Best Tobacco Vape Juices

E-Juice Flavors 2019

There is a reason why we are running this feature today. Due to the teen vaping epidemic, the very real threat of an e-cig flavor ban has dangled like the Sword of Damocles over the vaping industry for several years.  First there was the SAFE Kids Act. Now Michigan has banned vape juice flavors, and the President of the United States has chimed in as well. There is no better time for vapers to reacquaint themselves with the joys of tobacco ejuice vaping.

The fallacy that sweet vape juice flavors were designed to hook minors, and that retro ejuice packaging and flavors that recall cereals and candies from the Reagan era somehow appeal to kids, is no more true now than it was when the sweetest and most fantastic flavors dominated the market, teen vaping rates were far lower and box mods were at the height of their popularity.  


But between the careless coverage of vaping lung disease and the refusal of the media to wait for a final conclusion on the cause of the mysterious lung vaping disease, serious changes appear to be afoot in the vaping industry. The loose use of the term ecig has sewn considerable confusion among the general public.

I will refrain from pointing out how strict e-cig restrictions punish marginalized groups. Or the hypocrisy of the San Francisco e-cig ban which punishes the marginalized groups that local political leaders claims to champion. The San Francisco e-cig ban betrays the city’s legacy of extending harm reduction policies to aid IV drug users and traditional role as a bastion of LGBTQ+ rights. Unfortunately, things have gone national now and there is some danger the original pre-market tobacco authorization timeframe will be abrogated.

Best Tobacco E-Juice Flavors

It is time to look at what passes for a silver lining in these dark days. There are some outstanding tobacco ejuices on the market. We are far removed from the tobacco vape juices that populated gas station counters and convenience stores eight years ago. The popularity of fruit and dessert vape juices squeezed less appealing tobacco flavors off of the market.

Vapor4Life has been around for a decade, and our core business has always been authentic vape flavors and we have an incredibly strong tobacco lineup. Today we are featuring our Top 5 pure tobacco flavors.

Our founder and owner, Steve Milin, worked tirelessly to develop tobacco flavored vape juices that accurately capture the flavor of your favorite cigarette. He did not adopt a one-size fits all approach. Gas stations are filled with cigarette brands, and we offer just as wide of a selection of tobacco ejuices.

Wow and Premium E-Juice

You may notice that there are both Wow and Premium ejuices, the difference is explained here. In some cases, the same Vapor4Life tobacco flavor is available either as a Wow or a Premium. As a general rule of thumb, Wow tobacco eliquids generate more vapor and have a stronger flavor. Premium tobacco eliquids have a stronger throat hit and the flavors are a bit clearer.

Vapor4Life vape juices are available in seven nicotine strengths and are 75 percent PG. Ranging from nic free to 3.6 percent, there is a perfect fit for any vaper or smoker looking to make the switch.

You will not find a more diverse lineup of authentic tobacco vapes anywhere. But you are not limited to the high PG juices optimized for mouth to lung vaping. We also carry nic salt and high VG tobacco juices. In case it has been a while since you have vaped tobacco ejuice, we have reviewed our pure tobacco vape juices. We also carry a line of tobacco vape juices with added flavors, but the future of flavored vapes is up in the air. With this in mind, the following tobacco vape juices are the standard bearers.

Traditional Tobacco Ejuice

Traditional Tobacco has long reigned as the top tobacco flavor in the industry and is designed to mimic the flavor profile of an extremely popular American cigarette brand. I am not alone in my preference for Wow Traditional Tobacco. It has a stronger tobacco flavor and generates more vapor. It is an extremely gratifying flavor.

Authenticity is at the heart of Vapor4Life Traditional Tobacco. The Premium version of Traditional Tobacco does generate a better throat hit though, and the flavor is slightly less forward.

Rich but not overly earthy or perfumed, Traditional Tobacco is the reigning and defending tobacco ejuice champion. Like the Duke of Marlborough at Blenheim, Traditional Tobacco has a commanding presence and is always composed and tasteful.

Oasis Tobacco Ejuice

American smokers have enjoyed Turkish cigarettes for generations, and Oasis Tobacco Ejuice delivers this same flavor in a smoke free form. Smooth and slightly sweet, Turkish tobacco smokers will immediately identify this ejuice as a kindred to spirit to their favorite cigarette brand.

Available in Wow and Premium blends, there are two different Oasis experiences available. Wow is the smoother of the two and also sweeter. The vapor production is better. Premium has a purer Turkish tobacco flavor, unmuted and crystal clear. It also generates a stronger throat hit. If you haven’t vaped a tobacco flavor in a while, Wow Oasis is a fine starting point.

Congress Tobacco Ejuice

It would take a legislative act to devise a smoother and mellower tobacco flavor than Congress Tobacco Ejuice. With American smokers in mind, Congress was formulated to match the flavor of a mild yet full flavored luxury brand of cigarette.

There is nothing recessed about the throat hit of Congress Premium, but the flavor is still mellow and satisfying. Premium Congress Tobacco Ejuice has a light touch, but the throat hit adds a dose of realism to its solid tobacco flavor profile.

Virginia Tobacco Ejuice

Virginia Tobacco Ejuice is as smooth as silk and hits you with the hints of sweetness that make Virginia tobacco so popular. This is a particularly rich and burley tobacco flavor. It is not overly earthy or heavy. But it still brings the mature tobacco flavor that vapers love. Wow Virginia Tobacco is a nearly perfect mix, generating a pillowy cloud laden with tobacco notes. Premium Virginia Tobacco punches harder, the throat hit is more authentic, and the tobacco flavor shines a bit more brightly over the sweetness.

Cuban Cigar Ejuice

We are only reviewing five of the Vapor4Life flavors today, and Cuban Cigar Ejuice has merited inclusion because of its uniqueness, strong flavor and popularity. This is a classic and refined tobacco flavor. The flavor is unbelievably and shockingly similar to a cigar. It will take you to the streets of Havana and back, but without the odor and lingering cigar smell. Cuban Cigar is only available as a Premium ejuice, and it has a crystal flavor. The throat kick is not overpowering, and the whole experience is quite authentic.

Ultimo Vapor Rough Rider Red

Not all vapers are looking for tight mouth to lung vaping and throat hits. If clouds are your thing, Ultimo Vapor Rough Rider Red is the perfect tobacco vape juice. It is a very accurate representation of the inhale, exhale and aroma of American cigarette tobacco. This is a Red style cigarette flavor and as a 60/40 PG blend, it is a mod ready flavor that provides a totally different vaping experience than our Wow and Premium ejuices. With 40 percent PG, it still generates enough throat hit to faithfully duplicate the smoking experience.

Naked 100 American Patriots Nic Salt and Naked American Patriots Ejuice

The growing popularity of nic salts has been a hard to miss trend in vaping. Any nic salt vaper looking for rich and full bodied tobacco vape will appreciate Naked 100 American Patriot. Available in 3.5 and 5 percent strength, the throat hit is nearly absent but the American cowboy flavor is there. The clean, robust flavor of pure Virginia burley tobacco leaves. This is a 50 percent VG blend, it also generates a fair plume of vapor. The sweet tobacco exhale is almost caramel-esque, and the vapor itself has a deep and satisfying flavor. This flavor is also available as a traditional Eliquid, American Patriots Ejuice. The nicotine punch is lower, but the hit remains gentle and the flavor smooth. Perfect for refillable vape pod kits.  

Mr. Salt-E Tobacco

Another nic salt, Mr. Salt-E Tobacco is a smooth drawing tobacco ejuice with plenty of tobacco flavor. Not overly sweet, and has no notes of nuts, vanilla or caramel. This is a clean tobacco flavor that is inspired by Turkish tobacco. Available in 2.5 and 4.5 percent nic strength, it will satisfy you quickly and thoroughly. The richness of the tobacco is especially evident on inhale and sweetens as you exhale. Ideal for vape pods and mouth to lung devices.

I Love Salts Classic Tobacco

If you are looking for the rich and nutty taste of cured tobacco, look no further. The smooth I Love Salts Classic Tobacco is an outstanding nic salt tobacco vape juice that is ideal for prefilled vape pod kits. The mouth feel and flavors are imminently enjoyable and easily identifiable as an elevated tobacco. The throat hit is smooth as silk. Available in 2.5 and 5 percent nic strength, heavy smokers will love Classic Tobacco by I Love Salts.

Baton Southern Leaf Nic Salts

The Baton Vapor V2 is compact refillable vape pod kit. With a tight draw, it is ideal for nic salts. But in case you had any questions about what to fill it with, Baton has an entire lineup of ejuices. Their tobacco entrant, Baton Southern Leaf, delivers the aromatic and bold tobacco flavor that discerning vapers demand.

This is a rich and velvety tobacco vape juice. It is almost akin to a pipe tobacco and smoother than smooth. But it still has a robust inhale and will satisfy cigarette smokers as well. Sold in compact 10ml bottles, it is worth giving this nic salt a try. Available in 2.5 and 5 percent strength.