonade. It may lack a bit of the sourness but the cool ice blast more than offsets the difference.


Watermelon Puff Bar


Lush Ice disposables may be all the rage but watermelon has long been a favorite vaping flavor. Puff Bar brought this classic flavor to the world of disposables and nic salts. While there is no shortage of Lush Ice competitors, pure watermelon nic salts are a bit more scarce.


Watermelon Ziip ZPod Disposable Vape


 Watermelon Ziip ZPod not only offers a comparable flavor to Watermelon Puff Bar but is available in four nic strengths: 1.8, 3.0, 5.0 and 6.0 percent. The 1.4ml ejuice capacity is slightly more than a Puff Bar.


Strawberry Puff Bar


Puff Bar has a nice selection of menthol ice and regular fruit nic salt flavors. There aren’t a ton of pure strawberry nic salts to replace Strawberry Puff Bar but there are a few where the menthol ice is a minor diversion that really enhances the flavor.


Frozen Strawberry Posh Plus



There is a pinch of menthol in this one but the pureness of the strawberry flavor and outstanding performance of the Posh Plus Disposable makes this a great Strawberry Puff Bar alternative. With a 2ml ejuice capacity and 6 percent nic strength, the Posh Plus should give you more Puffs and satisfaction than a Puff Bar.


Strawberry Ice Level Vape



With 6 percent nic strength and 2ml of ejuice, the Level Vape is nearly identical to a Posh Plus and great alternative to Puff Bar Strawberry.


OMG Puff Bar


Orange mango guava is a great combination and one that Puff Bar brought to the disposable vape masses. There are


OMG Posh Plus


The Posh Plus holds 2ml of ejuice and has a nic strength of 6 percent, compared to Puff Bar’s 1.3ml capacity and 5 percent (or in some cases 2 percent) nic strength. Their OMG flavor is a great flavor and adult vapers will appreciate that it lives on in the Posh Plus.


Banana Ice Puff Bar


Banana Ice vapes have really taken off in popularity this year. The Puff Bar had one of the best banana ice disposable vapes. But there are myriad great options. We have included links to two of the best.


Banana Ice Pop


Pop Disposable Vapes will look really familiar to a Puff Bar fan. The color scheme is a bit fancier but the mouthpiece and airflow are basically identical. So is the 5 percent nic strength and 1.3ml of nic salt ejuice. The flavors themselves are not identical. I actually prefer the Banana Ice Pop Vape over the Puff Bar and fans of Puff Bar will surely be impressed by the clarity of this flavor as well.


Banana Smoothie Posh Plus


Posh Plus on the list again as a Puff Bar alternative. This is no accident. Certain flavors are best sellers and Banana Smoothie/Banana Ice is one. The Posh Plus has more ejuice, is a shorter and stockier device and has a slightly higher nic strength. The upshot is that fans of one will probably like the other.


Peach Ice Puff Bar


Few fruits lend themselves more effectively to smooth mouth to lung vaping than Peach. The addition of ice is perfect for nic salts, due to their lack of throat hit. Here are some Peach Ice Puff Bar alternatives.


Peach Ice Cali Bar


Cali Bars come in two nic strengths: 2 and 5 percent. The device itself is pretty similar to a Puff Bar. No surprises there. The ejuice capacity is also the same at 1.3ml. All that separates them are some tweaks to a very similar flavor profile. I prefer the Cali Bar but there is probably not enough difference to chase off fans of either one.


Peach Ice Sea Air



The Sea Air is a unique card shaped disposable with a massive 2.6ml ejuice capacity, which is twice that of a Puff Bar and nearly four times larger than a Juul pod. One of my favorite disposable designs, it kicks out tons of flavor, is easy to hold and tote and lasts a very long time. The polyfill kicks out near perfect flavor, making Peach Ice Sea Air a great Puff Bar Peach Ice Alternative. Nic strength is 5 percent.


Pink Lemonade Puff Bar


A beverage vape is a beautiful thing when well executed and Pink Lemonade Puff Bar is excellent. The pink lemonade flavor is there: sugary, sour, sweet and cold.  



Pink Punch Lemonade Punch Twst Disposable



Twst Salts are legendary in the bottled nic salt realm. But you can also enjoy them in the tiny and convenient Twst Disposable. Less than 3 inches in length and holding 1.0ml of ejuice, Twst Disposables are sold in 2 packs and also pack the same Twst flavors that vapers have grown to love. Nicotine strength: 5 percent.


Blueberry Ice Puff Bar


One of the all-time great nic salt flavors, there are surprisingly few Blueberry Ice disposables on the market considering its popularity as a bottled nic salt. But Puff Bar had this base covered well until they closed. Now there are just a few great Blueberry Ice disposables remaining.


Iced Blueberry ZPod


The 1.4ml Ziip ZPod has a nic strength of 5 percent. A perfect option for if you are an adult who loves Blueberry Ice nic salts.


Blueberry Ice Hyppe Bar



The Hyppe Bar Ecig holds 1.3ml of ejuice and has a nic strength of 5 percent. It would be tough to pick a Puff Bar from a Hyppe Bar in a lineup but the flavors are a bit different. Luckily, both are outstanding.


Tangerine Ice Puff Bar


In a world flooded with citrus vapes and ejuices, the combination of tangerine ice still sticks out for being unique and delicious. Sweet and light, Tangerine Ice has less overwhelming tartness and citrus bite. This makes the distinction between tangerine and orange flavored ejuices clear on the first inhale.


Tangerine Ice Blow Stix


Blow Stix are known for their great flavor and unique lineup. Tangerine Ice Blow Stix is the only 1-to-1 equivalent to Puff Bar Tangerine Ice, although myriad citrus and orange disposable vapes are available from other manufacturers. Tangerine is a bit sweeter and lighter, with less citrus kick. Which is exactly what many vapers are looking for. The ejuice capacity of the Blow Stix 1.2ml and the nic strength is 6 percent.


Lush Ice Puff Bar


Where do you start when reviewing Lush Ice Disposables? There is certainly no shortage of companies making this great flavor. Well your first stop should be our feature on the Best Lush Ice Disposable Vapes. But if you are ready to buy or looking for a short list we have provided a couple great options below.


Lush Ice Oro Vape



Watermelon, ice, an ecig that holds the same 1.3ml of ejuice that a Puff Bar does and has a similar airflow and mouthpiece. The nic strength of the Puff Bar and Oro Vape are also the same. A no-brainer if you are looking for an alternative. The nic strength is 5 percent.


Minty Melon Posh Plus


There are so Lush Ice options to choose from, it is worth mentioning that some companies refer to their take as Watermelon Ice or in the case of Posh Plus: Minty Melon. The end result is the same. Light and fresh watermelon flavor. Tons of refreshing and icy menthol. The Posh Plus is shorter than a Puff Bar but holds significantly more ejuice (2ml) and has a nic strength of 6 percent.


Melon Ice Puff Bar


No one can be sure how the lamest fruit in any fruit cup has morphed into a great nic salt. But Melon Ice Puff Bar was an instant classic. There are a couple rivals that will fill in nicely.


Honeydew Melon Ice ZPod


The 1.4ml Ziip ZPod Honeydew Melon Ice is a great option for fans of Melon Ice Puff Bar.


Melon Ice Oro Vape


Another great Oro Vape flavor. Both the device and flavor will be familiar enough to Puff Bar users to make a great alternative. Each disposable ecig contains 1.3ml of ejuice and has a 5 percent nic strength


Sour Apple Puff Bar


Green sour apple is a jolly flavor and there are a bunch of great apple disposable vapes on the market. Some are red and some are green. All are outstanding. These are two of your best options.


Frosted Apple Posh Plus


One of the most popular Posh Plus flavors for a reason. Enjoy the longer lasting Posh Plus and this flavor that really plays of the device's strengths. With 6 percent strength nic salts, it is a bit more potent than the Puff Bar however.


Iced Apple Blazer Bars


A classic squared off disposable of the same style that made Puff Bar famous. An iced apple flavor that is every bit as good as Puff Bar's. Fans of Sour Apple Puff Bar would be wise to check out the Iced Apple Blazer Bar. And at only $5.99, it is a lower cost disposable ecig as well. Nic strength is 5 percent.


Cool Mint Puff Bar


Mighty mint. The most legendary nic salt flavor made famous by Juul. Cool Mint Puff Bar was always one of the best Juul Mint alternatives. With the closing of Puff Bar, now we are looking for its replacement. There are a ton of contenders to be honest. And all are worthy. So we narrowed it down to two.


Sweet Mint Cali Bar


Perhaps the best mint disposable vape. Nuff said. Comes in 2 and 5 percent nicotine, which is great for vapers who find 5 percent nic strength to be too much to handle. Each Cali Bar contains 1.3ml of ejuice.


Mighty Mint Pop Disposable


Hot on the heals of Sweet Mint Cali Bar is Might Might Pop. My personal favorite mint disposable. The device and flavor make it a perfect Cool Mint Puff Bar Alternative. A 1.3ml ecig with a nic strength of 5 percent, the Pop and Puff Bar should appeal to the same adult vapers.


Tobacco Puff Bar


Not every Puff Bar flavor is a bright and complex fruit flavor of the type that adult vapers have been shown to overwhelmingly prefer. With flavor bans afoot, Puff Bar would have been remiss to skimp on tobacco ejuices. And they did not. This is a solid tobacco vape, although lacking in an authentic throat kick.


Tobacco Zaero


Available in 0, 1.8, 3.0 and 5.0 percent nic strength, this may be the most logical device in the world for a smoker who is considering vaping to try. The flavor is great. You aren't stuck with the elevated nic options that most disposables come in. Its a bigger disposable ecig with 1.8ml of ejuice versus 1.3 in a Puff Bar. A slam dunk.


Tobacco Blazer


A less expensive disposable with plenty of flavor and character. The 5 percent strength Blazer Bar has one of the best tobacco nic salt formulas on the market.


Menthol Puff Bar


Cold and bold, Menthol Puff Bar was a pristine flavor and not a hint of spearmint gum notes that were found in the cool mint. There are some other alternatives out there with the emphasis on cold over cloying.


Menthol Zaero


A great Juul Mint alternative. Frigid and bold with a clean menthol taste. The availability of 4 nic strengths is a huge bonus as well. These nic strengths 0, 1.8, 3.0 and 5.0 percent. The device itself is only marginally larger than a Puff Bar but the Zaero holds 1.8ml of ejuice versus 1.3ml in a Puff Bar.


Menthol Blazer Bars


Sharp and icy, fans of the Menthol Puff Bar will love this flavor. A sturdy little disposable with a lower price tag but big time flavor.


Pomegranate Puff Bar


There isn't much to choose from when it comes to pomegranate disposables. Puff Bar had a few versions but not many other ecig makers wanted to try their hand with this complex flavor. But you are not totally out of luck. Sea Stix did a bang up job with the Pomegranate Lemonade.

Café Latte Puff Bar


Coffee Vapes were all the rage a decade ago. One of the first popular mouth to lung vaping flavors in the early days of vaping, coffeees were eventually supplanted by the fruit and beverage vapes that the majority of adult vapers prefer. But there are a few remaining options for coffee vape die-hards. Unfortunately, one of these is being discontinued. With Cafe Latte Puff Bar leaving the market, you really only have one option. But it is a good one.


Cappuccino Ziip ZPods


A perfect bridge from tobacco to beverage vapes. The complex creaminess and rustic coffee flavor have made Cappucccino ZPods a cult classic. With four nic strengths, you can enjoy this flavor at a lower nicotine level as well. This disposable ecig comes in 1.8, 3.0, 5.0 and 6.0 percent nic strength. Plenty of lower options for vapers not looking for a full nic salt kick. The capacity is a smidgen larger than a Puff Bar at 1.4ml.


Cucumber Puff Bar


Instead of a disposable, try adding a bottled nic salt to a Smok Novo 2. Easy to use and a more cost effective option.


There is no one to one replacement disposable currently. So fans of cucumber nic salts have lost both Juul and Puff Bar in a little over the year. Your best fit is actually a bottled nic salt. This isn't necessarily bad news as bottled nic salts in refillable vape pod kits are actually a much more cost effective tandem. Try pairing Cucumber Mint Salty Fog with a Smok Novo 2 or Vapor Titan Clearomizer. You will be pleasantly surprised.



Cucumber Mint Salty Fog (Bottled Nic Salt Ejuice)



Why not switch from disposables to a bottled nic salt ejuice? A Vapor Titan Clearomizer or Smok Novo 2 are easy to use. And they are just a couple of the options on the market. Cucumber Mint itself was inspired by Juul Cucumber which in turn inspired Puff Bar. A great flavor. Sold in 30ml bottles with three nic strengths: 2.4, 3.6 and 4.8 percent.