Best Tobacco Disposable Vapes

After the federal flavor ban removed flavored prefilled vape pods from the market, adult vapers were left with few easy to use options that delivered the bright flavors they loved. Despite the national tobacco 21 law, federal restrictions on vape pods and the fact that the cause of vaping lung disease was identified and it wasn’t nicotine ecigs, a variety of strict ecig laws and flavor bans have continued to work their way through state legislatures.


The most recent state to ban the bright and vibrant fruit flavors that adult vapers prefer is New Jersey. Not even menthol are mint are left as a respite. Click here to view New Jersey legal vape products. If you are not sure what the laws are in your state, we have made a useful resource guide: Vape Bans by State.



The end result of these laws may very well be adult vapers being funneled back onto combustible cigarettes. This is how strict e-cig laws punish marginalized groups. The wealthy have largely given up smoking and are not impacted in the slighted. Groups like the LGBTQ+ community, which smokes and vapes at a higher rate than any other census identified group, meanwhile is left with little recourse.


Vapers can either embrace a gold standard of total abstinence from legal nicotine, a puritanical approach which would get you branded as a complete rube for any other legal adult behavior or use the nicotine replacement therapies which were demonstrated to be comprehensively inferior in a recent study. One thing is certain, political leaders will not be regulating alcohol flavors out of existence. Underage drinking may be a scourge that kills 4,300 annually and sends 130,000 to the emergency room, according to the CDC.


But the wealthy imbibe more than any other group. So it is hands off. But with fewer vapers represented among those with access to the levers of power, the freedoms of adult vapers are under continuous siege.


Adult vapers who want to continue to use smoke and ash free cigarette alternatives are left with only one option in states with flavor bans. That option is to bite the bullet and give tobacco flavored vapes another chance.


Tobacco EJuices



The good news is that tobacco ejuices have advanced considerably since most seasoned vapers tried them last. Many of the first generation tobacco flavored Eliquids tasted more like a pack of cigarettes smelled and occasionally like ash trays. Many had an almost coffee essence that did not closely resemble a cigarette.


Today there is a bumper crop of delightful tobacco ejuices. Whether is the throat and authentic high PG Wow and Premium ejuices or smooth nic salts. It is the latter category of ejuices that are finding their way into disposable vapes.



Disposable vapes are ideal for smokers looking to make the switch to vaping. No filling, charging and buttons to press. Just purchase, unpack and inhale. The draw is tight like a cigarette and the form factor also closely resembles a combustible cigarette.


So let us take a look at the lay of the land and peruse the best tobacco disposable vapes.


Best Disposable ECig Vapes


Vapor4Life has the widest selection of tobacco Eliquids and disposable vapes anywhere. Even if you are prevented from obtaining the crisp fruit, beverage and dessert ejuices that the vast majority of adult vapers prefer, you will still find we have plenty of options.


Best Tobacco Disposables


Tobacco Zaero Disposable



Perhaps the best tobacco disposable vape is also the most flexible. Zaero Disposable vapes are available in four nicotine strengths: 0, 1.8, 3.0 and 5.0 percent. This is ideal for smokers making the jump to disposables as they need not necessarily start out at the highest nicotine level.



The tobacco flavor itself in the Zaero is superb quite authentic and rewarding but with a silky smooth nic salt throat hit. It tastes a lot like a sweet, flue cured Virginia tobacco but without the ash and smoke. Zaero Disposables are a great value too. Each Zaero holds 1.8ml of ejuice. This is over twice as much as a Juul Pod.


We compared lower nicotine disposable vapes and they are probably the wave of the future, provided regulators continue to allow adults to access their devices of choice. Our customers have always trended towards gradually reducing their nicotine intake and the Zaero is the only disposable that gives you the option of zero nicotine, as well as 1.8, 3.0 and 5 percent.


Dry Tobacco Stig Disposable



VGod ejuices fuel the amazing Stig Disposable. They may be best known for innovating Lush Ice and formulating many of the most vibrant and bold fruit nic salts around, but they really know tobacco too.


Sold in three packs, each individual Stig may be less than 3 inches long but they hold 1.2ml of ejuice. And the classic golden tobacco flavor of Stig Dry Tobacco is likely to appeal to any former smoker or current smoker looking to pick up vaping. This is a spot on recreation of the flavor that smokers love.


The name “Dry Tobacco” is a bit of a misnomer. This is a classic tobacco and extremely enjoyable.


VGod Cubano Stig Disposable


The Cubano Stig is more of a rich tobacco, akin to a cigar, than the classic tobacco flavor found in the Dry Tobacco Stig. This means more richness of flavor. Smooth and delicate, you will never guess the nic strength is 5 percent with its silky smooth throat hit.


Tobacco Blazer Bar


heT Tobacco Blazer Bar is a great option if you are a resident of a state that banned ejuice flavors or if you are in the minority of adult vapers who prefer cigarette flavored eliquids. An ultra-authentic flavor, it still has the smooth lack of throat hit that nic salt vapers have come to expect.


Tobacco ejuices have come a long way from RY4 and smokers looking to make the switch to vaping will find that the Blazer Bar Tobacco provides a satisfying experience, familiar tobacco flavors and is extremely easy to use. Blazer Bars hold 0.8ml of ejuice and have a nic strength of 5 percent.


V4L Tobacco Disposable



A significant number of smokers looking to switch to vaping are not looking for the smoothness of nic salts or sleek device that resembles a Juul. They want an authentic throat hit and a form factor that more closely resembles a cigarette. For these discerning customers, there is no better option than the V4L Tobacco Disposable. A classic cig-a-like, regular ejuice rather than nic salts are used. Despite this, it does not give up much in the nicotine strength department: 3.6 versus 5 or 6 percent.


And it makes up for this deficit with a much more realistic chest and throat hit. Very similar to smoking an actual combustible. If you want the most realistic disposable tobacco vape, the V4L is your best option.