Best Sea Air Alternatives

Best Disposable Vapes

Disposable ecigs have been extremely popular with adult vapers because they are easy to use, have great flavor and deliver satisfying performance. As an added bonus, they are still available in the flavors that adult vapers prefer. This sets them apart from prefilled vape pods, which are limited to tobacco and tobacco-menthol flavors.

Disposable ecigs have been around for a while but the first nic salt disposables all had a similar look. They were rectangular and more or less had the same form factor as the popular Juul. They are autodraw and have no buttons. Some of the later models have adjustable air flow but that is about the only feature available. Disposable vapes require no filling or recharging. You just open the packaging, remove a couple of stoppers and vape.


Sea Air

The Sea Air was one of the first nic salt disposables to break the mold. Most of the disposables on the market when it was launched were basic stick style disposables like the Puff Bar or Cali Bar. The Sea Air is a card shaped disposable which holds 2.6ml of eliquid. This is twice the size of Puff Bar and nearly four times the capacity of a Juul pod.


Longest Lasting Disposable Ecigs

Unfortunately, the Sea Air has been discontinued. It was an innovative design but manufacturers have moved towards cylindrical disposable ecigs when they want to add nic salt capacity. The cylinder is simply a design that works when it comes to vaping. It can be scaled up for larger disposables like the Sea XXL or scaled down for midsized devices like the Puff Bar Plus or Posh Plus. With homogeneity the trend and the thinness of the Sea Air XXL limiting battery placements, it ended up being a great device but a bit of a technological dead-end if you are seeking to build an even larger device.


Best Sea Air Alternatives

The Sea Air held 2.6ml of eliquid and had a nic strength of 5 percent. In 2021, this would place it as a mid-sized disposable. And there are several great options available that hold a similar or greater amount of eliquid.


Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max

If you are looking for a Sea Air alternative, why not look for an upgrade. The Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max is just that. Holding 6.5ml of eliquid, it has over twice the capacity of Sea Air. It comes in 3 and 5 percent nic strength, allowing for a lower nicotine option that is not available in almost any other disposable. And the flavors are awarding winning Dinner Lady Salts. Lemon Tart, Strawberry Mac and a host the popular menthol and fruit blends are all available.



If you were a fan of the Sea Air and were a fan of their flavors, the Sea XXL is a logical solution. This device is made by the same manufacturer but has a significantly larger eliquid capacity. In fact, it holds over three times more ejuice. The 8ml Sea XXL is not overly large but is perhaps the longest lasting disposable. It boasts greater vapor production, power output and flavor. But it retains the tight MTL draw that disposable ecig vapers demand. The nic strength is 5 percent.


Puff Bar Plus

The Puff Bar Plus is one of the most popular disposables on the market. It is a cylindrical disposable and holds 3.2ml of eliquid. This is over twice the capacity of the original Puff Bar and a bit larger than the Sea Air. The biggest feature of the Puff Bar Plus is the great selection of flavors. There is a lot of overlap when it comes to disposable ecig flavors and the Puff Bar Plus has all of nic salt vaping’s greatest hits available in its lineup.


Mr Fog Max

If you are looking for the bold fruit flavors that adults prefer in a compact and longer lasting disposable ecig, the Mr Fog Max is a great choice. It holds 3.5ml of eliquid, a bit more than the Puff Bar Plus or Sea Air. It has a form factor nearly identical to a Puff Bar Plus. With pure and bold flavors, the bold Mr Fog Max makes a great Sea Air alternative. As is typical in these devices, nic strength in 5 percent.


Hyppe Ultra

The Hyppe Ultra holds 2ml of eliquid and has an available nic strength of 50mg/ml. More importantly, the great nic salt flavors of the Hyppe Bar and Hyppe Max are available. Sturdy and with great performance, the Hyppe Ultra is a great mid-sized disposable ecig.


Posh Plus

When the Sea Air was launched, the Posh Plus was its primary rival. The Posh Plus holds 2ml of eliquid and has a nic strength of 6 percent. It is very compact but generates great flavor. And the lineup of Posh flavors is top notch. Blending menthol for coolness and fruit, these are all day flavors that do not tire the taste buds.


Air Bar Lux

Popular in the state of Texas and southern US, the Air Bar Lux is a high quality disposable with some unique flavor profiles. Naturally, the fruit flavors are the headliners but they have some unique blends that really stand out. The Air Bar Lux holds 2.7ml of eliquid and has a 500mAh battery. Nic strength is 5 percent. It is a perfect Sea Air alternative.


Beard Vapes By Ryse

There are a couple of disposable ecigs that are filled with eliquids that most vapers will recognize. One of these is the Beard Vapes by Ryse. Legendary Beard Salts fill this 3ml disposable ecig. The nic strength is a typical 50mg/ml. The Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max and Beard Vape by Ryse are your best choice if you are looking for a disposable ecig with dessert flavors. But they also have the ice and fruit flavors that adult vapers love.