Best Stig Alternatives

Disposable Vapes

Disposable vapes are the hottest thing in vaping today. The reason is as simple as their design. Adult smokers and vapers are looking for an easy to use, discrete and flavorful alternative to combustible cigarettes.

Disposable vapes have been around in one form or another since day one, but the introduction of nic salts has really enhanced this burgeoning category. The greater smoothness and lower pH of nic salts allows higher concentrations of nicotine to remain tolerable. This greater nic strength allows a low powered device to deliver a satisfying experience.

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Juul owes much of their success to nic salts and disposable vapes take convenience a step further. They don’t even require charging or the swapping of pods. And this ease of use does not come with a price penalty, at least when compared to prefilled vape pod kits.

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Vaping Flavors

A recent CDC survey has demonstrated that flavors are not Why Kids Vape. This information was released too late to prevent the cancellation of Juul Mint, as the teen vaping epidemic was falsely blamed on “kid-friendly” flavors.  

Politicians and anti-vapers don't like the answer to Why Kids Vape

Regulators and lawmakers have shown little understanding of the vaping market or technology. Instead, they continue to proposes and enact strict e-cig laws that punish marginalized groups. If you are concerned that a minor in your charge is vaping, make sure you check out our detailed guide on How to Spot Teen Vaping.

Vapor4Life has no interest in selling our products to minors or adults who do not smoke or vape. We provide satisfying alternatives to combustible cigarettes, with the hopes that smokers will switch to vaping. We want our customers to reduce their nicotine intake with the eventual goal of achieving a vape and cigarette free lifestyle.

Zaero Disposable Vape

This is why we carry products like the Zaero Disposable Vape. The Zaero is a classic stick style disposable but is available in four nicotine levels. You can get it in 5 percent, a level that is competitive with prefilled nic salt pods like Juul and other disposables.

What makes the Zaero different is that it is also available in a nicotine free form and at 1.8 and 3 percent nic strength. This is more flexibility than even most bottled nic salt vape juices offer.

Best Disposable Vapes

With Juul dumping their most popular flavors, former smokers and vapers have been left in the lurch. Any former-smoker who enjoyed the convenience of prefilled pods but did not care for tobacco vapes, a substantial majority of all adult vapers, now has to seek out other products. This has driven the sales of flavorful disposable vapes and resulted in supply issues with some of the top disposables on the market.

There are several solutions if your favorite disposable is out of stock. The first is to look at the competition. There are tons of amazing disposables on the market. We look at them all in our feature on the Best Disposable Vapes.

One of the most popular disposable vapes is the Stig. A compact device, it measures less than three inches in length and contains 1.2ml of nic salts vape juice with a strength of 6 percent. It was awarded the best disposable system at the MEVS Vape Expo.

The Stig is a mini-vape, although Stig refers to the device as a disposable vape pod. The compact size is achieved by positioning the battery parallel to the juice reservoir. This is one of the two primary style of disposables. The other is the stick style disposable. These are generally longer, resembling a Juul, and the ejuice in this type comes in a saturated polyfill. 

The Stig is technologically quite similar to the other mini vapes on the market. Myle, Mojo and the Twst Disposable Vape all use a similar design. We compare them all in the Best Mini Vape showdown.

Best Mini Vapes Showdown

Although there are probably some vapers prefer either mini vape or stick disposables, there is not a huge difference in performance. Generally, mini vapes have a more wide open draw when compared to stick disposables. But it varies slightly between brands and the margins are slim.

The longer stick style disposables are longer and generally contain slightly more vape juice. How this translate into puff count will depend on how deeply you inhale each puff.

Picking your favorite will generally boil down to flavors. The competition in this field is stiff but Stig has an unusually strong lineup. VGod, a trusted name in vaping, has formulated the Lush Ice Stig, Mango Bomb Stig, Cubano and Might Mint. In the event that you cannot find a Stig in your favorite flavor and you refuse to consider a rival disposable, there is another option.

Refillable Vape Pods

Refillable vape pod kits are certainly a much more cost effective way to vape. A 30ml bottle of VGod Nic Salts will run you $17.99. This is the same price as a 3 pack of Stig Disposables. But the 3 pack of disposables only contains 3.6ml of nic salts. This breaks down to almost $150.00 for 30ml of nic salt. That is a lot of replacement coils.

That is a lot of devices. You could treat your refillable vape pod kit like a disposable and pitch it in the trash after each 30ml bottle and still end up way ahead.

The price savings obtained by using a refillable device are substantial. But it is also worth noting that they often provide better performance. There is the additional step of filling the device. It is up to the consumer to decide if swapping coils and filling a device with a bottle is worth $120.00 per every 30ml of ejuice consumed.  

Refillable vape pods are extremely easy to use. Some have autodraw, in the event that you just won’t deal with buttons. Many have multiple coil options, so you can select the performance envelope that is right for you. Others allow you to control the wattage as well. Swapping is made even easier with devices that simply sell replacement pods. These may come in several resistances but the only work involved is popping off the old pod and filling a new one.

The elephant in the room is the coils. If not for the frequent replacement of coils and priming of coils, it seems likely that refillable vape pods would match their prefilled vape pod cousins and disposables in sales volume. There are dozens of devices that can draw the full depth of flavor out of VGod nic salts in the same way that the excellent Stig Disposable does, and all for a fraction of the price. Check out our feature on the Top Ten Juul Alternatives for an overview. Since that article was written, a number of other excellent devices have been released.

For the sake of an apples to fruit, if not apples to apples, comparison, we our top Stig alternatives must meet a couple criteria. First they must have an autodraw option. Secondly, they must not have any “confusing” display screen or adjustable wattage. The final criteria is ease of use. We are only looking at devices where the whole pod is swapped out, pure vape pods, not AIO devices with swappable coils.

This does not mean that a button fired, swappable coil device with a screen is somehow less suited to vaping VGod nic salts. It just makes the comparison with a disposable vape more apt and also allows us to pare down the huge list of worthy devices.

UWell Caliburn

The UWell Caliburn was an easy choice. It is a universally loved vape pod kit. It offers both button fire and autodraw options. The pods are easy to fill and there is only one choice. It is nic salt devouring machine that generates tremendous flavor, operates silently and flawlessly. The pods are long lasting and sold in packs of four, which confers additional price savings. Check out our complete review of the UWell Caliburn for more information. If you are looking to vape VGod Nic Salts and need a Stig alternative, the UWell Caliburn fits the bill. It is larger than a mini-disposable but is still a slim and compact device.

Suorin Air Plus

The Suorin Air Plus is an easy to use refillable vape pod kit that has a unique credit card shaped form factor. Available with a 1.0mAh pod and a 0.7mAh, it has considerable flexibility. The 1.0mAh pod is ideal for nic salts. With a surprisingly big battery and pod capacity, it will last far longer than a mini vape. This takes some of the sting out of the extra work of filling the pod. The flavor of the Suorin Air Plus is pretty good as well, if not quite to the Caliburn’s industry leading standard. We compared the Suorin Air Plus to its predecessor in this comparison: Suorin Air versus Suorin Air Plus.

Smok Novo 2

The original Smok Novo was a revelation, a great vape pod kit that offered the convenience and flavor of a prefilled vape pod kit. The Smok Novo 2 compares favorably to the Smok Novo, as it retains the same form factor and convenience, but boasts increased flexibility and superior battery life. An easy to use autodraw vape pod kit, mini vape users will find its form factor and mouthpiece to be comfortably familiar.

Vapor Titan Clearomizer

If you are looking for the best way to vape nic salts, the Vapor Titan Clearomizer belongs on the short list. The Vapor Titan has a slim profile which is extremely easy to use but where it shines is flavor. The clearomizer design unleashes the true flavor of nic salts in their full clarity. While lacking the capacity of some vape pod designs, it has a competitive performance life and can actually be cleaned to extend its lifecycle.

Baton Vapor V2

The Baton Vapor V2 is about the size of stick disposable or Juul but is refillable. It is an autodraw and has an ejuice capacity of 1ml. The Baton delivers gorgeous flavors and has a very nice, tight draw. This is a very small and easy to use device. If you want to enjoy VGod Nic Salts outside of the Stig Disposable, this is one of your best options.

Aspire AVP

The Aspire AVP does have a button, but was included as this button allows you to choose 3 different power settings. There are also multiple pod options available, so it takes a bit more thought when setting up the AVP the way you want. But the fact is, this tiny autodraw has much to recommend and fans of mini vapes will appreciate its small size. Here is our review of the Aspire AVP from earlier this year. It is delivers amazing flavor, has a clever pod design with 2.0ml of ejuice capacity and a 700mAh battery. There is a ceramic coil available that will really allow the VGod Nic Salts to shine.  

VGod Salt Nic Juice

The Stig Disposable Vape only has a limited selection of VGod Nic Salts. But if you go the refillable route, you have access to VGod’s entire lineup and there are some great flavors here. We will start with the flavors shared by Stig and work our way through the whole lineup. VGod Nic Salts are sold in 30ml bottles and are available in 2.5 and 5 percent. The slightly lower potency than the Stig, which hits at 6 percent, will be largely offset by the fact that the average refillable vape pod will have higher wattage than a compact disposable.

VGod Lush Ice Salt Nic

Might as well start out with the headliner. Lush Ice is the breakout nic salt flavor of 2019. It seems like every disposable has Lush Ice or some related watermelon or raspberry ice concoction. This flavor combo is so prevalent because it is good.

VGod Lush Ice is particularly cold and minty. Some rivals let watermelon dominate a bit too much. Watermelon is certainly present and pleasant, but the mint hit is frigid and strong. You get quite a bit of airy watermelon on exhale. This is a legendary flavor that splits the gap between fruit and menthol vapes.  

VGod Mighty Mint Salt Nic

Juul Mint is no longer available but mint nic salt fans are not out of luck. VGod Mighty Mint is a sturdy and cold vape, delivering an icy chill with minor notes of peppermint hard candy. If you are looking at the Best Juul Mint Alternatives, VGod Mighty Mint belongs on your short list.

VGod Cubano Salt Nic

Most adult vapers prefer sweeter fare but VGod Cubano has much to recommend as a tobacco ejuice. It is a rich and earnest tobacco, quite authentic on both inhale and exhale. It has the elements of a fine cigar but is clearly meant as a viable alternative to combustible cigarettes. If you are looking for a tobacco nic salt, Cubano VGod definitely fits the bill. A darker flavor, it has unusual depth and works as well in a refillable vape pod as it does in a disposable.

Iced Mango Bomb Salt Nic

Another mint and fruit gem, VGod Iced Mango Bomb works great in a disposable but is just as easily enjoyed in a more sophisticated refillable vape pod kit. The mango is a bit more forward than the “lush” component of the Lush Ice. You can really taste the richness of the tropical fruit in all of its complexity. But the minty chill is a force to be reckoned with and makes for an extremely balanced vape.

VGod Mango Bomb

Sad that Juul has stopped selling mango. VGod Mango Bomb is one of the best Juul Mango Alternatives around. There is a case to be made that it has a riper and more authentic flavor. And the performance you wring out of many refillable vape pods will greatly outstrip the performance of prefilled vape pod kit or disposable. It is not overly sweet or candied. This balance makes for a great all day vape and a delightful tropical fruit flavor.  

VGod Tropical Mango

Interestingly, this flavor is also available on the Stig but without the VGod stamp on it. A rock solid vape, VGod Tropical Mango is a realistic and authentic mango vape juice meant to be enjoyed all day. With calm and vibrant flavors, this is a well-rounded vape juice and a great Juul Mango alternative.  

VGod Purple Bomb

VGod has unleashed a cluster of bombs on the vaping world with Mango Bomb, Berry Bomb and Purple Bomb. These are not belligerent flavors but VGod Purple Bomb is bursting with flavor. It is a solid grape shot that bombards the senses with bold fruit flavors. The grape does not get too artificial in nature, the danger of tasting like cheap grape bubble gum was successfully averted, and each vape ends with a balanced exhale.

VGod Iced Purple Bomb

The boisterous grape flavor of VGod Purple Bomb takes on a totally different character when it is blended with a chilly blast of menthol. The cooling effect is pronounced and works well with the sweetness and tart of the bold grape flavor. 

VGod Berry Bomb

Webster’s Dictionary describes a bomb as a container filled with explosive, incendiary material, smoke, gas or other destructive substance, designed to explode on impact or when detonated by a timed mechanism, remote control device or lit fuse. VGod is really into this ordinance themed imagery.

This would be disconcerting, but one must imagine they had the slang definition in mind. Or to put it more succinctly, Berry Bomb VGod is da bomb. A sour strawberry nic salt of great depth and complexity, this is a very balanced flavor that avoids the candied trap that so many strawberry vape juices fall prey to. The tart notes shine through and make for a great all day vape.

Juul Fruit Medley is one of the flavors they stopped producing this fall. It will not be sorely missed by many vapers, who considered it not up to the standard set by the mint and mango. But the flavor did have its fans. If you are looking for the Best Juul Fruit Medley Alternative, VGod Berry Bomb is worth sampling.