Best Strawberry Nic Salt ELiquids

Last week, our strawberry nic salts showdown pitted Mr Salt-E against I Love Salts. But there are more than two nic salt companies that turn out great strawberry nic salt eliquids. The reason Vapor4Life carries so many brands of bottled nic salt ejuice is because the majority of adult vapers prefer sweet eliquid flavors but there are many subjective factors that determine what someone’s favorite strawberry flavored eliquid might be.

Today we are going to take a look at a wider sampling of the best strawberry nic salts on the market today and help you figure out which one you are most likely to make your all-day vape.

Best Strawberry Nic Salt Eliquids

Best Strawberry Nic Salts
Sweet Strawberry I Love Salts
Strawberry Ice I Love Salts
Summer Strawberry VGod Salt Nic
Strawberry Chubby Salt
Tropic Strawberry Solace Nic Salt

Strawberry is a nearly ideal nic salt flavor. First of all, it has that distinct strawberry flavor that is widely loved in a host of applications, be it ice cream, soda or confectionary treats. It is a sweet flavor but the trademark strawberry flavor notes give strawberry nic salts a fair amount of balance for a fruit inspired vape. The smoothness of the nic salt finish and smaller MTL vapor cloud play well with the subtly of strawberry.

The strawberry nic salts reviewed below all have higher nicotine strengths and are not to be used in a high-wattage, subohm tank system. They are designed for use in a refillable vape pod kit or similar mouth to lung device. Check out our selection of refillable vape pod kits if you have any questions about what type of device to use.

Here are a some of the best pure strawberry nic salt flavors on the market today. Ideal for vape pods and mouth to lung vaping, they provide great flavor and satisfying performance.


Sweet Strawberry I Love Salts

Strawberry Candy I Love Salts

Sweet Strawberry I Love Salts was until quite recently known as Strawberry Candy I Love Salts, and considered one of the top strawberry nic salts on the market. A pure and bold strawberry flavor, a heightened level of sweetness on exhale made for a refreshing all-day vape and the authenticity of the strawberry flavor had all the subtle notes that adult vapers are looking for. I Love Salts Sweet Strawberry is sold in 30ml bottles and comes in 2.5 and 5.0 percent nic strength. I Love Salts eliquids are formulated for use in a refillable vape pod kit or similar device. They should never be vaped at high wattage or used in subohm tank.



Strawberry Ice I Love Salts

Tendrils of icy menthol have worked their way into just about every nic salt flavor under the sun. Strawberry is no exception. While most of the strawberry nic salt blends have been left off this portion of the comparison, Strawberry Ice I Love Salts delivers pure strawberry flavor with only minimal cooling and little mint aftertaste. As such, it should be considered a pure strawberry nic salt. The slight cooling kick makes for a flavor that never grows old. The brightness of the strawberry abounds, with a level of sweetness that is never overwhelming but always prominent. The authors personal favorite nic salt, Strawberry Ice I Love Salts is sold in 30ml. Available in 2.5 and 5.0 percent nic strength, do not vape I Love Salts in subohm tank.



Summer Strawberry VGod Salt Nic

VGod Summer Strawberry is a versatile and well-rounded strawberry nic salt. Depending on the power of the device you use, it can either mimic fresh strawberries or a candied strawberry, with higher resistance vape pods drawing out more of the tart berry elements. It simply tastes great and tastes like strawberry. Available in 2.5 and 5.0 percent nic strength, Summer Strawberry is sold in the classic skinny VGod 30ml nic salt bottle. With a higher percentage of VG than many of its competitors (70% versus the typical 50%), it also has surprising vapor production and is ideal for slightly more powerful mouth-to-lung (MTL) vape pod kits, although it works great in just about any refillable vape pod kit. Despite the 70 percent VG level, VGod Nic Salts should not be vaped in a subohm device, box mod or similar high wattage device. These are for vape pod kits or lower power MTL ecig platforms.



Strawberry Chubby Salt

Although Strawberry Chubby Salt has a simple name, the flavor itself is fairly complex and it almost belongs in the strawberry nic salt blends category. That is because what starts as a clean, crisp strawberry ends with a delightful sweet exhale that is almost akin to strawberry bubble gum. Unlike bubble gum, the favor does not fade fast. Quite the contrary, it has been formulated to be enjoyed all day. Chubby Strawberry Nic Salt is sold in 30ml bottles, like most nic salts. It comes in 2.5 and 5.0 percent nic strength. Chubby Salts are meant to be used in a vape pod kit or lower wattage device. Do not vape this eliquid in a subohm tank.



Tropic Strawberry Solace Nic Salt

Tropic Strawberry Solace Nic Salt is a balanced strawberry flavor which leans away from the sweetness found in many of its rivals. Taking a more neutral approach, the complex tart notes of strawberry counteract the brightness of the strawberry to create an all-day vape that is never too sweet. Solace Nic Salts are sold in 30ml bottles. Available in 3.6 and 4.8 percent nic strength, Solace Salts should not be vaped in a higher wattage system or with a subohm tank. This is a flavor best enjoyed in a refillable vape pod system.



Strawberry Nic Salt Blends

Many vapers are looking for nic salts with a bit more going on than just a single flavor. Strawberry pairs well with any number of fruit flavors, as well as menthol ice, so there is no shortage of selection when it comes to strawberry nic salt blends. Watermelon may be the most frequent partner but there are many other great complimentary flavors. To keep this list manageable, we left off mixed berry ejuices which include strawberry as a smaller component of a much more involved formula.

Best Strawberry Blend Nic Salts
Strawberry Watermelon Pachamama
Unicorn Milk Cuttwood Nic Salt EJuice
Strawberry Kiwi Ice Charlie’s Salts
No. 5 Beard Salts
Kiwi Strawberry Burst Duo
Neon Berry Salt Fog
Honeydew Strawberry Hi-Drip Iced Nic Salts
Blue Strawberry I Love Salts (Pacific Passion)
Strawberry Guava I Love Salts (Island Squeeze)
Strawberry Watermelon Mr Salt-E (Strawberry Taffy)