Best Smok Novo Pods for Max-VG Juice

Best Smok Novo Pods for High-VG ELiquids

In a previous feature, we took a look at the best Smok RPM coils for max-VG eliquids. These are eliquids that use regular nicotine in place of nic salts and have at least a 70/30 VG/PG ratio.

Smok has multiple excellent options on this front. But there are vapers who want to use a truly compact, autodraw refillable vape pod and also utilize the lower nicotine options of high-VG eliquids.

While the Smok Novo was clearly designed with nic salt vaping in mind, it is powerful enough and the pod has enough space within to accommodate coils that have no problems handling higher-VG ejuices. Higher VG ejuices are generally thicker. With few exceptions, such as VGod, nic salts eliquids have a 50/50 split of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. Max-VG ejuices are generally 70 percent VG, with a few tipping scales either 5 percent higher or lower.


Smok Novo Overview

Category Smok Novo 2 Smok Novo 3 Smok Novo X
Size 88 x 24.5 x 14.5mm 88.3 x 24.5 x 14.55mm 92 x 26.5 x 16.5mm
Battery  800mAh 800mAh 800mAh
Ejuice Capacity 2ml 2ml 2ml
Max Output 25w 25w 25w
Pod Compatibility Novo 1/2/3 Novo 1/2/3 Novo X
Kit Includes

Novo 2 Pod Mesh 1.0ohm

Novo 2 Pod DC 1.4ohm

2 x Novo 3 Pod Mesh 0.8ohm

Novo X Pod DC MTL 0.8ohm

Novo Xpod  Meshed DL 0.8ohm

OLED Screen No No Yes

The beauty of the Smok Novo is that the various generations of the device are compatible with all of the pods. While the device itself has been continuously improved over 3 generations, the pod size has remained consistent. The exception to this compatible design philosophy is the Smok Novo X. This is a slightly larger device and only works with Novo X pods.

We compared the Smok Novo versus the Smok Novo 2 versus the Smok Novo 3 versus the Smok Novo X  earlier this year. We found the Novo 2 and Novo 3 nearly identical but both vast upgrades on the original Novo. The Novo X is your go-to if you want to vape Max-VG ejuices in a Smok Novo. It has a larger coil design, adjustable wattage and a much looser draw.

What all the Smok Novo designs have in common is that they are compact, autodraw vape pods. They do not have swappable coils. The entire pod has be replaced when its service life has expired.


Smok Novo Vape Pod Kits

Before we describe the best Smok Novo pods for Max-VG eliquid, it is time for a brief overview of the four different Smok Novo devices.


Smok Novo X

The largest Smok Novo and the only one that lacks cross compatibility, the Smok Novo X is an impressive vape pod kit. Powered by an 800mAh battery, the Smok Novo X alone of all the Novos has adjustable wattage. The pod design is bigger and freer breathing. This looseness is not ideal for salt nic, I personally cover one of the two airflow holes and then the hit is perfect. But for thicker high-VG eliquids, the draw is just about perfect.

The Smok Novo X is available with a pair of pod options. Both are 0.8ohms of resistance. Larger juice intakes are possible because of the great coil size. If you are not worried about compatibility or a plethora of pod options to try, the Novo X is probably the best pure vape pod for max-VG eliquids.


Smok Novo X Pods

There are two Smok Novo X pods. The first is the DC MTL 0.8ohm and the second is the Mesh 0.8ohm pod. I prefer the mesh for max-VG eliquids but both work quite commendably and can take full advantage of the Smok Novo X’s adjustable wattage and 25w output. Smok Novo X pods hold 2ml of eliquid.  


Smok Novo 3

On paper, the Smok Novo 3 and Smok Novo 2 are pretty close to identical. Both have 800mAh batteries. Both have an output of up to 25w. They are basically identical in size, weight and appearance. The subtle improvements to the Smok Novo 3 are to the airflow. But with the Smok Novo 3 came a new generation of improved Novo pods. And these are superior to their predecessors when it comes to vaping max-VG eliquids.


Smok Novo 3 Pods

The best Smok Novo 3 pod for max-VG eliquids is the Smok Novo 3 0.8ohm Mesh Coil. This pod is a breakthrough for fans of the Smok Novo design who want to utilize the lower nicotine options available with high-VG eliquids. Superior longevity and performance were the goal. As great as some of the earlier Smok Novo pods were, this pod alone justifies the rather incremental approach taken by Smok with developing the Novo 3.


Smok Novo 2

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The Smok Novo 2 was such a successful and efficient design that Smok changed very little when launching the Smok Novo 3. The output and battery size are unchanged. If you want to vape the Novo 3 pods, specifically the 0.8mesh one described above, the Novo 2 is every bit as capable as the Novo 3. But if you are switching from an original Smok Novo or want a companion for your Novo X, you might as well spring for the newer Smok Novo 3. Specifically, if you want the 0.8ohm mesh coil which works great with max-VG eliquids. 


Smok Novo 2 Pods

When it comes to vaping high-VG eliquid, the Smok Novo 2 has a Smok Novo 2 1.0ohm Mesh Coil. This is a great multipurpose coil as it also is quite suitable for nicotine salts. Like the Smok Novo 3 pods, this pod holds 2ml of eliquid. This coil lasts an extremely long time and has great flavor. It has long been my go-to when it comes to nic salts. But it has the chops to handle max-VG, which it was ostensibly designed and optimized for. 


Smok Novo


The original Smok Novo is a great vape pod kit but a bit outgunned by its newer siblings. Specifically, the 450mAh battery is hard pressed to get you through a day of vaping max-VG eliquids. The original Novo pod is versatile enough to handle higher-VG options in a pinch. But if you are looking for a vape pod for max-VG eliquids, it is certainly worth upgrading to the Novo 2, Novo or Novo X.