Best EJuices for Suorin Vapes

Best Suorin Juice


So you have switched over to a popular Suorin vape. There are several models to choose from and they are highly regarded among refillable vape pod kit users. Check out our review comparing the Suorin Air vs. the Suorin Air Plus for more information on their newest vape pod kit. But no matter what you vape, the device will only be as good as the ejuice used to fuel it.


Each Suorin product fills a specific niche. The Suorin Air Plus is a well-rounded performer that competes with modern AIO vapes. It has a subohm pod option but can still deliver the goods if you vape high nicotine juices. The Suorin Air is a compact and convenient pod with a more open draw and the Suorin Edge is purpose built for nic salt vape juice.


If you want to check out some of the rival products, our Top Ten Juul Alternatives comparison will give you a good lay of the land. If you are curious about how Juul and nic salts reshaped the vaping industry, make sure you check out our deep dive: The Truth and Technology Behind Juul and Nic Salts Revealed.



Suorin Juice


Ejuice selection is of critical importance. Understanding PG/VG ratios is an important first step. Like most vape pods, the Suorin vapes were designed with nic salts in mind. This does not mean they incapable of handling standard ejuices. Suorin offers such a wide selection because their products have unique performance envelopes. Now it is time to examine which juices work best with which Suorin products.


Suorin Air Plus Juice



We will start with the Suorin Air Plus. It is the newest and most flexible of the device being examined today. The Suorin Air Plus retains the credit card shape of its predecessor, but crammed major hardware upgrades inside of a similarly size frame. The battery size more than doubled to 930mAh. Power was boosted from 16w to 22w. Ejuice capacity jumped from 2 to 3.2ml.


More important for our purposes was the addition of two new pod options for the Suorin Air Plus. The first is 0.7ohm pod for regular ejuice. Although far from a cloud chucking beast, this pod takes full advantage of the 22w power output of the Suorin Air Plus. It can easily handle 70 percent VG juices, and is not recommended for nic salts.



The other pod option is a 1.0 ohm pod for nic salt ejuices. These generally have a 50/50 ratio of VG to PG. It has a somewhat wide open draw, and delivers a ton of flavor and reasonable vapor production. One feature of the Air Plus Pods is the wick design. Juice from the reservoir is drawn through the wick to the coil.


This allows the Suorin Air Plus to handle high PG juice, such as our Wow and Premium lines, as well. Even more impressive, the 1.0 ohm coil has a low enough resistance to even handle high VG juices, albeit not as adeptly as the 0.7ohm pod.


Suorin Air Juice



The original Suorin Air was a revelation and the popularity of this product was owed as much to its performance as its unique credit card shape. The 1.2ohm pod was absolutely ideal for nic salt vaping and vapers discovered the unique Suorin Air mouthpiece positioning was surprisingly natural and convenient.


The slightly looser draw of the Suorin Air when compared to the Edge makes it an ideal conduit for 50/50 nic salt blends.



The technology used in Suorin Air Pods is similar to the Suorin Air Plus, although both of the Air Plus pod options have a lower resistance. This wicking setup can handle nic salts and low VG juices. Thicker, higher VG juices can also be used with Suorin Air, but you are definitely leaving this vape kits comfort zone.


Suorin Edge Juice



The Suorin Edge is the classic refillable vape pod of the group. The form factor is long and narrow. It has a tighter draw than both of the Suorin Air siblings. The pods serves as the mouthpiece and is situated dead-center in the traditional manner.


This is a device optimized to vape nic salts. Quite and discrete, it fulfills this duty well. It also does an outstanding job with high PG vape juices, such as the Wow and Premium lines. It delivers an authentic draw and punches with a nice throat kick.


If you like high PG juices, you should at least take a look at this convenient and easy to use vape pod kit. The tighter draw is very authentic. It really draws out the pure flavors available in high PG juices and is a great mouth-to-lung vape pod kit.



The Suorin Edge does not have a lot of output however. It will be overmatched by most high VG ejuices, not being designed for these thicker juices and lacking the punch to vape through them effectively. There is a reason why it can afford to have such a small battery, it is designed to run at 10 watts. But with many vapers sticking to nic salts or higher nicotine regular ejuices with a high percent of PG, this is certainly not a knock on the Edge. It is what it is and does its job quite well.


Suorin Vape Pods


Which Suorin Vape Pod is right for you? The Air Plus would appear to be the obvious choice on paper. It is a far more powerful device, has more pod options and wins in virtually every technological measure. But depending on your vaping preferences, the choice is not so clear cut. The Suorin Edge has a more traditional form factor, a resistance coil and a tighter draw. The original Suorin Air splits the difference between the two.


If you are vape high VG juices at any point, the Suorin Air Plus is by far the most viable option. If you limit yourself to salt nic or high PG juices, all three acquit themselves well and the less powerful devices have the advantage of lower resistance coils. The difference is not so great as to offset the tremendous difference in battery size, but they do provide a tighter drawing vaping experience.